Warnings for investors and investors – D

Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

D G Financial Service Partner (Klon)
D M Gray Consulting
D. Antonio Abellán Garrido
D. Keffel-Fallahi
D. Pedro Vicente Garrido Garrido
D.G.I. Market Ltd.
DA Corporation Partners
DAB Asia Limited
Dachser Global Markets
DAG Consultants Limited
Daido Holdings Group
Dai-ichi Securities
Daiju Commodity Markets
Daikyo Brokerage Limited
Dailey Securities, Inc.
Daily Brokerage
Daily Income Society
Daily Report, S.A.
Daily Trader Club
Daine Financial Trust Management
Daishi Capital International Wealth Management
Daisy Precious Ltd.
Dalerich Ltd.
Dalton Financial
Damak Group
Damon and Callus
Danesi Global Ltd
Danford Capital Group
Dang Kang International Group
Daniels and Mills Consultants LLC
Danisport Siglo XXI. S.L.
Danske Capital (Klon)
Dant and Company LLC
Dantata Success and Profitable Company
Darier Asset Management
Darwin Acquisition Group
Darwin Investments
Dash Loans (Klon)
Dashan International
Dassets Club
Datafin 1985 (Klon)
DaTong Global
Dauphin Asset Europe
Dave’s Consulting House GmbH
Davenport & Co
Davenport Chadwick & Co. Ltd
Dave’s Consulting House GmbH
David & Maria Limited
David Bone
David W. Jones, Attorney at Law
David, Scott & Allen PLLC
Davidson Capital Partners
Davidson Consultancy
Davis & Co LLC (Klon)
Davis & Rudell LLC
Davis and Company LLC
Davis Goldberg Group
Davis Mayer Group
Davis Ward & Beck Partners LLC
Davos Financial Investment Group / DFIG HK
Dawid Gaweł
Dawn Light Asset Management
Dawson & Crane Incorporated
Dawson & Fielding Inc.
Dawson and Raymond M & A
Dawson James Securities
Dawson Roberts Advisors LLC
Dawson White Trust (DW Trust)
Daxhelet Capital
Day Dream Investments Ltd.
Dayo Olubodun
Days of Gold Company Ltd
DB Ingram and Associates LLP
DB Invest (Klon)
DB Services Limited
DB Trust
DB Yates & Associates
DBBC Finance
DBKY Investment Holding Co. Limited
DBL Asset Management S.A.
Dc Digital Finance Lt
DC Financial
DCCR Investissement
DCI Fund Managers Ireland PLC
DCS Holdings Ltd
DDC Direct Debt Collections (Klon)
De Bell Investment Limited
De Vere & Partners UK Ltd (Klon)
De Vere & Partners, S. de R.L. de C.V.
De Vere Group (Klon)
De Vere Private Equity
De Verre Lloyd & Co
De Verre Lloyd & Co Ltd
Deacon Corporate Group
Deacons LaSalle
Dealers Quality Consulting, S.L.
Dealinpro et Shaily Global Option Ltd
Dean Capital Canada Ltd.
Dean Capital Group
Dean Foster Associates
Dean Witter Consultancy
Debt Advice Trust (Klon)
Debt Cancel UK
Debt Collection Service Limited (Klon)
Debt Rid
Debt Vanish
Decatur International, Inc.
Declan and Ross
Decorcraft Limited
Deep Blue Global Limited
Deep Blue Group
Deepblue Global Limited
DeepNet Trading
Delacorte Dubois and Company Limited
Delacour Group Ltd
Delacour Investments
Delamont Wealth Management
Delap Capital Services
Dell Loan Company
Dellmont Invest
Delmedica Investments Limited
Delmer Consulting Group
Delmont Wealth Management
Delorean Family, SL
Delta Asset Management AG
Delta Capital
Delta Car Insurance
Delta Clearing Inc.
