UKAesthetics – On its website, the broker claims to be a service provider in the field of finance, which is active in the field of Forex. Accordingly, investors can achieve high profits.

If you have invested with UKAesthetics and there are problems with the payout, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are available to help you in word and deed.

At the same time, the British Columbia Securities Commission has made the provider the subject of one of its warnings. According to this, the operator of the trading platform might lack the permission to offer financial services.

UKAesthetics – Reviews

Currently, there is an extremely high number of online trading platforms such as UKAesthetics. As a result, investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is today.

Especially because there are so many options, choosing a provider can be time-consuming and challenging. Especially if it is to meet your individual investment needs.

Have you already invested with UKAesthetics? If so, the following points are important for you as an investor.

  • Licensed online brokers, reputable portals, fees and commissions, product options and feedback from clients are just some of the factors you would need to consider when making your irrevocable choice.
  • Access to the global stock markets is made easier and more affordable for money investors through online investing.
  • When it comes to trading on the internet, you can use numerous types of orders.

The following information is general advice for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

How risky is trading with investment providers like UKAesthetics?

Just as the stock exchange and other financial markets are exposed to certain risks, so is online trading.

As an investor, you should therefore check UKAesthetics with regard to the following aspects:

  • The risks of online security
  • Dangers arising from unclean or unqualified trading
  • Too little knowledge about the product
  • Service providers that are dubious

Reduce risk by looking for a proven track record when choosing a financial services provider. In this context, it is also important that you are assured of reliable money management. Only in this way can you move comfortably in the online trading world.

Capital investors who have a deft hand can definitely benefit and their earnings may be above average.

Assuming they have the appropriate approach. One thing should be clear to anyone starting to trade: the risk of losing more investments than have been deposited into the provider’s UKAesthetics bank account when trading on the stock exchange always exists.

Do investors also feel pressured by UKAesthetics in terms of time?

Do you feel the pressure of a tight deadline? The financial service provider lures you with a special offer, but you are under pressure to make a choice immediately?

This is certainly not an ideal idea, because it is usually a feint. Don’t be in a hurry! Not only can you receive serious offers now, but you can also invest capital with UKAesthetics in the future.

To get to their target, criminals know exactly what to do. They make an effort to get as much information as possible about their target by asking advantageously crafted questions. In addition, they ask about the condition of the interlocutor, e.g. whether he or she is home alone or whether he or she has cash at home.

In addition, they play a game of “wait and see” to tire out the person. They can keep their counterpart on the phone for a very long time until he or she agrees to go to the credit institution and hand over money and other valuables to the fraudsters.

In one of these scams, time pressure is imposed on the injured party. With such a method, the injured party is encouraged to override his own caution.

Current support scams use the same formula. Since the PC of the person contacted is allegedly infected by a very serious computer virus, the callers, who are presumably acting on behalf of Microsoft or such a service provider as UKAesthetics, demand urgent payment of a maintenance contract in English with an Indian accent.

The criminals increase the pressure by threatening to make the targeted persons pay if their computer is infected and transmits the infections.

Protect yourself from financial loss through pyramid schemes

A pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme, is a type of fraud. In which capital is collected from new investors and then used to pay out capital to the original victimised individuals.

The masterminds of Ponzi schemes usually assure you that they would invest your money and reap big profits without putting your money at risk. Nevertheless, in many Ponzi schemes, the swindlers do not actually invest the assets they receive.

Rather, it is used to pay off people who have previously paid in. This allows the perpetrators to keep some of the funds for themselves. So pay attention to the risk-reward ratio in all investments – including UKAesthetics.

Ponzi schemes require a steady inflow of new money to keep running, as they have little or no real profit. Many of these structures fail when it becomes costly to attract new backers or when a significant number of investors drop out.

In the event that you wish to invest with a service provider such as UKAesthetics, you should invariably act with caution.

