Warnings for investors – E

Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

E Go Trade
E Ming Inc. Limited
E Money Limited
E New Sp Z.o.o.
E Trade Securities (Klon)
e.go Trade Incorporated
E1 Asset Management
Eagle & West Ltd
Eagle Advisors (Klon)
Eagle and West Limited
Eagle Bit Trader
Eagle Commerce Group
Eagle Crest Insurance
Eagle Crest Underwriter
Eagle Faith Corporation Limited
Eagle Investment Global Co Ltd
Eagle Star International Services Ltd
Eaglebright Holding AG
Early Pension
Earnest & Medwell International
Earnshaw Advisory Services
East Asia Global International Futures (Hong Kong) Limited
East Cape Mining Corporation
East Coast Law Firm
East Coast Law Florida
East Financial Group Incorporated
East Fund Management (Klon)
East International Transfer
East Tech Trad.
East West Financial & Securities Compliance
Eastern Capital Fund Ltd. Schweiz
Eastern Capital Limited
Eastern Land Capital Partners Limited
Eastern Metal Securities
Eastern Quay Asset Management
Eastleigh International Limited
Eastman Asset Management
Eastman Pierce Partners Mergers and Acquisitions
Easton Consultancy
Easton Corporate Finance
Eastridge Associates
East-Tech Trading
Eastwest Management Group Ltd.
Easy Best Credit
Easy Cash Cards
Easy daily loan (Klon)
Easy Euro Credit
Easy Finance 4 U
Easy FX Trade
Easy Lettings and Mortgages
Easy Line Pro
Easy Loans Limited (Klon)
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Easy Sale Limited
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Easy Wealth Creator
Easylink Management Ltd
EasyPro Loans
Easystar Forex Investment Limited
Easystar Int’l Holdings Limited
Easystar Securities Limited
Eaton Capital Americas
eBank24 Corporation
Ebel & Partner Luxembourg S.A.
Ebond Securities LLC
Ebor Option (Klon)
Ebor Trustees Limited (Klon)
Echarge AG
Echler Solomon Feng
ECI Luxembourg
Eclips Property Bond Limited
Eclipse Advisory B.V.
Eclipse Finance
Eclipse Options Ltd Europe
Eclipse Trading
ECN Alpha Limited Inc.
ECN Brokers Direct
ECN Brokers LLC
ECN Capital
ECN Markets
ECN Premium
ECO Forestry AG
Eco Global Markets Ltd.
Eco Investment Group, LLC
Eco Money Broker
Ecobank Transnational Incorporated
Economists & Lawyers
Ecovexco Investment Group, LLC
Ecowas Dev. Bank Transnational Inc
Ecowas Development Bank Group
Ecowas Development Bank Limited
Ecowas Promotions
E-Crypto Trade & Finance Group, Inc.
Eden Financial Group
Eden Management Partners
Edenbourg Advisory Services
Edenbridge International Limited
Edenstone Consulting
Edenville Consultancy Ltd
EDG Sp. z o.o. SKA
Edgar International Company Limited
Edge Capital Fund
Edge Capital Markets
Edgedale Finance
Edgelake M&A
Edgelake Mergers & Acquisitions
Edgewood Equities Capital Investment LLC
EDI International Limited
Edison Transfer Agency
Edmund Rome Corporate
Eduard Steinbach (Klon)
Edward Collins and Associates
Edward Collins Associates
Edward Evans
Edward Jones Group
Edward Murphy
Edward Tate
Edward William Marine Services
Edzell Ventures
EF Investing
EFD Financial Group Company Limited
EFEX Capital Limited
EFEX Capital Ltd
Efexa 1000 Ltd.
Efforex (Klon)
EFG Associates
EFG Corporation Limited
EFG Private Bank Limited, Jersey
EFG Private Limited
EFG Trading Limited
EFOC European Futures Options Commission
Efor Holdings Ltd
EG International
eGun Becker
Eich Invest Ltd
Einstein Method
Einstein Transfer Ltd (Klon)
EJS Gesrion D’actifs (Klon)
EJS Placements Financiers (Klon)
eKash UK Ltd
EKL International CO., Limited
El Toro Consult, S.L.
Elan Financial Group Limited
Elan Holding Corp.
