Unique Finance is an investment and financial management company that seeks to leverage a global brokerage network.

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Unique Finance Experience

Unique Finance intends to generate its revenues from the spreads of the trading platform. In addition, the company charges overnight premiums and generates profits from customers’ trading positions.

On its website https://unique.finance/, the company describes major global financial centres such as the New York Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. However, without indicating whether the company is also active on these exchanges.

In addition, the company talks about developing creative solutions and implementing them. One must be vigilant and act quickly and decisively.

This is how you want to create a competitive advantage for yourself and your customers, according to the provider. Further information on the company’s services may only be available after registration or login.

The Offer of the Unique Finance Company

The company’s services may include

  • Financial Management
  • Trading
  • Financial Analysis
  • Brokerage via a network

On its website, Unique Finance advertises for shares of Wikisoft Corp., which can be purchased until 15 September at a price of USD 1.85 per share. The company has launched a “Wikipedia for Business” and will offer online cooperation projects.

In addition, the provider refers on its website to selected shares of large international corporations such as Alphabet (Google) or Microsoft. At the moment, however, it is not possible to call up further information on this.

Interested parties should also learn how to trade stocks by means of various podcasts in English. This training program is called Stocktrading University.

It deals with topics such as “What is a share?” or “The three most popular types of trading”. Furthermore, Unique Finance shows a course calendar for further training courses offered by the London Stock Exchange Group or the London School of Economics.

Warnings from Switzerland

The Unique Finance website can currently only be accessed in English.

“The decision to invest is of great importance,” says lawyer Wolfgang Herfurtner. “It is therefore particularly important to fully understand the offer of a financial service provider.”

In Switzerland there is already a reference to Unique Finance: the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has the company on a warning list. You can find out more about this here:

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