According to information from the FCA and the FMA, Schwarz Gehard appears to be or have been a company from the financial and investment sector. The company’s website at was offline and no longer accessible at the time of writing (16.3.20).

According to indications from at least two supervisory authorities, the business activities of Schwarz Gehard may possibly have been non-audited services. Several probably aggrieved investors have currently contacted the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte and informed themselves about their possibilities.

Investors are advised not to engage in transactions with Schwarz Gehard without further investigation. Established in Hamburg and Munich, the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH are contact persons for investors seeking investor protection. The law firm supports affected investors from all European countries.

Other fields of activity include business law, capital markets law and company law. Have you had any experience with Schwarz Gehard and would you like to discuss this with a legal representative? You can contact us here.

Schwarz Gehard – Notes

Our law firm has the following information on the provider Schwarz Gehard:

Company: Schwarz Gehard
Alleged addresses: 2 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PU, England and Schwarzenbergplatz 6, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Alleged telephone numbers: 0044 20 3807 6427 and 0043 720 778 040

The Austrian Financial Market Authority FMA informed investors about Schwarz Gehard already on 18.04.19. The news said that the provider of Schwarz Gehard was not authorised to provide investment services requiring approval. Consequently, Schwarz Gehard is not permitted to provide commercial investment advice on financial instruments.

The FCA, the British Financial Conduct Authority, had already issued a warning on the subject of Schwarz Gehard on 1 April 2019. The authority assumes that providers are carrying out activities that require regulation without being authorised by the FCA.

Information on authorisation and supervision by other European supervisory authorities is not available on the WWW. It cannot therefore necessarily be assumed that the company has the mandatory powers for its economic activity.

Investors should be aware of these general potential Pitfalls

In the current phase of low interest rates, investors often do not know how they can invest their assets in the most profitable and yet secure way. Many providers therefore try to lure customers with fabulously high profit opportunities. However, customers often end up losing their investment completely.

The websites of providers offer additional information on the company’s offers. Visitors and prospective customers could actually get the impression that the company is a reputable supplier thanks to a professional and trustworthy appearance.

Customers should obtain detailed information about financial service providers such as Schwarz Gehard before investing their capital. In many cases, you can find warnings from authorities and lawyers that show you the risks of certain financial investments.

Quite often, financial products and investment opportunities are offered that in reality do not exist at all. In these cases, companies plan their coups long in advance. Although prohibited by law, dubious brokers like to establish initial customer contacts by phone call. Often the black sheep of the financial business urge investors to conclude contracts quickly.

What Investors should pay attention to

If you follow these tips from our lawyers, you will noticeably limit your personal risk. Clients should be aware of an important basic rule – high profit promises are usually also associated with high loss risks.

Caution is also advisable if the broker resides in an “exotic” country. A phone call often starts the contact. In the following cases one should be particularly careful:

  • Extremely high payouts are promised or even guaranteed.
  • The companies are located abroad and do not have a license.
  • There is no branch office in the EU.
  • No personal advice is offered locally.

Many dubious providers try to gain trust by presenting customers with supposed securities of their own such as guarantees or letters of value. If profits of more than 50% are promised, it cannot be assumed that this is a realistic offer.

Vigilance is required whenever one has the feeling that the broker is playing down the effort and risks.

Trouble with Schwarz Gehard? What Investors can do

Private investors who have entrusted their money to Schwarz Gehard and are facing difficulties can contact the lawyers of Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte free of charge to find out about their options for action regarding Schwarz Gehard. The advice is provided throughout Europe. Here you can get directly into our contact area.