Rodeler Ltd is the operator of the 24Option platform, where investors could trade various assets. These included, for example, foreign exchange (Forex Trading) or Contracts for Difference (CFDs). The English online presence is available at the URL

On the website of Rodeler Ltd, there is a note at the bottom stating that over 83% of small investor accounts trading CFDs with this provider lose money. (As of 31.3.20) Are you familiar with Rodeler Ltd and would like to share your experiences about this provider?

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Rodeler Ltd Reviews

Investors who are thinking of entrusting their capital to a trading platform should take the trouble in advance to gather as much information as possible about the broker and its background. The World Wide Web can be used for this purpose, for example to trigger a search query for “Rodeler Ltd Reviews”.

Private investors often exchange their experiences in special blogs and forums. There you can also find reviews of the various trading platforms. If you search for the provider Rodeler Ltd, the opinions are mixed. In principle, one is well advised to question the source of the contributions that deal with a particular trading platform.

Because not without exception are the statements written from an objective point of view. Those who have the relevant online marketing knowledge can influence the opinion. Online brokers themselves or their advertising partners will, under the circumstances, make positive statements about their own or the advertised offer.

Likewise, it is conceivable that texts are placed whose basic attitude is to discourage investors from engaging with a competitor.

Rodeler Ltd – Location of the company and regulatory status

The company’s own website is the important point of contact between the provider of a trading platform and its investors. Information on the company’s registered office and its regulatory status is particularly revealing. There is no imprint on the website of Rodeler Ltd. Information on the location can be found in the contact section.

Here you can read that Rodeler Ltd states Limassol in Cyprus as its location. In addition to the address, a telephone number and a fax number with the area code 00357 are given. A form and an e-mail address are available for written enquiries to Rodeler Ltd. However, there does not seem to be a Rodeler Ltd Cologne.

However, if you search a search engine for Rodeler Ltd Cologne address, you will come across a Rodeler DE GmbH based in Cologne. In the footer of the Rodeler Ltd website, one reads that Rodeler Ltd operates 24Option ( The company is authorised and regulated by CySec, the Cypriot financial supervisory authority.

In addition to Rodeler Ltd, a Richfield Capital Limited is part of a group of companies that share the 24Option brand.

Rodeler Ltd Website

On its own website, Rodeler Ltd describes its own range of investment and ancillary services. This included various services:

Investment services

  • Trading for own account.
  • The management of portfolios.
  • The reception and transmission of orders relating to one or more financial instruments.
  • The execution of orders on behalf of clients.

Ancillary services

  • The provision of foreign exchange services where these are related to the provision of investment services.
  • The safekeeping and administration of financial instruments.
  • The provision of research and analysis services in connection with investments and finance.
  • The granting of credit or loans for financial instruments if the lending company is involved in the transaction.

A comprehensive list as an overview of the financial instruments and services offered by Rodeler Ltd and authorised by CySec can be found in the CySec licence.

Online trading harbours risks

Even after the upheaval at the top of the European Central Bank, experts expect that there will be no significant correction of monetary policy in the foreseeable future. Private investors, who some time ago were still satisfied with an investment in overnight money, are therefore turning to higher-return alternatives.

Digitalisation has shaken up many industries and led to innovative business models. Whereas a few years ago it was still necessary to go to the bank if you wanted to conclude a contract for an investment, nowadays this can be done easily on the internet.

This has led to the fact that there are now a large number of brokers who trade worldwide and solicit the goodwill of investors with their offers. As a rule, the trading platforms focus on products such as CFD trading, FX trading or cryptocurrencies. In view of their complexity and the associated risks, these are not suitable for everyone.

If you have lost capital in online trading, you should take active action. You may be able to contact a lawyer and seek investor protection. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH will determine whether you can assert claims and enforce your interests with your contractual partner.

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