Trade Markets – On its homepage the broker claims to be a financial service provider active in the field of stock trading. Trade Markets also offers professional analysis tools for this purpose.

If you have invested with Trade Markets and there are problems with the distribution, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are available to help you in word and deed.

Trade Markets experiences: How is the broker to be rated?

Currently, there is an enormous number of online trading platforms such as Trade Markets. Thus, it has never been as easy but also as uncertain as now to invest in the unpredictable financial markets. Especially because there are so many options, choosing a broker can be time-consuming and daunting.

Especially if it is supposed to correspond to your personal investment wishes. Have you already invested with Trade Markets? Then the following aspects are important for you as an investor.

  • When trading online, you can use a variety of order types.
  • Regulated online brokers, reputable provider websites, costs and commissions, product options and key data are only selected criteria that you should include in your final choice.
  • Access to the international stock markets is becoming more convenient and lucrative for money investors through online investing.
  • A very good place to start for investors who want to learn about stocks, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.

The following is basic advice for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

Are investment websites like Trade Markets credible?

Investors have a wide variety of investment options at their disposal, with trustworthy and questionable financial service providers vying for their attention. There are many signs that a service or even a product is not safe, and it is significant to keep an eye out.

Here’s what to look out for in the event you invest your hard-earned capital. Banking, financial services and insurance companies such as Trade Markets are only allowed to operate in the Federal Republic of Germany with government authorisation.

The providers have received authorisation, but this does not mean that the products sold are of excellent quality. Provided that a prospectus or information sheet approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has been published in advance, derivatives and financial investments can also be made available to the general public.

The prospectus or information sheet for the advertised product may be justified, but this does not mean that this is guaranteed. BaFin simply ensures that prospectuses are complete, understandable and coherent. The Trade Markets prospectus or information sheet is by no means necessary in every circumstance.

Before investing money, you should think about your long-term goals and consider whether you have the monetary means to achieve them. Do not rush the process. Before putting your capital into an investment, take time to look at the pros and cons. Do not make a decision on the spot, even if you have consulted with others.

Investing on trial

Does Trade Markets tempt you to try out investing with a small amount? Can’t find any details about the provider because it is supposedly a new company with highly interesting business ideas? There is a good chance that the “insider” tip is a scam.

After a short time, the service provider will tell you that your investment was a great success and ask you to increase your investment. The success of your trial investment may make you want to make more investments. Here are some examples of dubious investment tips:

  • “Would you like to turn €1000 into €250,00.00?”
  • “Earn €3500.00 a calendar month with the automatic stock profit method!”
  • “5-star stock with a profit share of 47.88 percent”
  • “With just 5 minutes of your life you can become a billionaire”

Anyone who guarantees too much, and that too unsolicited, is in the rarest cases serious! Nevertheless, also check which offers and promises are presented to you by the online broker Trade Markets.

What is the Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a type of fraud. It involves collecting money from new investors and then using it to pay out capital to the former victims. It is not uncommon for the masterminds of Ponzi schemes to stress that they will invest your assets and reap substantial profits without risking your money.

Nevertheless, in many Ponzi schemes, the swindlers do not actually invest the money they receive. Rather, it is applied to compensate people who paid in earlier. In this way, the perpetrators can keep some of the wealth for themselves. So pay attention to the risk-reward ratio in all investments – also in Trade Markets.

Ponzi schemes need a constant inflow of new capital to keep running, as they have low or no real income. Many of these schemes fail when it becomes arduous to attract new money investors or when a significant number of investors drop out.

When investing with a broker like Trade Markets, you should always trade with caution. Among the clues you should look out for are:

  • The distribution of profits does not work? If you are not receiving any payments or are finding it difficult to get distributed, you should be on your guard. Ponzi scheme operators may try to persuade participants to stay with the promise of even bigger profits if they don’t withdraw money.
  • Overly predictable outcomes. Over time, investments tend to rise and fall. Any investment that provides good returns on an ongoing basis, detached from market conditions, should be evaluated with a high degree of suspicion.
  • Investments that are not reported to financial regulators. In the most common cases, Ponzi schemes are unregistered investments that are not controlled by official authorities such as Bafin.
  • Is there a problem with the documentation? If there are errors on your account statement, this may indicate that your money is not being invested properly.
  • Selling without licensing: Investment professionals and firms must be licensed or registered in accordance with federal and state securities regulations. Most Ponzi schemes involve unlicensed people or providers.
  • Strategies that are difficult to identify. Keep your capital out of the stock market unless you know enough about it.

Investment fraud: These are the clues

Do you want to invest with Trade Markets? In this case, you should find out all relevant information about the company. Investment fraud is a special form of fraud. The criminal guarantees or pretends a profitable investment in the capital market to a large circle of people.

Capital investment fraud is punishable by a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine, in accordance with § 264a StGB. The following products and tactics can sometimes be considered as capital investment fraud:

  • Unsolicited telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling
  • Shareholdings in companies
  • Boiler room scam, a cold call in which investors are sought by telephone call
  • Shareholdings in shares, funds and certificates

Those who have fallen for investment fraudsters have very often invested a lot of money. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Claiming damages: People who have been misinformed can claim damages from the investment advisor.
  2. Recovering assets from Trade Markets: If payments have been made by credit card, this can be recovered in various cases by using the services of a law firm. In the case of transfers from current accounts, this can often be recovered by bank order.
  3. Withdraw or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can withdraw or contest the same in the case of investment fraud.
  4. Involve the police and the financial supervisory authority through a lawyer: There are police collection procedures against specific fraudulent companies in Germany and also abroad. The police are entitled to have the accounts of the fraudsters blocked and the assets seized. In addition, the public prosecutor’s office is called in.

Recovery Scam? Beware of unsolicited offers after you have invested capital

Anyone who has ever lost capital to a fraudulent investment platform knows how fatal that can be. That alone is bad enough. But in addition, the rip-off artists behind the bogus entity contact you within a short time by email or phone call.

This time, however, they do not pretend to be investment advisors from Trade Markets. Instead, they promise to help you recover your lost assets in exchange for an upfront payment. Many rip-off artists even seem to have been hired or instructed by reputable institutions such as a financial regulator.

After stealing your personal information, the perpetrators often pose as good Samaritans. They guarantee to help you recover the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a provider like Trade Markets, your contact information may be stolen.

Anyone who has lost a substantial amount of money is predominantly distressed. The criminals take advantage of people’s concern by calling themselves “recovery companies”. They offer their services under the pretext of helping them get their capital back. That is, they guarantee in a dubious manner that they will get back the money they have lost.

Repaying investments with Trade Markets: Increase your prospects

Have you invested money with Trade Markets, or a similar provider? Now you notice conflicts with the repayment? Then it is advisable to stop additional payments right away. This is especially true if the trader advises you to make additional payments to make up for deficits.

In addition, you should try to recover the lost capital. In this regard, injured parties can seek investor protection and turn to the lawyers of our law firm. Our law firm examines civil law as well as criminal law options and possible claims for damages against the service provider and against involved payment service providers such as banks.

“A private investor who loses money in the course of online trading is by no means an isolated case. Many private investors are blinded by the professional appearance of the service providers and do not realise soon enough that they are not responsible for their loss.”

Our recommendation is therefore not to resign, but to react promptly and with commitment. Because the chance of recovering the lost capital is often greater than the aggrieved investors suspect. Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about trade markets? Then you can go directly to our contact form here.