ROX Capital AG – the company is the owner or operator of the platform “ROX Capital” on which one can allegedly buy and sell crypto-currency. The website of the platform can be reached under the URL

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ROX Capital AG Experience

ROX Capital is on the official warning list of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. The public is therefore warned against entering into business relations with the company. It can therefore be assumed that the company acts without the necessary permission from the Financial Market Authority.

In various blog and forum contributions, opinions on ROX Capital differ. It is not possible to discern a uniform opinion. The experience reports with ROX Capital on the internet can be described as inhomogeneous.

Notes Crypto Currency

A cryptographic currency is a digital means of payment based on cryptographic tools such as block chains and digital signatures. As a payment system they should be independent, distributed and secure. They are not currencies in the true sense.

Crypto-currencies do not require central banks and are therefore not subject to any authority or other organisation. According to its own statements, the platform ROX Capital issues the following crypto-currencies: ROX Crypto Index (RCI) token, the ROX Stable Coin or ROX Yard (ROXY) token.

Registered office, regulation, supervision

The website of such a platform provides useful information for the interested investor. Particularly important are information on the company’s registered office and regulatory status.

There is no legally binding imprint on the English language website of ROX Capital. Information on the company’s registered office can be found under the “Terms of use” tab of the website. According to these, ROX Capital AG is the owner or operator of the platform with its registered office at Poststrasse 19, 9410 Heiden, Switzerland.

ROX Capital can only be contacted in writing by means of a form.

There are no statements about a supervision and regulation by the recognized Swiss state supervisory authority “FINMA”. Rather such a regulation or supervision does not exist, since FINMA warns expressly against this enterprise.

Website ROX Hauptstadt

The website of ROX Capital has a relatively simple structure. There is only one important tab called “Buy Tokens”. After installing the “MetaMask” software as a so-called “Add On” in the browser you can buy and sell crypto currency afterwards.

The main business of the company seems to be the sale and purchase of crypto currency.


Our experience has shown that illegal companies very often contact their potential customers directly and try to bait them with particularly favourable conditions or financial products. Caution is always advised when trading crypto currency.

Companies that do not act legally or seriously often try to elicit money from their potential customers before an actual payout, e.g. a profit or a consideration, is made.

Some companies will also have no intention of ever paying out money to you as a potential customer, e.g. after the sale of crypto currency. Sometimes such companies also use manipulated exchange rates when buying or selling crypto currency.

Our experience has also shown that this is often purely fraudulent.

Trading in losses with ROX Capital

Have you lost money on the platform ROX Capital or a comparable platform? Then you waive further (incoming) payments, even if they are claimed by the platform.

Furthermore you should investigate the reason for the loss and which possibilities are available to recover the lost capital.

If you are not making any further progress with your request to the platform, you can seek investor protection by talking to a legal advisor. The law office Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte investigates and examines to what extent you can make demands valid as an investor.

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