Elandra Ltd
Elantra Ltd
Eldora Gold Resources Ltd.
Eldridge Financial
Elect Capital
Electro Discount SA
Electronic Capital Markets Limited
Electronic Money Inc.
E-Lender (Klon)
Elevated Financial Services
Elibank Vernon
Elit Property Vision Ltd
Elite Bank Group
Elite EEA Investment Portfolio
Elite Financial Marketing Limited
Elite Gold Profits
Elite Independent Financial Advisers
Elite Millionaire Society
Elite Trader Pro Inc
Elite Warranty Ltd
Elizabeth Lenz
Elkin & Associates LLC
Elliot Management Consultancy Ltd.
Elliot Price & Associates
Elliot Private Equity
Elliott & Laurence Consultancy Group
Elliott & Partners Advisory (HK) Limited
Elliott and Laurence Consultancy Group
Elliott Associates
Ellipse Trading
Ellis & Reid Investments
Ellis Alden
Ellis and Tate
Ellis Capital Management
Ellis Harper & Co LLC
Ellis Stanley Alden, ESA Global
ELM Asset Management Inc Ltd
ELM Forex and Mr Lin Yanguang
Elmond Enterprise Ltd
Elon Global Strategy Co., Limited
Elrics Brothers Ltd
ELRICS Brothers Ltd.
Elsbeth Nietlispach
Email Processing System
Emerald Securities
Emerald Worldwide Holdings Inc.
Emerging Equity Group
Emerson Capital Ltd
Emerson Grant Asset Management
Emerton Financial Services
Emirate Coin Tech
Emirates Asset Management Ltd
Emirates Global Investment
Emma & Ethan Limited
Emmerson Bennett
Emmerson Knight
Emmett Ashford Group
E-Money Balance Trustworthy Group Inc.
Empika Enterprise Ltd
Empire Asset Investments LLC
Empire Asset Investments Ltd
Empire Capital Partners
Empire Compliance
Empire Financial Group
Empire Financial Management Incorporated
Empire Global Group LLC
Empire Investments (Luxembourg)
Empire Option
Empire State Consultants
Emporio Trading Ltd
Emporium Capital
Emporium Financial
Emporium Financieringen
Empower Network
Empresa Minera (Bergbau) AG
En Zheng Gold New Zealand Limited
Endeavor International Limited
Endeavour Assets
Endeavour Fund
Endeavour Mergers and Acquisitions
Energy Advice Group
Energy and Equity Research Group
Energy Capital Group EOOD
Energy Capital Partners
Energy Climate International
Energy Development Global Limited
Energy Group International
Engaged Solutions Ltd
England Foriegn Exchange
Englefield Capital
Eno Capital Limited
ENOI Europe Limited
Enovatis S.A.
Enterprise Analytics Inc
Enterprise Capital Investors Ltd
Entrada Capital
Epargne Banque
Ephraim Global
Epic Loans (Klon)
Epic Ventures Ltd.
Epic Winner Software
Epicon Financial
Epics Loan (Klon)
EpicXOption (Klon)
Epiq Systems (Klon)
ePłatności sp. z o.o. sp. k.
Epsilon Capital Management ECM
EQMC Europe Development Capital Fund
Equerry Investment Management (Klon)
EquiAsia Group Limited
Equicap New York
Equidebt Limited
Equidex Finance
Equiniti Registrars Group (Klon)
Equinox Ventures Corporation
Equistone Volkswagen AG (Klon)
Equities Europe
Equities Management Bureau
Equities Trading Commission
Equitoria Trust Bank Inc
Equitorial Trust Private Bank
Equity Bank Limited
Equity Capitals
Equity Connections LLC
Equity Consultancy Limited
Equity Development Group
Equity Income & Finance Ltd
Equity Law Group
Equity Management Consultants International (EMC International)
Equity Offset
Equity Research Group
Equity Research Partners
Equity Security and Finance Company
Equity Transfer Management
Equity Trust Management, LLC
Equity-1 Limited
e-Quote Insurance Services
Ernest & Medwell International
Ernest Goodman
Ernest Greene Group Ltd
Ernest Weiss Securities
Ernst & Taylor LLP
Ernst Hofsetter Asset Management (Klon)
ERP & Associates
Erste Allgemeine Arbeitnehmer Kranken- und Unterstützungskasse AK-UK
Erwin Lloyd A.G.
