Stellar Fund says it is a European cryptocurrency fund. By investing the money entrusted by customers in financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, profits are achieved. The German homepage is available at the URL

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Stellar Fund Experiences

If you are considering investing your money on an online trading platform, you should inform yourself about the broker beforehand. In this context, it is helpful if you can fall back on Stellar Fund testimonials. If you search for Stellar Fund on Google & Co., many hits are displayed.

These often lead to blogs or forums where Stellar Fund experiences are discussed or where one comes across Stellar Fund feedback. The opinions about this company are not unreservedly positive. Basically, it is difficult to judge the truthfulness of the published experiences with Stellar Fund.

This is because the contributions found on the web are not always written from a value-free perspective.

Location of the company, regulatory status of Stellar Fund

It is true that the company’s own website is also used to give the reader a positive impression. However, for the interested investor, there is also worthwhile information on the company’s registered office and its regulatory status.

Without a legally binding imprint, no information can be provided on the management of the website operator. This is the case on the Stellar Fund website. The footer of the website states that Stellar Fund has its registered office in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In the contact section, there are two telephone numbers that lead to connections in Great Britain and Slovakia. Whether it is possible to talk to Stellar Fund’s customer service in German is not described in detail. In addition, there is a live chat function, and for written requests one can write an e-mail.

Whether the provider of Stellar Fund is registered and supervised by a state control body in Europe cannot be proven. There is no reference to authorisation by, for example, the German BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) or the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Consequently, it cannot be assumed without reservation that Stellar Fund has the necessary licences to operate in the EU.

Stellar Fund Website

The company Stellar Fund was founded to combine artificial intelligence and human experience. At its core, it is a self-learning investment project based on artificial intelligence.

Stellar Fund strives for long-term cooperation with its clients. Stellar Fund explains in more detail what is supposed to speak in favour of its own offer on the basis of four points:

  • You don’t need expertise and you don’t need to know about terms like blockchain or ICO.
  • Risks can be mitigated through real-time analyses.
  • The artificial intelligence is based on a neural network that is self-learning.
  • Precautions have been taken to ensure security in the area of economic and information protection.

The total capital amounts to 63 million euros, of which just under 3 million is fund capital and about 60 million in investments. More than 20,000 investors are committed to the fund. The target groups of Stellar Fund’s offer include private investors, companies and funds as well as investors.

Registration and revenue models

If you want to join the fund on Stellar Fund ‘s online platform, you have to register as a client beforehand. For this purpose, a form has to be filled out, in which, among other things, an invitation code is requested. As a client of Stellar Fund, one can choose between a medium-term and a long-term investment strategy.

The investment period is either 6 months or 12 months. The minimum investment is 500 euros.

  • With the medium-term strategy over 6 months, one could achieve a return of up to 0.4% per day. Over the period, this would correspond to a return of up to 72% in half a year.
  • The long-term strategy looks even better. Here, one could achieve a return of up to 0.6 % per day over 12 months. For the entire investment period, this would correspond to a return of up to 219 % in one year.

According to Stellar Fund, payments can be made using various methods. For example, bank transfers in euros or transactions via e-wallet (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) are available.

Online trading and associated risks

If you want to invest your money lucratively, you will hardly find attractive earnings prospects with classic products such as overnight money. In the search for more profitable alternatives, one comes across numerous brokers on the internet who advertise with lucrative promises of returns.

Anyone who wants to use the services offered by a trading provider should always find out about its reputation and standing. Digitalisation has led to the liberalisation of world trade and the expansion of services in the financial and investment sector.

When searching for high-yield alternatives, one comes across more and more offers from different trading platforms that often do not have their headquarters in Germany. This can lead to disputes, especially when difficulties arise when trying to make withdrawals.

In addition to the language barrier, there is often no dedicated contact person available. As a rule, online platforms focus on a number of products that are difficult to understand, including cryptocurrencies, contracts for difference or forex trading (foreign exchange trading).

However, these products are not necessarily recommended for everyone. All the while you can discuss the pros and cons of an investment in person at the bank, there is usually no special contact person available on the internet.

Failure to inquire about the possible pitfalls of an investment can lead to disappointment on the part of the investor.

Risk of loss with online trading

Have you had an unpleasant experience with online trading? If you have had to accept losses, you should first stop making additional deposits and find out the reasons from the provider. If they do not provide you with clear information, you can seek investor protection and contact a legal adviser.

The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH will check whether you can assert claims against the trading platform and, if desired, enforce them directly against the provider. If you would like to talk to one of our lawyers about Stellar Fund, you can access our contact section here.