Delta Continental
Delta Financial Markets Ltd (Klon)
Delta Fx Markets (Klon)
Delta Group, LLC
Delta IMT
Delta Liaising
Delta Lloyd Investment Fund N.V.
Delta Trade (Klon)
Delta Trade Financial Group
Delta Trust Bank
Delta West Financial Management
Deltacon Trust Amsterdam
DeltaFins Investments Inc.
DeltaFxMarkets and Blue Seal Limited
Dempsey Bingham
Dempster Hampton Duke
Den Danske Metode
Denhman Ogilvie
Denison Newbrook Reid
Deniver Limited
Deniver Ltd
Denko Group
Denman-Brys Group (Klon)
Denton Mergers and Acquisitions
Depaho Ltd
Department of Financial Compensation (Klon)
Department of Financial Trading
Department of Foreign Investment Control
Department of Foreign Securities
Department of International Financial Trading
Department of Securities Liquidations
Department of Securities Trading
Depix Holdings Limited
Deposit Plaza
Derek Harry Taylor
Derek Taylor
Deribolsa, SL
Derrick Hales Financial Planning
Derrickson Capital Partners
DES Options
Desert Finance Services Limited (Klon)
Deutsch Invest Limited
Deutsche Bank AG
Deutsche Capital Management Ltd (Klon)
Deutsche Policen Aufwertung AG
DeVere & Partners UK Limited (Klon)
Devere and Partners Ltd (Klon)
DeVere Group UK (Klon)
Devere Proprietary Broking Limited
Devere Proprietary Trading Limited
Devin Consultants
Devlin Stern & Associates
Devonshire & Douglas Capital Partners
Devonshire Holdings (Klon)
Dew Finance
Dew Finance Services Limited
Dex Signals
DFA Management Limited
DFAN Limited
DFB Fast Property Sale
DFB Housing Solutions
DFM Asset Management
DFRF Enterprises LLC
DG Financial Service Partner (Klon)
DG Schilling
DG Trading Corp.
DGH Sagl
DGI Market
Dgtmarket Ltd
DGX Systems LTD
Dial a Rod Homecover Limited
Dial Mergers
Diamond (Runwell) Limited
Diamond Asset Management
Diamond Capital Funds (Klon)
Diamond Financial Services
Diamond Global Ltd.
Diamond Global Solutions SRL
Diamond Loans (Klon)
Diamond Savings Unlimited
Diamond Title Services, LLC
Diana Financial Loan
Dickson’s Law Office UK
Dietrich & Sohn London
Different Choice FBC Inc.
Digi Support UK Ltd
Digifirst Hungary Kft
Digital 1 Media, Inc.
Digital Altitude
Digital Gold Xchange
Digital Market sp. z o.o.
Digital Support
Digital Worldwide
Digitized DayTrader
Digits Financial Hong Kong Company
Dingfeng International Corporation
Dinosaur Assets Management (HK) Limited
Dinosaur Group
Dinosaur Investor Services (UK) Limited (Klon)
Direct Asset Partners
Direct Brokers Investments (Klon)
Direct Epargne
Direct Euro Credit
Direct Healthcare
Direct Legal Protection Limited
Direct Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.
Direct Profits
Direct Settlements Pte Ltd
Direct Trading Technologies Ltd
Directhome Ltd
DirectProperty Inc
Direkt Easy Kredit
Direkt Finanz AG (Klon)
Discretionary Unit Fund managers (Klon)
Displinade Trading
Disrupt Trading
Dissurance Limited Insurance Company
Distressed Acquisitions Commission
Diverse Capital Consultants Limited
Diverse Swiss Limited
Diversified Assets Authority
Diversified Capital Management Ltd.
Diversified Global Capital Group
Diversified Global Equities Group
Diversified Investments Group Inc
Diversified Portfolio Management Invest
Diversified Private Capital Group
Diversified Reclaim Services
Dividendcare Limited
Dividendcare Ltd
Dividium Asia Limited
Dividium Capital Group International
Dividium Capital, S.L.
División Forex, S.L.