ESA Holding GmbH
Escape the Rat Race
Escrow Advisory Group
Escrow Advisory Limited
Escrow Advisory Ltd
Escrow Custodian Services (Klon)
Escrow Global (Klon)
Escrow Service Group
Escuela Trades
Esepa Finance GmbH
esepa finance GmbH, Nürnberg, Zweigniederlassung Schweiz, Zürich
ESFC Group
Esicamo S.A.
ESIP Finance (Klon)
Esos International Ltd
ESPA Financial (Klon)
Esquela Investments Ltd
Essential Loans (Klon)
ESTI Group
Estlander & Ronnlund Capital Management
Etablissement de Financement Immobilier
Eternity Funds
Ethereum Code Bot
Ethika Gobal Consulting, S.L.U.
ETHTrade Online
Etoile Consulting Group
E-trader Limited
E-transact Worldwide Limited
EU Financial Consulding World Ltd.
Eu Trading Services Llp
Eubi Investments Sp. z o.o.
Eufala Investments Ltd.
Eufala Marketing Limited
Eur Investment Limited
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Eurasian Mergers & Acquisitions
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Euro Advisory
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Euro Forex Investment Limited
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Euro Nano Inv
Euro Pacific Trade
Euro Solution GmbH
Euro Sparkassa Ekonomisk Förening
Euro Trust Capital Management
Euro Ventures Group (London) Limited
Euro Wealth OU
Euro Wealth OÜ
Euro Yen Usd
Euro-Amro Bancorp Inc.
Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd
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Eurocentral Union
EuroConsult International Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd (Klon)
EuroFinance Group
Euroinvest Worldwide Inc.
Eurokasse New Zealand Limited
Eurolink Equities
Eurolite Global Ltd
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Euromedica S.A.
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Europa Commodities
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Europe Trade FX
Europe Trade Ltd
Europe Ventures
Europea de Finanzas y Mercadotecnia, S.L.
European Brokers Associated
European Capital Invest London
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European Capital Partners
European Caribbean Financial Group Ltd
European Commodities Commission (ECC)
European Consumer & Business Protection Agency ECBPA
European Credit Union
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European Financial Service
European Futures Options Commission
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European Marketing Team, S.A.
European Offshore Trading Company (UK)
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European Private Equity Group
European Union National Clearance Agency
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Eurosim SA in liquidazione
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Euro-Swiss Finance and Securities (ESFS) Group
Euroswiss Settlements Limited
Eurotex Global Savings and Trust, S.A.
Eurotrade Investments
Eurotrust Advisors
Eurotrust Capital Management
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Evans and Stern Corporation
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Evanson Asset Management
Evefx (Klon)
Eventus Alternatives Commercial Broker LLC
Everbrighter Financial Limited
Everchamp (Group) Investment Co., Ltd.
Evercore (Klon)
Evercrest Law Firm & Management
Everence Financial Group
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Everest Leasing Company Ltd
Everest Tech Ltd
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Evergreen Equity
Evergreen Formulla
Evergreen Private & Trust PLC
Everton Trust Bank Plc
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Evo Binary Switzerland
Evo Investment Advisors LLP
Evo Investment Professionals
Evolution Market Group Inc.
Evolution Money Ltd (Klon)
Evolution Securities
Evolution Trade Lp
EvryMoney Limited
EVV Group
EWinner Markets Co Ltd
EWS Group
Excel Brokers Ltd (Klon)
Excel Homes Plc.
Excel Management
Excellence Financial AG
Excelsus Business Services
Excess Protection Limited
Excon Fuji Securities
eXe Ltd
Execs Financial Service
Execs Lending Firm
Executive Group
Executive Treuhand Partner GmbH
Exelyum Ltd
Exitus Elite
Exo Capital Markets Limited
Experia Management Group
Expert Capital Ventures Limited
Expert Data
Expert Finance
Expert Markets
Explatinum LP
Explore Markets Limited
Explore Talent
Extend Capital Corp. (Group)
Extend Capital Foreign Operation Fund
Eyeline Business Development
Eyeline Trading
EYTC Limited

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