Schultz Anwalt Gruppe: on its website the company advertises its services. Schultz Anwalt Gruppe states that it can help clients who have invested money in online trading or crypto trading and are now waiting in vain for their payout.

The company’s website reads: “Schultz Anwalt Gruppe is a professional team of financial, legal, banking and regulatory experts dedicated to using our expertise to help victims of fraudulent activity by regulated and unregulated trading platforms get their money back.”

Because the word Anwalt (lawyer) is in the company name, Schultz Anwalt Gruppe’s clients presumably assume they are dealing with lawyers who are licensed by a bar association in Germany. However, according to the provider, the company is based in England – despite the German-language company name.

On the “About Us” page (, the company’s officers describe themselves as “Schultz Anwalt Gruppe is a professional team of financial, legal, banking and regulatory experts…” However, no lawyers who are supposed to work for Schultz Anwalt Gruppe are mentioned by name.

Further, the website provides the information: “…authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to regulated claims management activities FRN: 835818. Registered office address; 31 Eldon St, Barnsley S70 1SL, company number 8315918. ICO Registration: ZA428147.”

At the time of writing, however, there was no entry for the Schultz Anwalt Gruppe in the database of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). How can clients therefore assess the seriousness of the provider?

Schultz Anwalt Gruppe – serious offers?

Potential consumers should inform themselves in advance, regardless of whether they are dealing with the provider Schultz Anwalt Gruppe or another service provider in the area of recovery and reimbursement. It is becoming increasingly difficult to unmask dubious providers on the basis of their web presence.

The websites are often professionally designed. Nevertheless, there are indications and characteristics that can be used to recognise dubious financial service providers.

The following signs indicate a provider who is most likely acting dubiously:

  1. With a sense of urgency, quick action is demanded. The recovery offer is only valid for a short time, otherwise all money is lost, they usually say.
  2. The provider claims to have secret industry information. He also has knowledge about you, your data and investments.
  3. The information on the website is vague and non-transparent. A complete imprint is missing, as well as information on the company’s registered office and the persons responsible for the company. In some cases, false information can be found or information that is stolen (cloned) from real, licensed companies.
  4. The service provider demands an advance payment or otherwise designated payments even before a service has been rendered.
  5. Success is guaranteed for the full amount lost.
  6. The provider is not in possession of an official permit or licence. From time to time licences are fictitious. Check this in the databases of the European tax authorities.

Protection against fraudulent recovery offers

The recovery scam is on the rise. Besides reputable providers, there are also more and more dubious service providers with clear fraudulent intentions. The groups of perpetrators who are responsible for fraud in online trading or crypto trading are in most cases also behind the recovery or refund scam.

This can often be recognised by the fact that you are contacted by the provider and not vice versa. In this situation, ask yourself how he got your contact details and other information.

Schultz Anwalt Gruppe – legal support

Are you a client of Schultz Anwalt Gruppe? What has been your experience with the repossession service provider? Are there any difficulties or obstacles? We offer you a free initial consultation if you have already worked with Schultz Anwalt Gruppe or a comparable recovery service provider and are currently experiencing problems.

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