Signs you should look out for include:

  • Strategies that are very difficult to identify Keep your assets out of the stock market if you do not know enough about it.
  • Risk-free profits with little or no volatility. Every investment carries a certain amount of risk, and the riskier an investment is, the more likely it is to yield a high return.
  • Is there a problem with the documentation? If there are errors on your bank statement, this may be an indicator that your capital is not being invested properly.
  • Investments that are not registered with financial regulators. In most cases, Ponzi schemes are unregistered investments that are not supervised by government authorities such as Bafin.

Online broker doesn’t pay out – here’s what you can do

Investors are repeatedly wooed by an “online broker” or a call centre employee the moment they have registered on the alleged online trading platform. The aim is to persuade the investor to increase his long-term investments in order to maximise his profit. This is also an initially legal goal of the financial service provider UKAesthetics.

Immediately after the customer has transferred his capital, preliminary profit developments are presumably shown on his account. This should motivate the investor to invest steadily in the financial product.

The operators of the trading platform, on the other hand, can use fraud software to fake account changes and profits, even without the buyer being aware of this.

Make sure that accounts can be verified equally with UKAesthetics.

In reality, no trading takes place on many online trading platforms per se. Rather, the deposited capital is transferred by the fraudsters to accounts outside Germany’s borders. This is not recognised by the investors at first.

The “financial service providers” delay the payment of the stated profits by demanding that investors pay what appear to be taxes and processing costs. These scams only serve the purpose of increasing profits.

At some point, communication breaks down completely. The money transferred is used up. From this point on, the only option is to go to a lawyer in order to take the necessary measures.

Duty to inform about commissions and costs

Before investing with UKAesthetics, find out how much of your investment amount will be used to cover costs such as fees and commissions. This is a good time to take a thorough look at the info provided by service providers!

Investors must be made aware of all fees charged and their impact on the margin of investment service providers. In addition, remuneration must be listed separately.

As soon as you request a detailed overview of all fees, the providers are obliged to give you this information.

An online broker like UKAesthetics is normally interested in as many transactions as possible for understandable reasons. In quite a few cases, the fees are so enormous that it is difficult to make a profit. The costs can even devour the invested assets in a very short time.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the costs! The broker’s commission fees must be publicly available. The clarity of the structure of the costs is also specified in the legal rules and regulations.

If there is a breach, the service provider’s regulatory licence can be withdrawn.

Refund denied by UKAesthetics? Consult a lawyer immediately

In the event that you have already made investments with UKAesthetics and now want to reclaim them, there are a variety of approaches.

  1. Often, a solution can be agreed directly with the service provider. In many cases, our lawyers can reach out-of-court settlements with the service providers. Our clients then get their entire deposit or a share of it back.
  2. In the case of transfers to accounts abroad, the foreign supervisory authorities and financial institutions should be informed. As a result, they often initiate their own investigations. This, too, is aimed at securing funds in the bank accounts and then repaying them to our clients.
  3. If there is a suspicion that the bank accounts into which our clients have paid are part of a money laundering scheme, it is possible to have these accounts blocked. Deposits into these bank accounts can then be reclaimed from the receiving bank.
  4. As soon as no solution is possible with the provider, a complaint can be filed with the competent financial authority. This authority checks the facts and can order the financial service provider to pay compensation. Our client will then be reimbursed the amount of money by the service provider. Contact points for complaints can be, for example, financial supervisory authorities or financial ombudsmen.
  5. If the operators were to be arrested, claims by the investors who have suffered losses can be asserted in court proceedings. For this purpose, we take our clients through the so-called adhesion procedure. In this way, we can obtain court titles for our clients against the operators of the platform. In many cases, these can then be directly enforced against the seized assets of the fraudsters.
  6. If an analysis by our lawyers would strengthen the suspicion that the provider may have acted dubiously, we file criminal charges for our clients with the responsible law enforcement authorities. Our law firm is in constant contact with public prosecutors who conduct investigations throughout Germany. In most cases, there are many hundreds or even thousands of aggrieved investors in these criminal proceedings. The investigations recurrently extend to other countries as well. In the past, the public prosecutor’s offices have repeatedly achieved significant successes in their investigations.