PTBanc is a web-based trading platform which offers trading with foreign exchange (FX trading) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs). The English language website of the provider can be found at the URL There is a warning message from the Spanish Financial Supervisory Authority on the subject of PTBanc.

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PTBanc experiences

Anyone dealing with the subject of online trading will notice that there is a wealth of companies that address investors with their products. To evaluate their quality, it is useful to draw on the experience of investors who have already invested there.

On the net you can find a lot of forums or blogs where statements on trading platforms like PTBanc are published. If you search for “PTBanc Experiences” or “PTBanc Review”, for example, you will find many contributions, mostly in English. The opinion about PTBanc is inhomogeneous.

In a communication of May 7, 2019, the Spanish Financial Market Authority CNMV warns about PTBanc. There it states that a Hillsboro Group Ltd – according to the PTBanc website its trademark owner – is not entitled to offer investment services or to carry out transactions in foreign currencies.

Seat of the company, state authorization

It is true that the company’s own website is also used to give the reader a positive impression. Nevertheless, useful information on the company’s headquarters and its regulatory status is also provided here for the interested investor.

Information on the registered office, legal form and management of a company can generally be found in the imprint of a website. There is no legally binding imprint on the online presence of PTBanc. In the footer it can be read that the website belongs to a group of companies and is operated by them.

One of the companies is a Hillsboro Group Ltd, which has its headquarters on the Marshall Islands. At the bottom of the footer, an Onero LLC is also mentioned, which is based in Moscow, Russia. No address is listed in the contact area of the PTBanc website. There are a total of six telephone numbers from different countries, one of them with the area code of Germany.

For written contact with PTBanc, there is also a form as well as different, country-specific e-mail addresses.

There is no proof of an authorization of PTBanc by a European supervisory authority, neither on the homepage nor elsewhere on the website. It is therefore not possible to find out whether PTBanc is authorized by an institution such as the British FCA or the German BaFin.

PTBanc Trading – Website

The focus of the PTBanc homepage is on foreign exchange trading (Forex Trading). Here one could trade in global financial markets with more than 2,000 assets. PTBanc describes its own offer by means of five advantages which are prominently placed on the homepage:

  • technical customer service seven days a week around the clock,
  • advanced trading tools, tailored to customer needs,
  • security of client funds,
  • comprehensive solutions in terms of technology, customer service and liquidity,
  • professional trading conditions.

PTBanc offers its customers excellent solutions for Forex Trading and CFD Trading. In this connection, the company addresses both institutional and private investors.

Registration and trading accounts

If one wants to start online trading on PTBanc’s online trading platform, prior registration as a customer is a prerequisite. There is an online form for this purpose on the PTBanc website. Whether PTBanc offers different account types or a demo account is not clear from the information on the website,

According to PTBanc, deposits and withdrawals could be carried out by different methods. Thus, one could choose between bank transfer and processing by credit card.

Technology offered

Trading on a platform for online trading requires access to trading software. In many cases, these provide online trading platforms to their customers free of charge. The software can be a proprietary development or a third-party program. PTBanc provides its customers with software which ensures fast execution.

The trading platform can be accessed via a desktop computer as well as via mobile devices.

Training opportunities at PTBanc

For the subject of education, PTBanc has set up a specific area on its own website under the term “Education”. Here you will find the subheadings Glossary, E-Books, Videos and Live Webinars. In terms of content, this is primarily about CFD Trading and Forex Trading. But also topics like social trading or general trading strategies are covered.

Trading on the Internet – inform carefully

Anyone who wants to invest capital and looks at the conditions of conventional products will often be frustrated with the potential returns. Consequently, many private investors make enquiries on the net and go in search of high-yield options.

This is where an accumulation of online trading platforms comes on the radar. These companies offer their products all over the world and try to attract attention with presumably worthwhile offers. Global markets are easily accessible, and digitalisation also makes access easier.

As a result, more and more providers – including those from abroad – are entering the market to attract private investors to their products.

If disputes arise, those affected by online trading platforms face the problem of discussing them with the company. Because if a trader is established abroad, this often prevents personal exchange, and language barriers may also arise.

As a rule, this context involves products that are difficult to understand, such as Crypto Currencys, CFDs (Contracts for Difference) or Forex Trading. These are characterised by a pronounced volatility and high risks, which is why they are by no means suitable for every type of investor.

Weighing up the risks of an investment opportunity is therefore often left to the investor himself. In the absence of expert consultation, investors may not be sufficiently thorough in their assessment of the risks and may assess risks incorrectly or ignore them.

If an investment is made nevertheless, it may not be possible to achieve the desired objectives within the set time frame. In the event of unfavourable trends or sideways movements, some clients are also advised to invest additional assets in order to secure the initial investment.

Losses in online trading?

If you have lost capital while trading on an online platform, you should take action. First and foremost, you should refrain from additional transfers. It is also advisable to ask the online trading provider about the reasons for the losses and to find out what possibilities exist to recover the deposit.

The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH checks the process and determines which claims, if any, can be asserted against the online trading platform. The legal advisors represent your interests and contact the company directly, regardless of whether the company is based in Germany or abroad.

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