Titan Pro 500 describes itself as a provider for CFD trading. One can trade on Titan Pro 500 with Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on currencies (Forex Trading), commodities, shares or indices. The English language website of the company can be found at https://titanpro500.com/.

There is a warning from the Belgian Financial Markets Authority regarding Titan Pro 500.

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Titan Pro 500 Trading

Anyone who deals with the subject of online trading will notice that there are numerous companies that address private investors with their products. To assess their quality, it is useful to draw on the experience of investors who have already invested there.

Online, there are many blogs or forums where opinions on online trading platforms such as Titan Pro 500 are published. For example, if you are looking for “Titan Pro 500 Experiences” or “Titan Pro 500 Reviews”, you will find many articles, mainly in English. The opinion about Titan Pro 500 is mixed.

The FSMA, Belgium’s Financial Markets Authority, issued a warning on April 2, 2020 in connection with Titan Pro 500, stating that there are a number of platforms that may be involved in investment fraud and that have attracted attention, for example, through ads in social media.

Company Headquarters and State Authorization of Titan Pro 500

It is true that the company’s own website is also used to convey a positive impression to interested parties. However, the interested investor will also find useful information on the company’s registered office and its regulatory status.

There is no legally binding imprint on the Titan Pro 500 website. In the footer you can read that Titan Pro 500 belongs to a company called BAR Auditing KFT, which also operates the website. The company is located in Budapest, Hungary. There are also branches in other countries.

On the homepage of Titan pro 500 there is a contact form and an e-mail address for written requests. In addition, one can contact Titan Pro 500 by telephone. A telephone number is provided for this purpose, starting with the country code for Great Britain.

In addition to a missing imprint, there are no references to the permission and supervision of a state financial supervisory authority such as the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) or the Cypriot CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). It is therefore not possible to answer beyond doubt whether the Titan Pro 500 company is licensed for economic activity in the European Economic Area.

Titan Pro 500 Web Presence

The Titan Pro 500’s own description states that the company is a provider of CFDs (Contracts for Difference) trading, which is growing rapidly and receiving top ratings. It offers its services to traders of all experience levels, with access to over 70 available assets.

The company is constantly developing new strategies and campaigns to attract new customers who want to make money with just a few clicks. The company strives to be a leader in the industry, with an emphasis on technology. Titan Pro 500 emphasizes three arguments on its homepage:

  • Professional support from financial advisors,
  • Trading signals through news feed to stay up to date,
  • Fast execution of orders for secure trading.

It supports over 80,000 traders, has opened over one million positions and moved a transaction volume of 2.5 billion. Titan Pro 500 describes the advantages of its offer by means of various features:

  • advanced features and tools to manage trades efficiently,
  • mobile trading,
  • attractive spreads,
  • order execution per click,
  • trading without fees,
  • leverage of up to 1:300.

The separate custody of customer funds provides security; according to the provider, almost 80% of trades are successful. As a customer one can profit from variable bonuses, moreover there are training offers and one gets access to industry information.

Registration and various Account Models on Titan Pro 500

Anyone who wants to use the offer and trade on the platform must first register. As soon as the customer account has been set up, one has to choose a live trading account. According to Titan Pro 500, there are five different account types to choose from:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Whether and in what amount there is a minimum deposit amount for the various accounts cannot be seen from the information in the account overview. Nor does this section of the website provide detailed information on the methods available for deposits and withdrawals on Titan Pro 500.

Technology offered by Titan Pro 500

Whoever wants to trade online needs trading software, which is usually provided by the trading platform. This can be a technology developed by the trader himself, but also a program from third parties. The Titan Pro 500 Login enables customers to access the Metatrader 4, according to own statements the most popular platform for trading.

Understanding and reducing Risks in Online Trading

Those who want to invest their capital profitably will find that conventional products (fixed-term deposits or overnight money) offer hardly any attractive earnings prospects. In the search for higher-margin alternatives, you will find a number of brokers on the Internet who tempt you with lucrative yield promises.

Globalization has clearly visible effects on the financial industry. International markets are easily accessible, and digitalization also makes them easier to access. As a result, more and more brokers – including those from abroad – are pushing into the market to attract private investors to their offers.

Even if platforms from abroad lure with supposedly lucrative return opportunities, one should be careful. Because if problems should arise, it is considerably more strenuous – unlike at your bank – to discuss the case in a personal dialogue.

With topics such as Crypto Currencys, Forex Trading or CFD Trading, you should seek detailed advice if you intend to invest in them. With online brokers, however, neither advice nor a special contact person is the norm.

As a result, private investors may get the wrong results when evaluating the risks. As a result, the risk of making a bad investment and having to write off the money you have paid in increases.

Reacting to Losses

Have you had any bad experiences with online trading? If you have suffered losses, you should first refrain from making additional payments and ask the provider for the reasons.

The law firm Herfurtner will check the process and determine which claims, if any, can be made against the online trading platform. The lawyers will represent your interests and contact the provider directly, regardless of whether the provider has its registered office nearby or abroad.

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