Warnings for investors – B

Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone)

Our law firm advises clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered considerable losses due to investments abroad.

B & T Brokers (Klon)
B A Gelman
B C U Trading LLC
B Cooke Ltd
B Gold International LLC
B. D. E. S. Group Ltd.
B. O. Technologies Limited
B.A.X. Ltd
B.F. Capital Ltd
B.H.Global France
B.H.N.V. Online Ltd.
B.I.S. Blueport Investment Services Ltd
B.M.O. Ltd
B.O. Tradefinancials Ltd.
B.P.Y Technologies Ltd
B4Markets Ltd
B54 Technologies Limited
BAC Africa Natural Resources
BAC Hydrogen
BAC Mining South Africa Fund
BAC Solar
Bacalland Associates
Bacchus Legal & Fiduciary
Bachmann Roth Advisory
Bad Credit History
Bad Credit Site
Baecker Dresner Saltzmann
Baer Innes Stockbroking & Wealth Management
Baerenberg Group
Bai Xin Cheng Limited
Bailey and Bennet Mergers and Acquisitions
Baillie Gifford (Klon)
Bainbridge Management
Baker & Bains
Baker & Higgs Asset Management
Baker & White
Baker and White
Baker Boyd Associates
Baker Finch Partnership
Baker Hamlin
Baker Whitfield Associates
Bakersfield Investment Club
Balanced Securities Plannings Inc.
Balesc Holdings Limited
Balfour Beatty (Klon)
Bali Limited Ltd
Balmoral International Group
Balquidder Advisers Limited
Baltic Concert LLP
Baltic Dividends
Baltimore Capital
Banc De Binary Ltd
Banca Primus
Bancanz Private Banking Group
Bancde Options
Bancdemonarch Ltd.
Banco CFD (Klon)
Banco de Nueva York Mellon Ltd
Banco de Pesmir Trading
Banco FX
Banco ING Espana (Klon)
Banco National Bank
Banco Societiale Limited
Banco Societiale Ltd
Bancroft, Doyle & Page Global
Bania Technologies Online Ltd.
Bank & Binary
Bank Business Angel
Bank Capital Investment Management
Bank Guarantee Funding
Bank Invest Capital
Bank Monarch Ltd
Bank of Broker
Bank of Family
Bank of Market
Bank of Swisscredit
Bank of Vale
Bank Sewell & Raydell
Bank Tracker Bot
Bankers Trust International
Bankhurst Securities
Banking Option
Banko FX
Bank-System Agnieszka Nowicka
Bankway HMO Property Bond (Klon)
Bankway Properties (Klon)
Banner Commodities
Banner Partners
Banners Broker
Banq of Broker
Banque Centrale d’Europe
Banque Direct Suisse
Banque Eni (Klon)
Banque Gerrarde Limited
Banque Internationale Ltd
Banque Investissement
Banque Louis-co
Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild (Klon)
Banque Privée Wehren & Cie
Banque Royale Limited
Banquedenationale Bank
Banvalores Casa de Valores, S.A.
Bao Tai Commercial Bank
Baocheng International Investment Co Ltd
Baocheng Investment Advisor Co., Ltd
Barbell Duh, S.L.
Barclay Hoffman
Barclay Trust International
Barclays Group Financial Inc.
Bark Capital Partners
Barlow & Ramsey
Baron Group Ltd
Baron-Moore Associates
Baros and Ronaldo Associates
Baros Corporation
Barrett and Packer
Barrett Associates
Barrie Credit Union Ltd
Barringer & Co.
Barrington Group
Barrington Securities
Barringtons Asset Management Limited
Barron Mackenzie Barrister and Solicitors
Barron Mackenzie Pte Ltd
Barrons FX
Barton & Rose
Barvetii Wealth Consultants
Base Finance (Klon)
Basel Financial Inc.
