TradeMarkets – The website promotes itself as a financial services provider. On its website, smart investments in cryptocurrencies, CFDs, indices, EU and US stocks, metals and energies are possible.

The inconsistent spelling of the provider’s name on its website is striking. At one point you read TradeMarkets and at another the online trading platform Trade Markets.

You encounter problems with the distribution of your investment? Our lawyers can help you with claims against TradeMarkets.

TradeMarkets – Experiences

Currently, there is an extraordinarily high number of online trading platforms such as TradeMarkets. This means that investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is now.

Especially because there are countless options, choosing an online platform can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially if you want one that meets your investment needs. Have you already invested with TradeMarkets? If so, the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • In the area of trading on the web, you can use numerous order types.
  • State-regulated brokers on the internet, secure internet sites, costs and commissions, offer options and customer reviews are only exemplary considerations that you should take into account when making your final choice.
  • Entering the global financial markets is becoming more practical and lucrative for money investors through online investing.
  • An ideal place for money investors to inquire about share certificates, futures, options and cryptocurrencies is a web presence like this one.

The following statements are basic recommendations for investors – regardless of the platform in which you invest capital.

TradeMarkets – recognising reputable brokers

Investors have a wide range of investment opportunities to choose from, with trustworthy and questionable service providers competing for their favour. There are many clues that a service or offering does not inspire confidence, and it is crucial to keep an eye out.

At this point, you will find out what you need to take into consideration in the event that you invest your hard-earned money. Banking, financial services and insurance companies like TradeMarkets are permitted to operate in the Federal Republic of Germany solely with government authorisation.

The providers have obtained a licence, but this in no way means that the products offered are of excellent quality. Assuming that a prospectus or information sheet approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has been published in advance, trading securities and investments may likewise be made available to the general public.

BaFin only ensures that prospectuses are complete, comprehensible and coherent. The TradeMarkets prospectus or information sheet is by no means required in every case. Before investing capital, it is advisable to think about your sustainable expectations and check whether you have the actual means to achieve them.

Do not rush the process. Before putting your assets into a deposit, take time to review the pros and cons. Do not make a choice promptly, even if you have consulted with others.

Investing capital with TradeMarkets? Do not make hasty decisions

Do you feel the pressure of a tight deadline? Is the service provider tempting you with a special offer, but you are under pressure to make a choice promptly? This is certainly not a good idea, because it is usually a feint. Do not rush into anything! You can not only get serious offers now, but also invest with TradeMarkets in the future.

To get to their goal, swindlers know in depth what they have to do. They try hard to get as much information as possible about their target through cleverly prepared questions. Furthermore, they ask about the circumstances of the interlocutor, e.g. whether he or she is home alone or whether he or she keeps cash at home.

They also play a game of “wait and see” to tire out the person. They may keep their counterpart on the phone for a very long time until he or she agrees to go to the financial institution and hand over money and additional valuables to the criminals. In one such scam, time pressure is imposed on the injured party.

With this very strategy, the injured party is encouraged to disregard his own caution. Current support scams use the same method.

Since the PC of the person contacted is allegedly infected by an extremely serious computer virus, the callers, presumably acting on behalf of Microsoft or a company such as TradeMarkets, demand urgent payment for a maintenance contract in English with an Indian accent.

The swindlers increase the pressure by threatening the targeted persons to make them pay if their PC is infected and transmits the infections.

Unauthorised orders? Reputable online brokers never trade without your consent

Placing orders for securities transactions without the account holder’s consent can sometimes cause the price of particular stocks to jump. This applies in particular to open market transactions in illiquid foreign securities (over-the-counter market).

You should therefore remain sceptical if you are asked to disclose sensitive data about the investment with TradeMarkets without your consent, citing apparently lucrative transactions or profit announcements. At no time should you provide your IBAN, Business Identifier Code and other bank sort codes to a third party who is not known to you.

Similarly, you should not disclose your account or custody account numbers or passwords. Do not hand over any TradeMarkets custody account documents or securities statements to anyone you do not know. Callers posing as investment advisers, online brokers or employees of a financial authority are also unpredictable.

Deal with the risks involved in cybertrading

Conventional investment fraud is implemented using well-known methods such as advertising, telephone canvassing or stock market letters. When it comes to conducting fraud, the outdated method is fast becoming obsolete in the digital age.

The new type of financial fraud could be described with the term “cybertrading”. Investment products are traded fraudulently via the World Wide Web.

Dishonest financial investments include investment products such as contracts for difference and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Co. Even the services of TradeMarkets have been applied by other service providers in a similar way to lure capital investors into the trap.

Capital investors increasingly inform themselves about investment opportunities on the internet. Thus, people rely on their personal know-how or on the advice of others in weblogs, forums and other online portals when making their decision.

The transition to ever new financial instruments has no lasting effect on criminal activities in terms of organisational structure. Since the criminal groups rely on infrastructures that are already in place and widely accepted, there is no need to switch to a new “business model”.

Regardless of which financial instrument is traded, the process of cyber trading is largely congruent. These investment products are aggressively advertised on social media platforms or with paid advertisements.

The aim is almost exclusively to illustrate enormously high returns. Determine the probability of earning high profits with TradeMarkets before investing money.

Exit alternatives: Clear pricing transparency is a hallmark of reliable service providers

Clarify when and how much money is paid out. At best, avoid long-term contracts that cannot be cancelled early or where you would experience immense economic losses. Conclude long-term contracts without the possibility of early termination exclusively with providers such as TradeMarkets, whose reliability you have no doubts about.

Even if you have the option to waive or terminate a contract at any time over an appropriate period of time, you should be critical. Even if these points are met, you are still vulnerable to financial loss. Make sure you know in detail how much capital you will recover if the investment goes wrong.

The following rule applies to securities transactions: Before the end of the term, find out what options are available to you to get rid of a security. It is usually crucial to find out whether there is a liquid market for services such as those offered by TradeMarkets.

It is possible to sell share certificates through an online broker or a financial institution. All 3 options are legitimate for placing a sell order. The actual selling process is then carried out via a stock exchange (e.g. Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Tradegate or Xetra) (e.g. for penny stocks).

Order supplements can be used to direct the execution of the order from the outset. The sale of the securities takes place at a time and place defined by you.

Getting your money back from TradeMarkets: the right way to act

In the event that you have already executed investments with TradeMarkets and now wish to reclaim them, there are different procedures.

  1. If payments have been made abroad, the foreign supervisory authorities and financial institutions should also be informed. They will then usually initiate their own investigations. This also has the aim of securing funds in the accounts and then transferring them back to our clients.
  2. If there is a suspicion that the accounts into which our clients have paid are part of a money laundering scheme, it is possible to have these accounts blocked. Payments to these bank accounts can then be reclaimed from the receiving bank.
  3. If a check by our lawyers would show that the service provider has probably acted unfairly, we file a complaint with the responsible criminal authorities on behalf of our client. The Herfurtner law firm is in constant dialogue with public prosecutors who direct nationwide investigations. Often there are many hundreds or even thousands of aggrieved investors in these proceedings. The investigations repeatedly extend to countries outside Germany’s borders. In recent years, the public prosecutor’s offices have repeatedly achieved significant successes in their investigations.
  4. In the event that no solution can be found with the provider, a complaint can be filed with the competent tax authority. This authority will review the case and may order the investment service provider to pay a refund. Our client then receives this amount back from the service provider. Complaints bodies can be, for example, financial supervisory authorities or financial ombudsmen.