Thomas Markgraf – The company offers or offered supposedly risky products. The company’s website was no longer accessible at the time of writing (16 March 2020). Before that, it was probably accessible under the URL

Financial supervisory authorities and lawyers warn of possibly questionable investments with Thomas Markgraf without prior analysis. Affected clients, who were approached by employees of Thomas Markgraf without being asked, have contacted the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

Trades with Thomas Markgraf are therefore not recommended without a detailed analysis. This is because investors probably expose themselves to a large financial risk.

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Thomas Markgraf – Information

Our law firm has the following data on Thomas Markgraf:

Name of the company: Thomas Markgraf
Alleged headquarters: Gebersdorf 9, Bad Schallerbach, 4801, Austria and 1 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6EA, United Kingdom
Telephone number: 0044 (0)203 514 1576

Already on April 12, 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority published a warning message on the subject of Thomas Markgraf. The provider was not authorised and contacted consumers in the United Kingdom.

Also the Austrian Financial Supervisory Authority FMA issued a warning on 14 May 2019 in connection with Thomas Markgraf. The news said that the provider of Thomas Markgraf was not authorised to provide investment services requiring a licence in Austria.

Providing “commercial portfolio management services by managing portfolios for individual customers with a discretion in the form of power of attorney of the customer, provided that the customer portfolio contains one or more financial instruments ” was therefore not permitted to Thomas Markgraf.

Where the general Risks for Investors lie

In the current phase of low interest rates, it is becoming increasingly common for investors to be desperately looking for high-yield products. As a result, investors are often the victims of companies that promise them a supposed security and top yields. As a result, the number of cases of risky investments is constantly increasing.

One reads on the web presence of the respective broker of big terms of the financial world, which suggest experience. In addition, the company is concerned about the financial well-being of its investors, offers personal support and has access to an international investment network.

Upon closer examination of the homepage, it becomes very clear that it is a relatively impersonal appearance with standardized images from well-known image databases. One looks for concrete advisors or references without success. These are strong indications that should encourage investors to be prudent.

Investors should obtain detailed information about investment providers such as Thomas Markgraf before entrusting their money to third parties. Often you can find warnings from authorities and lawyers that show you the risks of certain investments.

Often dubious providers urge investors to conclude contracts immediately. In order to bait potential investors, some companies pay out handsome profits after a first contact with little effort. Have you made comparable experiences?

What Investors should consider

Guaranteeing high returns may indicate that your investment is not really intended to be managed reliably. In any case, it is a highly risky investment. The theoretical probability of realising high profits exists. Nevertheless, there is also an enormous risk of total loss of the investment.

In some cases, the immediate conclusion of the investment should be made palatable to you by certain advantages. Alleged preferential prices or obtaining tax advantages are a common argument. In this way, investors are deprived of the opportunity to reconsider their investment.

Also a comparison with other offers or even an investigation of the investment is to be prevented thereby. Investors are to be induced in such a way to deposit their money as directly as possible. Often the fraudsters have already reached their goal.

Trouble with Thomas Markgraf? What those affected can do

The lawyers of our law firm serve clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered heavy losses due to investments abroad.

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