Securities Bureau – On its website, the broker claims to be a financial service provider that is active in the field of shares. Accordingly, investors can achieve high profits.

You encounter problems with the payout of your investment? Our lawyers can help you with claims against Securities Bureau.

Securities Bureau – How should the online broker be rated?

Currently, there is a very high number of online trading platforms such as Securities Bureau. This means that investing in the unpredictable financial markets has never been easier, but also riskier.

Especially because there are numerous options, choosing an online broker can be time-consuming and daunting. Especially if you want it to meet your personal investment needs.

Are you considering investing money with Securities Bureau? Then the following aspects are relevant for you as an investor.

  • In the field of online trading you can use a variety of order types.
  • Access to the world’s financial markets is made easier and more lucrative for investors through online investing.
  • Officially regulated online brokers, reputable websites, costs and brokerage commissions, product options and customer reviews are just some of the criteria you would need to consider when making your final choice.
  • A very good address for capital investors who want to inquire about securities, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a web presence like this one.

The following tips are general tips for investors – regardless of the platform you invest money in.

Licensing – does Securities Bureau have regulatory authority?

Both financial markets and investor protection benefit from codes of conduct and organisational responsibilities. Equity services firms and firms like Securities Bureau must meet a variety of standards of conduct. The same applies to their employees. This is to avoid conflicts and the associated disadvantages for investors.

This includes the responsibility of the company to inform its own clients about the most important features of a bond transaction before it is concluded. This applies both to the respective investor and to the investment itself. According to this very idea, further information is indispensable for corporate clients who want to engage in highly speculative or risky transactions.

Providers such as Securities Bureau have a duty of care towards their clients. This goes significantly beyond the provision of an offer or service.

Does the provider have a licence to sell investment products? This is something you should definitely check. In this context, you can use the broker check database of a financial supervisory authority and type the name of the financial service provider into the search function.

What to do – if brokers like Securities Bureau demand transfers abroad?

Is it advantageous for you to transfer capital outside Europe? Pay close attention to what you are doing. Countless investors have already lost funds in this context. You may lose track of where your money is going and how it is invested.

When money was made available to a provider, it happened that the online broker did not invest the transferred amount as agreed or even not at all. There were also cases where the company simply did not exist, although it appeared similar to Securities Bureau.

In addition to the regulated providers, there are countless dubious online trading websites, where in most cases an almost identical procedure can be seen. New investors are contacted by employees of the respective trading platform. For example, by telephone, after the consumer has left non-binding contact information on the provider’s website.

In many cases, however, they are also contacted by mass e-mails. These entice with seemingly profitable investments.

The investor is directly provided with his own broker, who instructs him on how to set up a customer account and make the first transfers. The investor first feels well advised and trading usually begins with small sums.

But shortly afterwards, higher payments are demanded – often to accounts abroad. These payments are intended to increase the potential profits.

Problems with dubious online brokers ultimately arise when the investor demands a profit distribution. This is often postponed again and again or linked to additional payments such as alleged taxes and commissions.

In the past, the perpetrators acted solely from dubious locations. Nowadays, they operate from completely different locations such as the United Kingdom (including London), the Netherlands, Canada, the Kingdom of Spain, Dubai and others.

It is challenging for the majority of people to identify tricky systematics. Institution often receive email orders with enormous order volumes that are disproportionate to the normal purchase amounts. In order to lure the German company, enormous promises of profit are used.

However, the considerable order volume merely acts as a means of pressure in the communication with the manufacturer to demand correspondingly increased approval and registration costs.

It is not always clear whether the addressee of this payment is also the purchaser of the goods. Nevertheless, one can assume that suppliers who are active abroad will not have to pay regional taxes on deliveries to other countries for the time being. Find out whether this also applies to investments with Securities Bureau.

What are the dangers of the grey capital market?

Only a small proportion of financial market participants such as Securities Bureau are subject to government regulation and control. In the grey capital market, financial service providers are positioned that do not need any approval from BaFin at all and do not have to comply with anything more than a few regulatory provisions.

Only invest in the grey capital market if you are convinced of the company’s solvency and know it as a company. As I said, BaFin has no control over these providers.

The grey capital market holds a variety of possibilities. There are:

  • Profit participation rights and other hybrid forms of bonds
  • Direct investments such as in timber, precious metals or other commodities
  • Crowdfunding offers
  • Loans with subordination clauses
  • Equity investments

One thing is certain: it is uncertain what the bottom line will be for the investor.

Do you find it difficult to keep track of the product on offer? If so, you should gather as much information as you can before making a choice.

