Squared Financial – The provider claims on its website https://sc.squaredfinancial.com/de to be a trading platform for forex and metals, among others. Accordingly, customers can choose from 7 different asset classes and more than 1,000 trading instruments.

If you have invested with Squared Financial and there are problems with the payout, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are there to help you in word and deed.

Squared Financial experiences: reputable online broker?

Currently there is an extremely high number of online trading platforms such as Squared Financial . As a result, investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is now. Precisely because there are countless options, choosing an online broker can be time-consuming and daunting.

Especially if you want it to meet your individual investment needs. Have you already invested with Squared Financial? If so, the following points are relevant for you as an investor.

  • Access to cross-border financial markets is becoming more practical and lucrative for investors through online investing.
  • A good place for investors to start inquiring about securities, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is an online presence like this one.
  • There are numerous order types to choose from when trading online.

The following are general tips for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

State financial regulators: Licensing of online brokers like Squared Financial

Both financial markets and investor protection benefit from rules of conduct and organisational responsibilities. Equity services firms and firms like Squared Financial must follow a variety of standards of conduct. The same applies to their employees. This is to prevent conflicts of interest and the associated disadvantages for investors.

This includes the obligation of the provider to inform its corporate clients about the most important features of a bond transaction before it is concluded. This applies both to the individual investor and to the investment itself.

In line with this idea, further information is essential for corporate clients who wish to engage in highly speculative or risky transactions. To their corporate clients, providers such as Squared Financial have a responsibility.

This goes significantly beyond making a product or service available. Does the provider have a licence to sell investment products? You should definitely clarify this. To do this, you can consult a financial regulator’s broker checklist and type the name of the financial services provider into the search box.

Surprise phone calls from online broker Squared Financial ?

Have you ever received a call from a stranger making you an offer? Under no circumstances respond to it without checking carefully. Unsolicited calls are illegal. “Cold calling” is expressly not permitted with securities service providers and similar companies such as Squared Financial.

There are also people who claim to work for professional web trading platforms. In this way, they want to persuade people to entrust them with their personal information. Mostly, you are asked to deposit more assets after your very first payment.

Phone scammers are always coming up with new methods to deprive donors of their savings, cash and other valuables. A common method used by crooks is to call the people they want to harm at inconvenient times of the day. This is, for example, very early in the morning or very late at night.

In other words, times when they are least concentrated. In addition, the lawbreakers pretend at the beginning of the conversation that they and the person being called know each other. The other method works as if the callers are friendly.

In this way, the perpetrators give the person they are talking to on the phone a feeling of sympathy and trust. Check if you are truly dealing with Squared Financial when they contact you by phone.

Beware of pump and dump

The term pump and dump is used to describe a situation where the market price of a share is unnaturally inflated by insiders. Afterwards, the same share is sold at a loss to the other investors. This is therefore a fraud. A fraud that profits from the ignorance of small investors and stock market novices.

This tactic is therefore illegal in a controlled securities market and for companies like Squared Financial. The crypto market, in contrast, is still largely “Wild West” as far as such tactics are concerned. Therefore, special attention is necessary! Pump-and-dump scams are increasingly found there in the context of the generally so-called altcoins.

The pump and dump scam is used by criminals to inflate the value of an unknown or even self-created currency. They achieve this by spreading disinformation on the internet or on social media or by recruiting co-investors with unreasonable profit expectations.

So make sure that the provider Squared Financial provides you with all the information you need on the subject.

Cybertrading – what is the risk?

The usual investment fraud is carried out with known means such as advertising, “cold calling” or stock exchange letters. When it comes to fraud, the outdated method quickly becomes obsolete in the online age. The new type of investment fraud can be described as “cybertrading”.

Financial products are traded dishonestly over the internet. Dishonest investments include investment products such as contracts for difference and virtual money. Squared Financial’s services have also been used in a similar way by other providers to trap capital investors.

Investors are increasingly making their own enquiries about investment opportunities on the internet. Thus, people rely on their personal know-how or on the tips of others in blogs, forums and other online platforms when making their decision.

The transition to ever new financial instruments has no long-term effect on criminal activities related to organisational structure. Since criminal organisations rely on already existing and widely accepted infrastructures, there is no need to switch to a new “business model”.

Regardless of what financial instrument is traded, the process of cybertrading is roughly congruent. These financial products are advertised penetratingly in social media or with affiliate marketing. In this context, it is basically only about the presentation of enormously high returns.

Calculate the probability of earning high profits with Squared Financial before investing capital.

Beware of contracts that leave no exit alternatives at all

Make sure you know when and how much money you will get back. Optimally, bypass long-term contracts that cannot be terminated early or where you would experience significant monetary losses.

Only conclude longer-term contracts without the possibility of early termination with investment service providers such as Squared Financial, whose seriousness you have no doubts about. Even if you have the option of waiving a contract at any time or terminating it over a fixed period, you should be sceptical.

Even if these criteria are met, you may still be vulnerable to monetary losses. Make sure you know in detail how much money you will get back if the investment goes wrong. For securities transactions, the following rule applies:

Before the end of the contract period, find out what options are open to you to get rid of a share certificate. It is usually crucial to find out whether there is a liquid market for services such as those offered by Squared Financial.

It is possible to sell securities through an online broker or a financial institution. All 3 options are acceptable for placing a sell order. The actual selling process is therefore carried out via an exchange (e.g. Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Tradegate or Xetra) (e.g. for penny stocks).

With order supplements, the execution of the order can be guided from the beginning. The sale of the securities takes place at a date and place defined by you.

Would you like to get your investment back from Squared Financial? Our lawyers can help

You have invested capital with Squared Financial , or another provider? Now you are encountering problems with repayment? If so, we recommend that you stop any additional payments immediately. This is especially true if the online broker suggests additional payments to compensate for losses.

You should also try to recover the lost capital. Here, aggrieved parties can seek investor protection and turn to the lawyers of our law firm. Our law firm examines civil law as well as criminal law options and possible claims for damages against the company and against involved payment service providers such as banks.

“It is far from being an isolated case if a private investor loses money in the course of online trading. Quite a few investors are fooled by the professional appearance of the companies and do not realise in time that they are not responsible for their losses.”

Our recommendation is therefore not to despair, but to act promptly and energetically. Because the prospect of recovering the lost money is often greater than the aggrieved investors realise. Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about Squared Financial? Then you can go straight to our contact page here.