Basic Investments Ltd
Basic Venture Limited
BASIS Fund Limited
Bass Creek Advisors
Bast Group Ltd
BAT Financial Management
Bathgate, Dreyfus & Pierce Ltd, (BDP)
Bauer & Weiss Associates
Bauer and Associates
Bauer Associates
Bauer Ferienwohnrechte GmbH
Bauer Global Finanz
Bauer Schmidt & Guenter (Klon)
Bauer Weiss
Bauman Ltd
Baumann and Kraus Enterprises Ltd
Baumer Mansoor Financial Advisory (Klon)
Bauway Technology Limited
Baxter Capital Ventures Management
Baxter International
Baxter-Ford & Associates LLC
Baxter-Stanley and Associates
Bayer Investments
Bayesian Binary
Bayhead Capital
Bayliss Clarke Limited
Bayshore Nominees Ltd
Bayside Equity Group
Bayside Equity Group, Inc.
Bayside Financial Services Hong Kong
BB & E Consultants LLC
BBA Capita Asset Management (Jersey) Limited
BBA Capita Capital Management LLP
BBB Markets
BBB Ratings
BBL Capital Management, SA.
BBS Consulting
BC Financial Advisors (Klon)
BCF International Capital S.A.
BCG Wealth Group
BCoin Market
BD CTLY Limited
BDB Services Ltd
BDL France
BDP Global
BDS Markets Ltd.
Beacon Capital Management Inc.
Beacon Commodities and Futures Exchange (BCFX)
Beacon Global Advisors
Beacon Global Management Inc
Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission, The
Beacon Pointe Securities
Bean Wealth
Bearing Management
Beaufort Securities (Klon)
Beaumont, Greene & Partners
Becfd Limited
Becker Chapman Asset Management
Becker Finch & Waldman
Beckett & Cromwell
Beckham Advisors Alliance, S.L.
BeCoFin Trust
Becton Securities GmBH
Bedford Investments Inc.
Bee Loans (Klon)
Beier Financial Investment Limited
Beijing Futures Exchange
Beijing Futures Exchange, BFEX
Beijing International Finance Group
Beijing Management Corporation
Beijing Mercantile Exchange, BEMEX
Beijing Securities
Belair House (Klon)
Belgian Commodities and Future Exchanges
Belgian Financial Service Agency
Belgium Commodities & Futures Exchange
Belgium Financial Group
Belgrave Acquisitions
Belgrave Capital Management
Bell Capital Private Wealth Managers
Bell International Asset Management
Bellador Advisory Services (Labuan) Ltd
Bellfield Internacional España, S.L.
Bellmore Group
Bellshill Financial Services Limited
Bellshill Insurance Services Limited
Bellsouth Capital Partners
Bellview Financial
Belmont Capital Holdings New York
Belmont Capital New York
Belmont Financial Group
Belmont Group
Belmont Shaw and Associates Mergers & Acquisitions
Belmont Venture Capital
Belmont Wealth Advisory
Beltra Solutions (Europe) S.A.
Beltra Solutions S.A.
Beltway M & A
Belverdere Capital Partners
Bench Group Options
Benchhill Partners Ltd.
Benchmark International Trading Group, Inc.
Benda Finance
Benedict Morris
Benefit Planners Intl (Klon)
Benelux Venture Partners
Benford Heritage Credit Union Limited
Bengoshi & Partners
BenjaminFisher SL
Benson & Raymond Acquisitions Inc.
Benson BPO LLC
Benson Brokerage Limited
Benson Brokerage Ltd.
Benson Dupont Capital Management Inc
Benson Futures Ltd
Benson Hill Advisors
Benson Union Limited
Benson Walter Private Equity
Bentall Kennedy
Bentley Capital Group Ltd.
Bentley International Management Ltd
Benton Wells & Associates, LLC
Berater Auto s.r.l.
Berdon Law Mergers & Acquisitions
Berenberg Private Banking
Berg Commodities
Berger Aron Macey
Berglund Payton Group
Bergmann & Co. International
Bergmann Finance
Bergmannwhite Associates
Bergstein Financial
Bergues Invest
Berkeley Capital Finance
Berkeley Connect
Berkeley Finance Group
Berkeley Financial Limited
Berkeley Hedge
Berkeley Samson International
Berkeley Wyatt Limited, S.L.
Berkley Commodity Trading Corporation
Berkley Liquidation & Administration
Berkley Murray Securities
Berkley Wyatt Asset Limited, S.L.
