Peloyercompany: The company promotes its investment recovery offers at Peloyercompany claims to help clients who deposited their money on an online trading platform and are now not receiving a payout.

The advertisement seen on the company’s website reads, “If you’ve been ripped off by scammers, get in touch with us. Our team of experts will work to get your money back.” But how serious are these offers? And why does the Zurich Cybercrimepolice warn against the recovery service provider?

Cybercrimepolice’s warning against Peloyercompany

The Cybercrimepolice of the Zurich Cantonal Police has taken on the task of educating the public about threats on the Internet. On you will find daily warnings about new and emerging online dangers.

This includes a warning about the provider peloyercompany dated 7 August 2022 with the URL You can read here that the website has been reported to the police for fraud. You can see here that a fraud report has been filed against the website.

Peloyercompany: Tips to recognise reputable service providers

It is still difficult for customers to recognise fraudulent companies on the internet, as there are many technical ways to design websites that look professional and trustworthy.

Regardless of whether it is the provider Peloyercompany, or another service provider in the field of recovery and refund, potential customers should inform themselves in advance.

The following points serve as exclusion criteria. If one or more of the features look familiar, you are most likely dealing with a dubious provider, rather than a financial service provider that is reputable.

  • Time pressure is used to elicit immediate action.
  • The provider claims to have confidential information and special knowledge.
  • The recovery company is very secretive and offers no imprint or transparent company information.
  • A quick advance payment is demanded even before the company has provided any service.
  • The provider has no official licence or other official permission.

Characteristics of a recovery scam

Recovery Scammers exist in large numbers. They approach people who have lost money on dubious trading platforms and tell them that they can get it back if they send a wire transfer directly to the provider or – supposedly – to the Financial Supervisory Authority or Securities and Exchange Commission.

Of course, the victims are expected to advance the cost of the services offered. However, it soon turns out that the previous victims have once again fallen for scammers and a fake asset recovery company. If such a recovery service contacts you unsolicited, you should approach them with extreme caution and scepticism.

You should ask yourself how these people gained access to your information and contact details. How did the company know on which trading exchange you lost capital? How did you become aware of Peloyercompany? How did the contact take place?

When a recovery scam follows an online trading scam, it is not uncommon for the same criminals to be responsible for both. In this way, they want to extort even more money from the victims of the investment fraud. The thieves of the previous trading scam or crypto scam have access to your email or phone number.

A common tactic used by cybercriminals to get your information is to trawl through comments on review sites. Here, the victims describe bad experiences with investment portals and trading platforms. Criminals also often pay for ads on Google in the hope that their victims will use the search engine to look for refund opportunities.

Had a bad experience with Peloyercompany? Free legal advice

If you have used the services of Peloyercompany or a similar recovery service provider and are now experiencing difficulties, we are available for an initial free legal consultation.

Describe your experience to us via our contact form or by telephone. It is important to provide information on the service provider and the amount of the damage or investment.