Dixon Associates Ltd
DKBR Daniel Lecko
DKM Global Management, Inc
DM Index
DMR Consulting, LLC
DMS Investment Management Services (Klon)
DNT Limited
Doctor Trusted
Dodson Norwood
Dolan Corporate Equity Solutions Inc.
Dolce Formula Ltd.
Dolphin and Bradbury
Dominic Nardone
Dominion Royal Ekonomisk Förening (Economic Association)
Domino Securities International
Don Tombia Herbert Investment Ltd
Donalds and Brinkley
Donaldson and Turner Ltd.
Donaldson Findlay
Donavan & Yung Partners
Doncaster Wealth Management
DongXing Futures Limited
Dongyin Futures
Dongyin Futures Brokerage Company Limited
Donnar Investment Corp SA
Donnelly Aberdeen International
Donovan & Yung Partners
Double Up Manial
Douglas & Gardner
Douglas Baker & Co
Douglas Charles, Inc.
Douglas Cooper Associates
Douglas Corporation
Douglas Ellis Inc
Douglas St James
Doulton Group
Dow Tempelton
Doyle Hutton Associates
Doyle John Joseph llp
DP Consulting Group
DP Global Services Ltd (Klon)
DP Wealth Management Limited (Klon)
DPM Invest
DPM Invest
Dr. Binary
Dr. Christian Fischer
Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract
Dr. Peter Müller
Dragon International
Dragon Mergers
Dragon Partners Inc.
Dragon Securities
Drake & Childs Global Transfers
Drake and Childs Global Transfers
Drake Asset Management
Drake Investment Group
Drake Merger Management
Drakefield Corporate Partners
Draven Mier Associates
DRC Europe
Dream Catcher
Dream Equity Ltd
Dream Profits
Drexel Asset Management
Drexel Code
Drexel Lambert Mergers and Acquisitions
Drexel-Bearns Consulting Group
Dreyfus Capital
Dreyfus Corp
DreyfusMeyer & Co., Inc.
Drive Cars
Drobium Associates
Drukenmiller Investment Services
Drummonds Initiatives
DS Domination
DS Forex
DS Trading (Klon)
DSB Singapore Pte
DSF Management Financial Planning LTD
DSMG Limited
Dsmg Ltd
DSR Wealth Management Group
DSW Enterprises L.L.P. / DSW Partners
DT Group Business Solutions
DTCM Asset Management (HK) Limited
DTCM Capital Management Limited
DTCM Consulting Limited
DTZ Investment Group & Financial Securities
Dual Robot
Dubai Fxm Ltd
Dubai International al Investment & Trading
Dubai International Capital LLC
Dubai Lifestyle
Dubai Options Exchange
Dubai Profit Now
Dubai Rentenfunds
DubLi Network
Dublin Castle Investment Inc
DuetInvest (Klon)
Dufresne and Andy
Dufresne and Andy International
Duke & Bremmer Law Firm LP
Duke International Asset Management Company Limited
Duke Smythe Associates
Duke Valentine Ltd
Dukes & Company Securities Corp.
Dukes Copy Limited
Dukes Merger & Acquisitions, Inc
Dumont Private Equity
DumpDeFridge (Klon)
Dunbar Mackenzie
Dune Dawson Inc
Dunhill Capital
Dunleavy Investment Ltd.
Dunleavy Management Ltd.
Dunn & Miller Corporate Partners
Dupont Conseille AG
DuPont Financial (Klon)
DuPont FX (Klon)
Dupont Securities
Durdan Heyer Ltd
Dutch Method
Duval Capital & Asset Management Group
Duvel Group of Canada
DVP Consulting GmbH (Klon)
DW Consultants Limited
DW Trading
DWK Financial Home
Dyman Associates
Dynamic Swift Funding Bank Cooperation
Dynamic Target Marketing
Dynamic Wealth Management, DWM
Dynasty International Acquisitions
Dyno Medical Limited

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