Berkley Wyatt Limited, S.L.
Berkovic Consultants
Berkshire Financial Management, LLC
Berkshire International
Berkshire Mayer Associates
Berkshire Stanley
Berkshire Tax Consultants
Berlin Overseas Corporation
Berlinger Capital
Berlingier Private Bank
Bernard Brown
Bernard Rothschild Consultants
Bernard Simpson Consultants
Bernburg Investment Bankers Limited
Bernstein & Younge Asset Management Group, Ltd.
Bernstein Securities
Bernstein, Whitman & Lloyds
Berresfords Motor Insurance
Berrington Fund Management
Berrington Fund Management (www.berringtonmanagement.co.uk)
Berrington Stone
Berrscott, Elliott & Associates
Besla Investments (Klon)
Best Asset Class AG (BAC)
Best Bonds & Savings
Best Broker Service
Best Commodity Options S.A.
Best Connection Finance (Klon)
Best Euro Credit
Best Financers
Best Investors Group, Inc.
Best Leader Global Market NZ Limited
Best Loans Limited
Best Plan Sàrl
Best Select Finanz
Besty Trade
Betterlife Investment Group
Bex Options
BFB Marketing Ltd.
BFB Markets
BFM International Ltd
BFOREX Limited
BFS Markets Ltd
BH France
BHM26 Services Ltd
BHP Mergers
BHR Conseils
BHW Management
BI Asset Management (Klon)
BIB -British Insurance – Brokers
BIB -British Insurance Brokers
Bidvsask Investment Limited
Bidwell Capital Ltd
Big Banks Method
Big Boss Financial Limited
Big Boss Holdings Company Limited
Big Idea Mastermind
Big Loans
BIG T Marketing
Big Time Global Services Limited
BIL Patrimoine
Billmen & Associates
Billson Capital Partners
Binary Ascend
Binary Backdoor
Binary Banc & Ten Options
Binary Bankroll
Binary Boxer
Binary Brain Trust
Binary Brokerz
Binary Compound
Binary Defender
Binary Escrow
Binary Forex Market VIP
Binary Freedom Formula
Binary Goal
Binary Interceptor
Binary Investments Global Limited
Binary Metabot
Binary Option Auto Trading
Binary Option Live Signals
Binary Option Robot
Binary Options ProBot
Binary Options Robot
Binary Reserve
Binary Secret
Binary Stock Market Bank (BSMB)
Binary Tilt
Binary Trust Method
Binary Uno
Binary Winner APP
Binary/Forex Trade
BinaryPro Bot
Binat Ltd
Binatexia Ltd
Binex Markets
Bingham Consulting Group
Bio Gas Generation
Bio-Investor Ltd.
BioMaxx Systems Inc
Birch Century International
Birchall McCallen
Birchfield Consultants
Birchmore Group
Birchwood International
Bis Europe
Biscayne International Corporation
Biscayne Planning Center
Bishop & Parkes Advisory
Bishop Wagner & Shaw
Bison Financial Service
Bison Prime & Forex
Bison Prime Limited
Bit Management Ltd
bit-bay EUROPE S.A.
BitBay Sp. z o.o.
Bitcoin & Autotrader
BitCoin Code
Bitcoin FX Option
Bitcoin Money Machine
Bitcoin Profit
Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Trade Robot
Bitcoin Trader
Bitcoins Analytic
Bitfxmarket Ltd
BitPlay Ltd.
Bitstream Capital SA
Bitsurge Token
Biuro Maklerskie Alior S.A.
Bizzy Loans (Klon)
BK Coin
BKR-Krediet and Enschede Finance
BL Trading Group Inc.
Black & White Investments
Black and White Investments
Black Diamond Equity Group
Black Numbers
Black Parrot Limited
Black Parrot Ltd
Black River Asset Management (Klon)
Black Rock Ltd (Klon)
Black Rose Financial
Black Stream Markets
Black Swan Wealth Management
Black Water Investment Group, L.L.P.
BlackBird Clear Limited
BlackBird Europe Limited (Klon)
Blackbird Leys Credit Union Ltd
Blackdale Consultancy
Blackfoerder Investment Group
BlackFox Capital
Blackfriars Asset Management (Klon)
Blackhawk Mines Corp.