Don’t buy anything you don’t fully understand! When it comes to investments, the more experience you need, the more complicated the product.

It is also not advisable to put all your money on one horse. Diversify your risk beyond Securities Bureau.

To avoid being wrongly influenced, it is advisable to always focus on the product itself rather than the brand name or the presentation of the financial service.

Suspect investment fraud? How to spot the scam

You want to invest with Securities Bureau? In this case, you should find out all relevant information about the company.

Investment fraud is a special form of fraud. The perpetrator promises or deceives a large group of people about a profitable investment in the capital market.

Capital investment fraud is sanctioned according to § 264a StGB with a prison sentence of up to three years or with a fine.

The following services and strategies can sometimes be considered as capital investment fraud:

  • Unsolicited telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling
  • Fraudsters use the brand name of the provider Securities Bureau and clone the company
  • Shareholdings in companies
  • Boiler Room Scam, a cold call in which financial backers are sought by telephone call

In many cases, those who have fallen for investment scams have invested a lot of money. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Retrieve money: If payments have been realised via credit card, this can be retrieved in several cases by using a law firm. In the case of transfers from the current account, this can usually be recovered by bank order.
  2. Revoke or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can revoke or contest the same in case of investment fraud.
  3. Claim damages: People who were not properly informed can claim damages from the investment advisor.
  4. Involve the police and financial supervisory authority through a legal advisor: Police collection procedures exist against some fraudulent firms in Germany and also abroad. The police are authorised to have the accounts of the rip-off artists blocked and the assets seized. In addition, the public prosecutor’s office becomes active.

What is an order commission?

Before investing, find out from Securities Bureau how much of your investment amount is used to cover costs such as fees and commissions. This is a useful time to review in detail the information provided by service providers!

Investors must be made aware of all costs included and how they affect the profit margin of financial service providers. Furthermore, the costs must be listed separately.

In the event that you request a presentation of any costs, the securities service providers are obliged to provide you with this info.

A broker like Securities Bureau is usually interested in as many trading transactions as possible for obvious motives. In many cases, the costs are so high that it is difficult to make a profit. The costs can even eat up the invested assets in a very short time.

Therefore, be sure to take the costs into account! The trading fees of the online broker must be available to everyone. The transparency of the cost structure is also stipulated in the official regulations and licensing.

In the context of a violation, the service provider’s regulatory licence may be revoked.

Capital investment to be recovered from Securities Bureau? Contact our lawyers

In order to be able to assess whether you have a claim for repayment against the provider Securities Bureau, it is necessary to examine the individual case without exception. The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm will do this for you in the context of a free initial consultation.

The basis of this examination is always the facts of the case as described by you. In addition, parallels to similar cases can often be found. You therefore benefit from the extensive experience of our lawyers.

After the complete examination of all documents and the legal classification, the action is first directed against the service provider Securities Bureau itself, should certain breaches of duty be demonstrable. In order to be able to confirm such breaches of duty, the contractual documents, the e-mail message history and, if necessary, additional documents must be evaluated.

Furthermore, licensed online trading providers are equally under an obligation to make and store telephone records of conversations with clients. The demand for handing over this documentation and the subsequent evaluation is nevertheless an advisable and indispensable step to enforce your claims.

With this evidence, the buyer’s claims can be enforced both in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings.

The banking institutions and crypto exchanges that are on the receiving end should also be focused on in this context. Due to the fact that considerable sums of money are often involved, the question arises again and again as to whether the institutions have fulfilled their duties to provide information and their obligations under the Money Laundering Act. A general statement cannot be made here; rather, the individual case must be examined.

The same applies to the beneficiary on the receiving side, who is often not identical with the service provider itself. Under certain circumstances, it is also the beneficiary who is to be held liable if breaches of duty can be proven.

After civil law options have been exhausted, there is still the option of proceeding under criminal law if the suspicion of a criminal offence is substantiated. This requires contacting investigating authorities at home and abroad and coordinating further measures.

In the meantime, many federal states have set up special units for the subject areas of fraud offences in the area of online and crypto trading. The lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are in constant contact with these units.

Our lawyers know that web hosts also provide useful information on the domain owner. However, contacting the internet providers, who are often based abroad, is particularly complicated for the layman.

In addition, financial supervisory authorities in Germany and abroad are useful contact points for investors who have suffered losses.

Apart from the complaint against the particular provider, which is intended to protect other possible investors from investments, supplementary details can probably be obtained via the financial authorities as a source of information.

In many cases, this information allows investigative proceedings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to be linked.