CFD-Trading: “Dubious providers spring up like mushrooms” – 19.10.2019

“Frequently, inexperienced consumers are put under so much pressure that they do not take the time to research the suppliers,” says consumer protector Rehren, describing the procedure. “The advisors act respectably and throw around with high-flown terms – with the goal of creating confidence”, says lawyer Wagner-Arendt. Many providers would make the calls using Voice-Over-IP in order to be able to give a wrong location.

OE1- “YouTube Gurus and WhatsApp Millionaires” – 17.05.2019

Consumer protectors as well as lawyers warn against dubious trading platforms that promise fast money. The lawyer Patrick Wilson from the German law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte has specialized, among other things, in the action against dubious online brokers.

He reports from his everyday life: “If I now had to report from my everyday experience with these cases, you can assume that really 99 percent of the providers who offer this business model, this online trading, with certain stock exchange products, such as so-called CFDs, i.e. Contract for Difference, or even earlier also very much like binary options or currently also increasingly with crypto currencies, that these providers actually act fraudulently here through the bank.


WirtschaftsWoche – “The gold rip-off” – 11.07.2019


Ktipp – “Fall for the swindlers” – 24.10.2018

“A man lost 490000 francs because he believed the fairy tales of Japanese stockbrokers. “K-Money tells the lies the perpetrators told.”

Ktipp – Auf raffinierte Betrüger hereingefallen

ARD plusminus – “Online broker – How the dream of fast money bursts” – 17.07.2018

The first. plusminus TV_Contribution

This man in Munich knows the systematic rip-off of online brokers like no other. awyer Patrick Wilson. He handles hundreds of such cases. Investors who have lost large sums of money.

“It is really amazing what kind of seasoned businessmen are involved who can’t even explain it afterwards. They are dealing with people who are absolute professionals. “Anyone who thinks they can avoid this is wrong.”

ARD zum Thema Binäre Optionen

Bayerischer Rundfunk – Magazine for Economic and Social Affairs – 03/08/2016

In a report on Bayerischer Rundfunk, lawyer Patrick Wilson explains the risks of ship funds:

For intermediaries and banks, the main focus was to get as many ship investments as possible to the man and woman. Because intermediaries and banks have collected a commission for each mediation.

Charter rates have fallen and there has been a long service life of the ships. As a result, in many cases profits could no longer be made.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – “When a direct investment is suddenly no longer a direct investment” – 06.07.2016

After the insolvency of Magellan and Lignum, investors experience a nasty surprise. Container buyers have to fear for their rights from the lease and even in the case of the precious wood bankruptcy many questions remain unanswered

Although the investors themselves could probably enter into the contracts with the Bulgarian sub-contractors, a critical mass is needed, says Patrick Wilson, a lawyer at the Munich law firm Herfurtner.

Wenn ein Direkt-Investment plötzlich keines mehr ist

Jurablogs – 05.06.2016

Lawyer Wolfgang Herfurtner: Rights of bank customers strengthened – By a decision of the Federal Court the duties of disclosure of certificates by banks were extended.


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