BlackHorse Forex
Blackmore Consulting
Blackmore Consulting Group
Blackmore Stanley
BlackRoack Alliance LP (Klon)
Blackrock Asset Management (Klon)
BlackRock Crypto Asset Management Limited (Klon)
Blackrock Financial Co Ltd
BlackRock Fund Managers Limited
Blackrock Investments Limited
BlackRock Offshore Bullion Investment Fund
BlackRock Wealth Partners / Group (Klon)
Blacksea Investment Ltd
Blacksmith Investments Limited
Blackstar Capital Management Limited
Blackstone Asset Management (Klon)
Blackstone Capital Ltd (Klon)
Blackstone Financial Investment Co Ltd
Blackstone International Finance
Blackstone Royalty Corporation
Blackstone Securities Ltd
Blackstone, Nelson, Newhouse
Blackswan Morgan
Blackthorn Wealth Advisory
Blackwell & Associates
Blackwell Advisory
Blackwell Asset Management
Blackwell Capital
Blaine & Thompson, S.A.
Blairford Consultancy
Blake Capital Partners
Blake Morgan Financials
Blakemore 66 Group
Blakestone Bond Fund
Blakestone Property
Blanc & Baumar
Blanc and Baumar
Blanc and Beaufort Brokerage
Blanka Nova (Klon)
Blonde Bear OU
Bloomberg & Associates
Bloombex Limited
Bloombex online
Bloombex Options
Bloomfield Advisory
Bloomfield Trust Management
Bloomfx sp. z o. o.
Blooming Finance
Blossom Hill Investments
BLS Capital
BLS Investments
Blue Bay Finance Ltd
Blue Bayou Prospect Management
Blue Crown Asset Management
Blue Delta Asset Management
Blue Dome Partners
Blue Fox Consulting Ltd
Blue Hill Capitals
Blue Hill Mining
Blue Insurance UK (Klon)
Blue Lion S.A.
Blue Nile Consulting
Blue Ocean Investment Company Ltd (Klon)
Blue Print Investment
Blue Print Securities Ltd, BPS
Blue Ribbon Financial
Blue Ridge Capital Partners
Blue Ridge Financial Group
Blue Seal Limited
Blue Seal Ltd
Blue Sky Group Europe (Klon)
Blue Sky Management
Blue Sky Solutions Inc.
Blue Sky Trade Services Limited
Blue Source Strategies
Blue Stone Ltd
Blue Trading
BlueCrest Beacon Fund
BlueCrest Capital Management (Klon)
BlueCrest Capital UK Ltd (Klon)
Bluecrest International Capital, Inc.
BlueCrest New Investment Capital Hedge Fund (NewCap)
BlueCrest Wealth (Klon)
Bluefield Partners
Blueford Consultancy Ltd
Bluegate Commodity Ventures
Bluehill Capital Venture
Bluehill Venture Capital
Bluelight Financial
Bluelight Financial (Klon)
Blueridge Horizon Corp.
bluesealoans.co.uk (Klon)
Bluestar International Acquiring
Bluestar Management
Bluestone Asset Management (Europe) S.A.
Bluestone Investment Strategies
Bluestream Capital Corp.
Bluestream International Investments
Bluestream Private Client Services
Blueway International Ltd
Blumkin Global
Blundell Oliver
Blundell Oliver Ltd
BMC Investment Group
BMFN limited
BN Financial Services
BNF Capital Limited
BNK Trading
BNP Capital Partners LLC
BNP Forex Limited
BNY Mellon Wealth Management (Klon)
Board Ltd.
Board of International Finance
Board of Securities Trading Commission
BOC Mutual Fund Management Co., Ltd
BOCA Mining
Bock Intl Ltd
Boesch Haufmann Asset Management Inc.
Bogner & CEO
Bohemia Partners
Bohemian Invest
Boiler room schemes
Bokan Capital (Klon)
Bolero BPO LLC
Boll Financial Holding Limited
Boll Financial Management Co., Ltd
Boll International
Bollinger Finance
Bolsarentable Asesores Financieros
Boltin Limited
Bonanza Pro
Bonatech Ltd.
