Torello Capital allows private investors to participate in the best Tech-IPOs. The online presence of the provider can be viewed in English at the URL The CSSF, the financial centre supervisory authority of Luxembourg, has issued a warning on Torello Capital in 2019.

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Torello Capital and Torello Capital sarl

Anyone who has the idea of investing their money with a company for investment advice should find out about the provider in advance. In this context, it is helpful to be able to draw on Torello Capital experience reports.

If you search for Torello Capital in a search engine, many hits will be displayed. Most of the time, these hits lead to blogs or forums where previous experiences are discussed or where you can find Torello Capital feedback. The comments on this company are not entirely benevolent. Among other things, they ask about a  Torello Capital Luxembourg assessment.

Basically, it is difficult to weigh up the truth of the published experiences with Torello Capital. This is because the texts that can be found on the Internet are not always written from an objective point of view.

Information for investors is available from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, the financial centre supervisory authority for Luxembourg.

In the warning concerning Torello Capital, the Authority indicates that a company under the URL claims to be established at 2 boulevard de la Foire, L-1528 Luxembourg and to offer investment services as Torello Capital S.à.r.l.

However, this company, which claims to be Torello Capital S.à.r.l., is not regulated by the CSSF. It is therefore not authorised to offer investment or financial services in or from Luxembourg. The Authority also points out that there is no link whatsoever between this company and an actually registered Torello Capital S.à.r.l.

Place of Business, State Authorization

The own website is the important contact point for building bridges between an investment platform and its investors. Information on the location of the company’s headquarters and the status of regulation is particularly useful.

On the Torello Capital website there is an imprint which provides the following information:

Name: Torello Capital SarL
Address: 2 Boulevard de la Foire, 1528 Luxembourg City
Phone number: 00352 20 88 28 53

In the contact section of the website you can read that there is also another branch office in Singapore.

There are no references on the website to the authorization and supervision of a governmental European supervisory authority, for example the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) or the Cypriot CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

It is therefore not possible to answer unequivocally whether the provider is licensed for an economic activity in the European Economic Area.

Torello Capital Website

On the homepage of its own website, Torello Capital claims to have concluded more than 700 investments. Accordingly, this has led to a market capitalisation of over 140 billion US dollars. In addition, more than 50 companies have been served.

As an investor, Torello Capital can invest in companies even before they go public. In this way, the potential for a higher return on investment is assured. To improve the valuation of companies, the company focuses on the growth potential of the companies.

Torello Capital cooperates with partners from various sectors. These include start-up companies, private and institutional investors and hedge funds. Among the committed investors are various well-known venture capitalists.

Registration and minimum investment

Anyone wishing to use and invest in the offer would first have to register. The registration process has five stages and follows the following scheme:

  1. First the interested party registers and then the supplier verifies the data.
  2. Then the customer can examine the different offers.
  3. Then one should express his interest.
  4. In the next step, the company agreed to the deal.
  5. Finally one sees the own shares in the platform of the offerer.

According to the information in the FAQ section of the website (“Frequently Asked Questions”), the minimum investment is 5,000 euros. There are no fees for investments. Up to 5% of the income from an investment would be subject to fees.

Thoroughly weighing up investments

The liberalisation of world trade has visible consequences for the financial sector. Global markets are easily accessible, and on top of that, digitisation makes access easier. As a result, more and more companies – including those from abroad – are pushing into the market to win customers for their services.

In the search for profitable options, one increasingly encounters offers from various trading platforms, which are situated abroad. This can lead to difficulties, especially if problems arise when trying to make payouts. Apart from the possible language barrier, there is often no dedicated contact person available.

Most of the time, this involves complex products such as crypto currencies, CFDs (Contracts for Difference) or Forex Trading. These are characterised by a pronounced volatility and high risks, which means that they are not suitable for every type of investor.

This makes it all the more important to carefully weigh up the risks before investing your money. Without fundamental and detailed advice, there is a growing danger of risks not being identified or incorrectly assessed, which can have unpleasant consequences for the investor. Not only that in many cases the goals set are not achieved; often the assets paid in are lost.

Online trading with financial losses?

If you have lost money in online trading, you should above all avoid additional payments. Furthermore, one should talk to the provider and clarify what triggers there were for the loss and what options are available for reimbursement.

Should you not receive comprehensible information, you can seek investor protection and contact a lawyer. At the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH we will check whether you can assert claims against the trading platform and, if you wish, will enforce them directly with the provider.

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