Tradinstone describes itself as an online platform for financial trading. One can trade on Tradinstone with Contracts for Difference (CFDs) and currencies (Forex Trading). The online presence of the company can be found in English at the URL

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What is Tradinstone?

If you are toying with the idea of investing your capital on an online trading platform, you should get an idea of the provider in advance. In this context, it is helpful if you can draw on Tradinstone experience reports.

There are a large number of forums or blogs online in which opinions on trading platforms such as Tradinstone are published. For example, if you search for “Tradinstone Experiences” or “Tradinstone Reviews”, you will find numerous contributions, mostly in English. The opinion about Tradinstone is inhomogeneous.

It is generally difficult to judge the validity of published experiences with Tradinstone. This is because the reports that are found online are not always written from a neutral perspective.

Tradinstone Place of Business and Authorization

The own web presence is the important contact point for building a bridge between a trading platform and its investors. In this context, information on the company’s registered office and the status of regulation is of primary importance.

There is no imprint on the Tradinstone website. There is only a form in the contact area, in the footer you will find an e-mail address and the telephone number 44-xxx-xxxxxx+. The address of the company headquarters is not available on the website.

In the general terms and conditions Tradinstone points out that one is judged according to the law valid on the Marshall Islands and that only courts of the Marshall Islands are responsible.

Whether the provider of Tradinstone is approved and monitored by a state financial supervisory authority in Europe cannot be proven. Because there is no evidence of authorisation by, for example, the German BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) or the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Therefore, it cannot be assumed beyond doubt that the company Tradinstone has the necessary authorisations for business operations in the EU.

Tradinstone Website

On its own website, Tradinstone invites users to invest on the investment platform that would be most trusted. Tradinstone allows users to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on five different asset classes. These include:

In the further course of the homepage it is mentioned that Tradinstone employs over 90 employees, is active in four company areas, looks after more than 220,000 customers and was able to successfully arrange over 150,000 trades. The Tradinstone company was formed in 2010 by the hands of the most powerful experts in Forex Trading.

Technology provided

Anyone who wants to trade on the Web needs trading software, which is usually provided by the trading platform. This can be a self-developed technology, but also a program from third party providers. At Tradinstone one can use Metatrader 4, a web trading platform as well as a mobile platform for smartphones. The different programs are suitable for traders of any kind.

Tradinstone Registration and various account models

Anyone wishing to take advantage of Tradinstone‘s offer and trade on the online platform must first register. This is done by entering personal information in an appropriate form and submitting the data to Tradinstone. Afterwards, one should wait for the verification by the provider. Finally, one can enter the markets and maximise one’s own potential.

After the customer account has been created, one has to choose a live trading account. According to Tradinstone, four different account types are available:

  • Silver account: Minimum deposit of 2,500 US dollars
  • Gold account: Minimum deposit of 10,000 US dollars
  • Platinum account: Minimum deposit of 50,000 US dollars
  • Diamond account: Minimum deposit of 100,000 US dollars

The methods applicable to deposits and withdrawals on Tradinstone are not detailed in this section of the website.

Attention in online trading

Anyone who is enthusiastic about online trading should note that this type of investment differs in many points from the conventional way via a financial institution or investment advisor.

Before using the services of a trading provider, you should always make yourself familiar with their image and reputation. As a result of digitalization, the liberalization of world trade has also taken hold in the financial and investment sector. It thus has expanded the range of services offered.

An engagement with a company outside the national borders can develop unfavourably if there are challenges in the investment area. This is due on the one hand to possible language barriers and on the other hand to the distance, which makes direct contact more difficult.

With topics such as Crypto Currencys, Forex Trading or CFD Trading, you should seek detailed advice if you are considering investing in these. With online brokers, however, neither advice nor a personal contact is the norm. Accordingly, it is conceivable that the personal risk profile may be overlooked when selecting the products offered.

As a result, investors may get the wrong results when they want to assess the risks. As a result, there is a growing danger that a bad investment will be made and that the money invested will have to be written off.

React immediately to losses

Have you had any negative experiences with online trading? If you have suffered losses, you should leave further deposits for now and ask the provider for the reasons.

If you do not receive plausible information, you can seek investor protection and contact a legal advisor. At the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH you can check whether you can make claims against the trading platform and, if you wish, enforce them directly with the provider.

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Status of text creation: 11.3.2020