Bond and Prince
Bond Asset Management
Bond House Limited
Bond Trust Finance
Bonded Promissory Notes (BPNs)
Bonum Change Oü
Bonvita Partners Ou
Bookers Trust
Boom Forex
boosst Limited (Klon)
Bordeaux Advisory B.V.
Borneo Trading Group
Bornwell Group Company
Bornwell Group Limited
Borsa Financial
Boska Settlement Corporation
Boss Capital
Boston Acquisition Group
Boston Capital Management Inc.
Boston Capital Management, Inc.
Boston Global Finance Inc.
Boston Legal Company
Boston Management & Research
Boston Merchant Consulting Mexico, S. de R. L. de C.V.
Boston Merchant Financial Ltd
Boston Merchant Financial Ltd.
Boston Mergers and Acquisitions Board
Boston Private Equity
Boston Private Law Group LLP
Bosum Limited
Bot Plus 365
Boulton Capital Partners
Boulton Price International
Bounty SCA (UK) Limited
Bourke Ltd
Bow Financial
Bowalls Services
Bowen Reece
Bower Best Consultants
Bowman & Malone LLP
Bowman Offshore Transfer
Box Finance
Boy Malon 21, S.L.
Boyd Capital Partners
Boyd Clark Resource Capital Solutions
BOZ Bank of Zurich
BP Holdings
BP Holdings and The Avanti Group
BPB Interbank Fiduciary
BPJ Services
BPS Business Prozesse und Systeme AG
BR Consultance Alfaz, SL
BR Consulting Group Ltd
BR23 Limited
Brachmann Finkley
Brachmann Inter Dealer Services
Bradford & Peninne Insurance
Bradford and Feldman Consultancy LLC
Bradford Securities LLC
Bradley & Nowell LLC
Bradley & Rogers
Bradley Associates
Bradley Chen & Associates
Bradley Consulting Group
Bradley Hill Holdings
Bradley Hill Holdings Limited
Bradley King M & A
Bradley Rogers LLC
Bradquest Ltd
Bradshaw Asset Management
Bradstone Healy & Pratt Mergers and Acquisitions
Brady & Bell Acquisition Ltd
Braemar Capital of Hong Kong
Brain Abundance
Braincure Biotech
Brainerd Properties Limited
Bramwell & Kent Consultants LLC
Brandt-Swift Associates
Brandywine HK Financial Management Company Limited
Branford Capital Management
Branison Partners (Klon)
Brant Fletcher Trust Management
Brasrec LLC
Brassel Capital Asset Management Limited
Braun & Bach Finanzdienstleistungen
Braun & Bridgewater Corporation (BBGC Corporation)
Braun and Brandt Consulting Firm
Braxton Knight Ltd
Breakthrough Incorporated
Breakthrough Venture Partners
Brecon Global
Breeze Finance Ltd
BreezeFX Affiliates
Breisach Liebman
Bremer Finance Ltd
Bremer Financial Limited
Brenner and Associates
Brent Technologies
Brentcliffe Limited
Brentwood Capital Ventures
Brentwood Group Ltd
Brentwood Hall
Brentwood International Group Ltd
Brentwood Trust Company
Breslan Allied Limited
Brett Commodities GMBH
Brevan Howard Asset Management Limited
Brevan Invest
Brewer Consulting Group
Brexit Bot
Brexit Money Machines
Brics International Capital Inc.
Bridge Capital Advisors
Bridge Invest
Bridge Road Capital Management
Bridgehold Ltd.
Bridgemead Advisors Limited
Bridgestone Global Partners
Bridgestone Trading
Bridgeward AG
Bridgewater Asset Management
BridgeWay Corporate Management
Bridgeway Group International
Bridport Advisory
Brien Group Limited
Brigels SA
Bright Accord Investments Limited
Bright Bridge Wealth Management Inc.
