refund experts: The company promotes its investment refund offers at refund experts offers support to customers who have made a deposit on an online trading platform but have not received a profit distribution.

The company’s website advertises: “Do you want to get your money back that was stolen by fraudsters? We offer online theft recovery consultations and services.” With this, the provider appeals to investors who have fallen for a dubious online trading platform and are now being denied a payout.

But how trustworthy is this financial service offered and how can reputable recovery service providers be recognised? Essential for clients of refund experts is that the Zurich cybercrime police warns against the provider. According to the warning, the operator of the website has been reported to the police for fraud.

Warning of the CybercrimePolice against refund experts

The Cybercrimepolice of the Zurich Cantonal Police aims to educate investors and consumers about online threats. On you will be regularly informed about new and developing online risks.

There you will also find a warning about the company refund experts, with the date 03.10.2022 and the internet address You can read here that the police have received a fraud report about this website.

How does the recovery scam work?

Recovery There are many scammers out there. People who have lost money on dodgy trading platforms are approached and told that they can recover their losses by sending a wire transfer directly to the provider or supposedly to the Financial Services Authority or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Of course, victims are expected to pay for the services upfront. However, it quickly turns out that the previous victims were tricked by scammers and a fake asset recovery company. You should treat any debt collection agency that calls you unexpectedly with extreme caution and scepticism.

You should ask yourself how these people came into possession of your contact and personal details. How did they know the trading platform on which you lost money?

refund experts: How to recognise trustworthy service providers

It is still difficult for customers to recognise fake companies on the Internet. The internationally operating groups of perpetrators have technical know-how and quickly and professionally create websites that appear reputable. They often make use of the layout, text material or company logos of other providers.

Potential clients should do their research before deciding on a service provider. No matter whether it is refund experts or another of the many providers in the field of recovery. The following points must be ruled out. These features indicate suspicious providers.

  1. The provider lacks an official licence or permission for such services.
  2. The company website lacks a complete imprint and/or details of the company’s registered office and responsible persons.
  3. You are asked to pay a large sum in advance without any guarantee or that a service has already been provided.
  4. You are put under time pressure and are expected to complete the services as quickly as possible.
  5. Strangely enough, the provider has in-depth knowledge about you and your online trading activities.

Unsolicited contact by refund experts?

If a recovery service provider such as refund experts contacts you without you having requested this service, you should at least be alert. Check all information and inform yourself about signs of dubious recovery providers.

Dubious financial service providers who advertise that they will recover the money you thought you had lost usually contact you out of the blue. As a rule, these are exactly the same people who are responsible for the online trading scam that was carried out before.

This also explains why they have your email address or mobile phone number. Often, the criminals also research rating portals for data of trading fraud victims and crypto trading fraud victims. Fraudsters also place Google ads to lure victims and trick them again with their supposed recovery services.

refund experts: What experiences have you had?

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