USI Tech is or was an online platform by Joao Severino and Ralf Gold for the automated trading of Bitcoin.

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USI Tech Experience

USI Tech stands for United Software Intelligence Technology. The company claimed to be the first automated platform for crypto trading worldwide. The offer included the distribution of Bitcoin packages to traders and Crypto Miner.

As a minimum, USI Tech provided for the purchase of a Bitcoin package worth approximately 50 euros. The provider promised a higher return the more packages a customer bought. It should be possible to earn around one percent per day, and if a 140-day package was purchased, this would be a 140 percent return – an enormously high yield not only in times of low interest rates.

But even 150 percent return on investment should be possible, according to the operator. These unlikely return promises alone indicated that USI Tech might not have been serious offers.

In addition, USI Tech works according to the principle of network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing or structure sales. This form of distribution is based on traders recruiting other traders to participate, in order to participate in their recruitment success.

Experts therefore regard network marketing as a form of the pyramid system, or Ponzi scheme. With such a pyramid system, only those members who have initiated it or who joined it at a very early stage benefit. Those who join later have practically no chance of generating worthwhile income.

USI Tech Login: Website is offline

According to our information the website of USI Tech is currently (2019) inactive, neither a German nor an international presence can be found. Who is or was responsible for the company and where it is based can therefore not be conclusively verified.

However, information can be found on the Internet which speaks of Joao Severino and Ralf Gold as the founders of the offer. Among other things, it is stated that USI Tech was not allowed to be active in Portugal from the outset.

The reason for this could have been the participation in other companies that came under criticism. These include

  • AMC Invest
  • AdsProfitReward
  • MX Fast Money
  • World Consumer Alliance
  • HourlyRevShare
  • AdsProfitWiz
  • APR Clicks
  • Upper Game

Some of these companies or providers are still active on the Internet.

Even during the active phase, USI Tech did not seem to offer interested parties much meaningful information, neither about the owners nor about the offer.

For example, the company is said to have indicated that it is based in Dubai. The registration, however, originated from Ras al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. The city is known for its offshore services.

USI Tech Forum: Info about Warnings

Numerous international authorities have been warning against USI Tech since 2017. These include the Texas State Securities Board, the Spanish Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores and the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand. Further information can be found here:

In connection with USI Tech the crypto currency OneCoin is also mentioned. There is already an article about this on our website:

Although USI Tech’s website was most likely taken offline, the company still seems to be active in social networks like Facebook.

Money gone? Exploiting legal Possibilities

“The market for crypto currencies is generally very volatile and therefore not suitable for every investor”, says lawyer Wolfgang Herfurtner. “It is therefore advisable to check one’s own risk appetite before an investment and to inform oneself exactly about a provider.

Experts recommend exercising caution, especially in the case of very high yield promises. A missing imprint or lack of legal information can also point to a less reputable company.

As trading with crypto currencies is very complex, one should also obtain detailed information about the underlying system. You can find an article on the topic here:

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