SwissRoi – The investment service provider is, according to statements found on the website of the provider, a service provider for online trading, which provides its customers with different services. Accordingly, SwissRoi takes care of investments in digital currencies, forex, indices, shares and commodities.

If you have invested capital with the investment service provider SwissRoi and are now experiencing problems with repatriation, our lawyers can help you nationwide.

SwissRoi – safe online trading?

Currently, there is an extremely high number of online trading platforms such as SwissRoi. This means that investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is now. Especially because there are so many options, choosing a broker can be time-consuming and intimidating.

Especially if you want it to meet your personal investment needs. Are you considering investing money with SwissRoi? Then the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • Online investments make it more convenient and affordable for investors to enter the international stock markets.
  • Numerous order types can be used in the area of trading on the web.
  • A good address for investors who want to inquire about shares, futures, options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • Federally regulated online brokers, secure provider sites, costs and bonuses, product options and customer feedback are just some of the points you would need to consider when making your final choice.

The following tips are general tips for investors – regardless of the platform in which you invest capital.

Control and licensing of service providers like SwissRoi

Both the financial markets and investor protection benefit from rules of conduct and organisational responsibilities. Investment service providers and companies like SwissRoi must follow a set of standards of conduct. The same applies to their employees. This is intended to circumvent conflicts and related disadvantages for financial investors.

This includes the obligation of the company to inform its corporate clients about the most significant features of a bond transaction before it is concluded. This applies both to the respective investor and to the investment itself.

In line with this idea, further disclosures are indispensable for corporate clients who wish to engage in highly speculative or risky transactions. Companies such as SwissRoi have a duty of care towards their clients.

This goes significantly beyond making a product or service available. Does the service provider have a licence to distribute investment products? You should definitely check this. To do this, you can consult the broker check database of a financial authority and enter the brand name of the service provider in the search function.

Unwanted telephone calls by SwissRoi?

Have you ever received a telephone call from a stranger who has presented you with an offer? Do not answer under any circumstances. Unsolicited calls are illegal. “Cold calling” is clearly prohibited at investment service providers and similar companies such as SwissRoi.

There are also groups that pretend to work for trustworthy internet trading platforms. In this way, they want to persuade people to provide them with their sensitive information. Often, after your initial payment, you are instructed to deposit more assets.

Phone scammers are always coming up with new ways to deprive investors of their savings, cash and other valuables. A commonly known strategy of the criminals is to call the people they want to harm at inconvenient times of the day. This is, for example, very early at dawn or very late at night.

Times, in other words, when they are least concentrated. In addition, the offenders pretend at the beginning of the conversation that they and the person being called are known to each other. The other possibility is to pretend that the callers are customer-oriented.

By doing this, the perpetrators give the person they are talking to on the phone a feeling of goodwill and trust. Check whether you are really dealing with the company SwissRoi when they call you.

Protect yourself from financial losses through a pyramid scheme

A pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, is a type of fraud. In this, capital is pooled from new investors and subsequently used to pay out money to the original aggrieved persons. The masterminds of Ponzi schemes often claim that they will invest your money and make huge returns without risking your assets.

Notwithstanding this, in many Ponzi schemes the criminals do not actually invest the assets they receive. Rather, it is used to pay off people who previously paid in. In this way, the criminals can keep part of the capital for themselves. So pay attention to the risk-reward ratio with all investments – including SwissRoi.

Ponzi schemes require a steady inflow of new assets to keep running, as they have little or no real profits. Many of these structures fail when it becomes costly to attract fresh backers or when a substantial number of investors drop out.

In the event that you wish to invest capital with a company like SwissRoi, you should act with prudence without exception. Indicators you should look out for include:

  • Selling without licensing: Investment professionals and firms must be licensed or registered under federal and state securities regulations. Most Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed people or providers.
  • Risk-free profits with little or no volatility. Every investment carries some risk, and the riskier a deposit is, the more likely it is to produce a high return.
  • The distribution of returns does not work out? If you can’t receive any payments at all or find it difficult to cash out, you should be careful. Ponzi scheme operators may try to encourage participants to stick it out by guaranteeing even higher profits if they don’t withdraw money.
  • Investments that are not registered with financial regulators. In most cases, Ponzi schemes are unregistered investments that are not supervised by government authorities such as Bafin.
  • Overly predictable outcomes. Over time, investments tend to rise and fall. Any investment that consistently delivers high returns detached from market conditions should be viewed with a high degree of suspicion.
  • Is there a problem with the documentation? If there are errors on your account statement, it may be a signal that your assets are not being invested properly.
  • Tactics that are difficult to identify. Keep your assets out of the stock market if you don’t know enough about it.

Warning signs of investment fraud

You want to invest money with SwissRoi? Then you should find out all the essential details about the company. Investment fraud is a special form of fraud. The perpetrator promises or deceives a larger circle of people about a lucrative investment in the capital market.

Capital investment fraud is sanctioned by a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine according to § 264a StGB. The following services and measures may be considered as capital investment fraud:

  • Criminals use the brand name of the service provider SwissRoi and clone the company
  • Boiler Room Scam, a cold call seeking investors by phone call
  • Participations in shares, funds and certificates
  • Unsolicited telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling

Anyone who has fallen for investment fraudsters has often invested a lot of financial resources. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Recovering money: If payments have been made by credit card, this can be recovered in several cases by instructing a law firm. In the case of bank transfers from the current account, this can in many cases be recovered by bank order.
  2. Involve the police and supervisory authority through a lawyer: Police collection procedures exist against certain fraudulent companies in the Federal Republic of Germany and also in other countries. The police are authorised to have the accounts of the fraudsters blocked and the assets seized. In addition, the public prosecutor’s office is called in.
  3. Asserting claims for damages: Persons who were incorrectly advised can assert claims for damages against the investment advisor.
  4. Withdraw or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can withdraw or contest it in the case of investment fraud.

Keep an eye on other costs when trading online

Before investing with SwissRoi, find out how much of your investment amount is used to cover costs, fees and commissions. This is a good time to comprehensively check the information provided by the providers! Investors must be informed of all estimated costs and their effect on the margin of investment service providers.

Furthermore, remuneration must be presented individually. Provided that you request a detailed overview of all costs, the investment service providers are obliged to provide you with this information. For understandable reasons, a provider such as SwissRoi is usually interested in as many trading transactions as possible.

Most of the time, the fees are so exorbitant that it is difficult to make a profit. The fees can even eat up the invested capital in a very short time. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs! The trading fees of the online broker must be publicly available.

The transparency of the structure of the costs is also stipulated in the regulatory requirements and licensing. If there is a violation, the service provider’s licence can be revoked.

Would you like to get your capital back from SwissRoi? Our lawyers can help

Investors who have lost money with a company like SwissRoi, or who have problems getting their money paid out, should first of all stop additional payments. In this case, it is highly advisable to consult a lawyer and have him or her look into any options for compensating you for your money.

It is important:

  1. seek legal help
  2. act quickly
  3. do not bury your head in the sand

Would you like to discuss the SwissRoi company with us? In this case, our lawyers are ready to provide you with information. Feel free to contact us to discuss SwissRoi.