Stainway Financials describes itself as a leading provider for the recovery of funds in online fraud. The provider’s website is available exclusively in English and can be accessed at

The Swiss financial services regulator FINMA has issued a warning regarding Stainway Financials.

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Stainway Financials Review

Anyone who deals with the subject of online trading will notice that there are numerous cases in which private investors have lost money. Some providers have specialized in recovering the capital of online trading platforms. In the search for the right provider, it is helpful to draw on the experience of investors who have already commissioned them.

Online, there are many blogs or forums where statements about companies like Stainway Financials are published. If you search for “Stainway Financials Experiences” or “Stainway Financials Reviews”, for example, you will find a few articles, mostly in English. The opinion about Stainway Financials is heterogeneous.

Warning Message about Stainway Financials

FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, placed the provider Stainway Financials on its warning list on 20 September 2019. On this list, it gathers companies that may be providing unauthorized services and are not supervised by the authority.

Seat of the Company

It is true that the company’s own website is also used to convey a positive impression to investors. However, there is also information worthwhile for the interested investor, for example about the company’s headquarters.

There is no legally binding imprint on the Stainway Financials website. Information on the company’s registered office is provided in the footer of the website. There you can read that Stainway Financials is based in Switzerland, in Geneva.

To contact the provider, you can use the form in the contact section. There is also a telephone number with the prefix “0041” and an e-mail address.

Stainway Financials Website

Stainway Financials claims to have been founded by former employees of fraudulent companies in the Forex Trading and Binary Options sectors, who have sought compensation there. They have recognized the true nature of the business models and are now helping investors to recover lost funds.

Based on inside information, Stainway Financials can help investors who have fallen victim to fraudulent activity in CFD trading, Forex trading and binary options. Stainway Financials offers a wide range of services to recover assets from these areas:

  • Binary options,
  • Crypto-currencies,
  • Forex trading,
  • other forms of international financial fraud.

Stainway Financials has assisted government agencies in prosecuting fraudulent companies. This was made possible by an international network of investigators, lawyers and former government officials. Stainway Financials works for clients around the world and explicitly offers the following services:

  • Advice on legal disputes
  • Recovery of assets
  • Crisis management
  • Risk Management
  • Claims assessment

Recovery Process of Stainway Financials

To help investors recover lost funds, Stainway Financials has developed an eight-step process:

  • The first thing to note is where the investor had invested his money. Typically, unregulated providers are companies based in offshore areas and pretend to be established in European financial centres.
  • Thereafter, Stainway Financials collects all relevant information from the investor, such as terms and conditions, e-mail correspondence or contractual agreements. In addition, the investor must submit documents such as identification or credit card statements.
  • Stainway Financials is then working with informants in the relevant jurisdiction. These former or current employees of the company in question would explain how exactly the investor’s fraud had occurred.
  • This information would be verified by “cyber intelligence”. The aim was to verify the information.
  • The next step would be to determine in which country the claims would be asserted. It is possible to combine claims of several investors or to file a lawsuit on behalf of the individual investor.
  • As a result, Stainway Financials is in a position to initiate the chargeback of the deposited amounts, since it has information on the company and its bank accounts.
  • One bundles the claims of several investors in order to share the costs incurred for the effort of international lawyers. In addition, European investors who had invested in US dollars were supported in asserting their claims in the USA.
  • Finally, Stainway Financials “tracks” the payment flows of investors’ funds by contacting the payment service provider or bank that processed the transactions directly.

In order to initiate this process, the aggrieved investor should fill in a form with details of the fraud. If the information proves that the investor is entitled to compensation, Stainway Financials will contact the investor to discuss the recovery measures.

Risk Factor Online Trading

Interest rates remain at a historic low, and private investors are looking for high-margin alternatives to the savings book and overnight money. Digitalization enables a whole range of companies to offer their online trading platforms globally.

Digitization has shaken up many industries and led to innovative business models. While a few years ago, going to the house bank was indispensable if one wanted to conclude a contract for an investment, nowadays this is possible without any problems on the Internet.

This has led to the fact that there are now many platforms that trade globally and compete for the favour of the investor with their offers. It is not unusual for the trading platforms to focus on products that are not suitable for everyone due to their complexity and the associated risks.

International Contract Partner?

An engagement with a company outside the national borders can develop to the disadvantage of the company if difficulties arise with the plant. This is due on the one hand to possible language barriers, and on the other hand to the distance, which makes direct contact difficult.

Online platforms usually focus on a number of products that are difficult to understand, including Crypto Currencies, CFDs or Forex Trading. However, these offers are not necessarily recommended for everyone.

Online trading may be convenient because it works on your home computer. But at the same time it is mostly anonymous and the investor is on his own. It is therefore all the more essential to weigh up the risks fundamentally before investing your money.

Without thorough and comprehensive advice, there is a growing danger that risks will not be recognized or will be incorrectly assessed, which can have unpleasant consequences for the investor. Not only that in many cases the planned goals are not achieved; often the invested capital is also lost.

Potential Losses in Online Trading

Have you lost capital on an online trading platform? Then you should refrain from making further deposits in the first step, even if the online trading provider demands them. You should also find out why you lost your money and what are the prospects of recovering it.

You can seek external support, such as from a provider like Stainway Financials. If you have questions about this procedure, you can also contact a lawyer and seek investor protection. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte is available to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

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