Bright Futures
Bright Sheen Limited
Brighter Trade
Brilliant Sheen Limited
Brinkmann-May Limited
Brinks Holdings Limited
Bristol Consulting FX
Bristol Financial Offshore
Bristol Offshore
Bristol Trading Group
Bristol-Mayers Securities LLC
Brit Method
Britain Loans
Britannia Capital Management
Britannia Swiss Equities
Britannia Wealth
British Capital Investments
British Debt Advice
British Greatfount Capital
British Greatfount Capital (UK)
British Lenders Limited
Brits Finance (Klon)
Britt Finance
Britt Loans
Brixton Business Consultants
BRM International
Broad Oak Finance Limited
Broad Reach Investments
Broad Reach Investments (Klon)
Broadgate Metals
Broadgate Research
Broadspan Securities
Broadwood Finance
Broche Capital Advisors
Brock Hartwick
BroCo Investments Inc.
Broker Capital (Belize) Limited
Broker Financial Ltd
Broker Group
Broker Insurance Services Ltd (Klon)
Broker International Bank
Broker Official
Broker Yard
Brokerage Capital
Brokerage Company Limited, S.A.
BrokerF1 Markets Global Corp
Brokerhouse Prime
Brokers Option
Brokers Station
Brokerz Ltd
Brokerz Union Reviews
Broking Solutions AS (Klon)
Bronte Financial
Bronx Finance Company Plc
Brook & Fairbrother
Brookdale Management Consultancy, Inc.
Brookdale West Capital Management
Brooke Point Limited
Brookes & Associates
Brookes and Hargreaves
Brookfield Investment Management
Brookfield Partners, S.L.
Brookmore Partners
Brooks & Fairbrother
Brooks & Hawthorne Consulting Ltd.
Brooks & Smith
Brooks and Fisher Associates
Brooks and Hawthorne Consulting Ltd
Brooks Blueprint
Brooks Partners
Brooks Pearson Investment Ltd
Brookstone Group Transfer Agents
Broompark Investments Ltd
Browell Ltd.
Brown & Lampe U.S. Portfolio Management Ltd
Brown and Bullock Capital Partners
Brown and Wenger Consultancy Firm
Brown Atkins Investments
Brown Brothers Harriman (Klon)
Brown Fox Limited
Brown Fox Ltd
Brown Friedmann & Co, Ltd
Browne Mackenzie
Browning Attlee Investments
Brubacher & Associates
Bruckner Ferdinand
Brunel Asset Management
Bruno Beuriot Gestion
Brunswick Capital
Brunswick Knight
Bruxelles Bank Finance & Security Service
Bryant Shaw LLC
Bryce and Sons Ltd.
BSC Switzerland
BSD Associates Ltd
BT Systems Ltd.
BT Ventures Ltd
BTC Globe FX
BTC Home Mining
BTC International Global Markets, SL
BTC Robot
BTCwin Limited
BTG Pactual Investment Bank
BTM Global Investment
BTM Invesz
Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (BFSC)
Bull & Bear Advisory
Bull and Bear Advisory (Ireland)
Bull Invest (Klon)
Bull Investment Advisors (Klon)
Bullish University
Bullman Asset Management
Bulls & Bears Traders
Bulls and Bears LLC
Bulls Capital Markets
Bulwark Insurance
BURCAP, S.A. de C.V.
Bureau of Financial Services Board
Bureau of Financial Trading
Bureau of Foreign Security Affairs
Bureau of International Securities Trading
Burgess, Cooper & Reynolds
Burke Advisors Ltd
Burlington Corporate Management
Burlington Ltd
Burnell Larkins, LLC
Bursatil Bank Group Limited
Bursatil Clearing Corporation
Bursatil Financial
Burton Capital Partners
Burton Financial Planners
Burton Mills
Burton Reed
Business & Solution
Business Americano
Business Castle Fenix, S.L.
Business Coordination Service-Trading BVBA
Business Grants and Loans
Business Insurance Solutions Limited
Business Intelligence
Butler Investment Managers
Butler Investments
Butrans Sp. z o.o.
Butterfield Advisors
Buttonwood LLC
BV Trading Aquila SA
Bv1 Club Business Development SAS
BvB Advisory Limited (Klon)
BvB Development SA
BVI Financial Services
BX Financial Group
BY Trading Limited
Byrd Fleming and Associates

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