Warnungen für Investoren und Anleger – L

Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

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LA Aadvisers Group
LA Private Equity
Labama Financial Consulting
Labanna Capital Management
Labor Poland Sp. z o.o.
Lackner Kurt (Klon)
Ladies Workout Express Limited
Laidlaw Asset Management
Lake Shore Asset Management Limited
Lakepinte Capital Advisers
Lakepointe Capital Advisors
Lakeshore Private Equity LLP
Lakewood Securities, Inc.
Lamberg Kapital
Lambert & Gilbert
Lambert & Sons Incorporated
Lambert Macmillan Corporation
Lambert McMillan Corporation
Lamont Group International
Lamp Education Canada Ltd.
Lamprell bank
Lance Bank
Lance Futures
Lance Global Solutions Limited
Lancelot Global PCC
Land International (Far East) Pte Limited
Land UK Developments Ltd
Landa Asset Management (Klon)
Landen Options and Futures
Landis Capital Management
Landmark M&A, Inc.
Landmark Mergers & Acquisitions Inc
LandMark Trade Ltd.
Landmark Trade Services Limited
Landora Investing Ltd.
Langdon Group
Langford Consulting
Langford Nachman
Langhorn Group
Langley Advisory Services AG
Langston Financial
Lansley, Everett & Moore, LLC
Lantau Goldwell
Lantau International
Lanvert Limited
Lapo BC AG
Laporte Holding
Larosa Group Holdings Ltd.
Larosa Holdings Limited
Larse Capital Ltd
LaSalle Bank
Latam FX
Latinasoft SA
Lau Global Services Corporation
Lauder Corporate Partners
Launton Wealth (clone)
Launton Wealth (Klon)
Laurent & Linden
Laurus Capital Group
Lavenkov Capital Partners
Laverty Assets Limited
Law Experts of New York
Law Office of Ashley & Gina Wilson Associates
Lawrence James & Associates
Lawrence Taylor and Co Ltd
Lawson Consultancy Limited
Lawson Knight Group
Lawson Management Group LLC
Lawton & Yeung
Laxmi Groups International
Laxmi Groups Luxembourg
Layton Capital
Lazard Asset Management (Klon)
Lazy Binary
Lazy Millionaire
LBV Asset Management (Klon)
LCB (London City Broker) International, Inc.
LCM Brokers
LDC Crypto (Klon)
LDG Capital Markets Company Limited
LDN Exchange (Klon)
LE Management
Le Pay Bank
Lead Capital Makers Ltd.
Lead Capital Partners
Lead Global Ltd.
Leadernet OU
Leaders Asset Management
Leads Capital Inc.
Leaf Capital
Leaf Capital (Pty) Ltd
Leaf Corporate Advisory
Lear Capital Group
Learn About Shares Limited
Lease Corporate Advisory
Leberman Steine Inc
Leberman Steine Limited
Ledbury Moore
Ledge Goodman
Ledger Capital Management
Lee & Ching Associates
Lee Andrews Wright & Associates
Lee Byers Ltd
Lee Grant Morrison
Lee, Young & Chan
Leed Finance Services UK
Leeden Limited
Lefroy Hudson
Legacy Capital Management
Legacy Global Wealth
Legacy Holdings International Ltd
Legacy International
Legal Management Consultants
Legal Recovery Consultants
Legend Merchant Group Inc
Legend Options
Legg and Berman Acquisitions Management
Leggmason Investors Asset Management Plc
LeggMason Investors Asset Managers plc
Leggmason Investors Asset Managers plc
Lehman Brothers & Associates Corp.
Lehman Brothers Associates
Lehman Capital Market Limited
Lehman Co. Global Group, Inc. (Head Office)
Lehman Reilly
Leighton Corporate Services LLC
Leighton High Income Fund
Leighton International
Leiyu Trade Limited
LEK Consulting Group
LEK Equity Holding
Leleux Associated Brokers (Klon)
Lelo Loans
Lemanium SA
Lend Mutual (Klon)
Lending Stream (Klon)
Lendings Limited
Lendorf Alliance
Leniex Corporation
Lenox International LLP
Leo Equities
Leonard Curtis Business Rescue & Recovery (Klon)
Leonard Merlin
Leonard Ullrich Neumann (Klon)
Leonidas Associates
Lerch Consult London LcL.
Leroy Philips Consulting
Leroy Phillips Consortium
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Leston Limited
Leston Ltd
Let’s Get Digital Limited
Letter Ann Financial Group
Level Up Capital Ltd
Level Up Finance sp. z o.o.
Levenson Corporate Partners
Levin Mayer
Levine & Levine Law Specialist
Levine & Levine Law Specialists
Lewis Freedmann
Lexal Limited
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Lexington Clearing Firm
Lexington Direct
Lexington International Group Inc.
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Lexinta Group Limited
Lextin Capital
Lexus Group
LFG (Asia) Limited
LFG Investment Limited
LF-Trust Europe
LGS Commerce Insurance (clone)
LGT German Investitions GmbH
LGT German Investment GmbH
LGT International Group (HK) Co., Ltd.
LGT Investment Group
LGT Liebrecht HIB
LGT-Investment Gmbh
Lia Sophia
Liam Collins
Liberty Advisory Group, Inc
Liberty Asset Management
Liberty Assets inc
Liberty Assets, Inc LAI
Liberty Capital International Limited
Liberty Corporate Capital Markets (Klon)
Liberty First Advisory Services, S.A.
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Lifestyle Forex Management Limited
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Lifex Pharmaceuticals Inc
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Ligget Krier Investment Brokerhouse
Light Finance (Klon)
Light Media Ltd
Light Media Ltd, trading under the name WinFinance
Lighthouse Finance LLC
Lightman Associates
Lilikol SA
Lily Loans (Klon)
Lima Forex
Lima Resource Partners Inc (www.lrpi.net)
Limatron Management AG
Limbaugh & York Associates
Limbaugh and York Associates
Limited Binary
Limited Risk Investment, S.A.
Limitless Profits
Limmat Finance AG
Lin Warwick
Lincoln & Ellis Asset Management
Lincoln & Rutherford Trust Management
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Lincoln Ventures
Lincon & Carter Associates
Linda & Katherine Krueger Loan Firm
Lindenberg Asset Management
Lindenthal Capital Ltd.
Lindenthal Loyal Assets
Lindmand Group
Ling Capital
Ling Capital Tokyo
Link Mergers & Acquisitions
LinkGM Limited
Linq Capital National Bank
Linsure Holdings Inc.
Lion Equities Inc
Lion Group Holdings Limited
Lion’s House Investments Banking sp. z o.o.
Lionel Capital
Lionhill Partners
Lions Trading Club ltd.
Liontrust Asset Management (Klon)
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liqua GbR
Liquid Appointments
liquid-fx GmbH
Liracoin – DAMO
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Lynx McKenzie Inc.
Lynx Sp. z o.o.
Lyvitt-Hall Solicitors

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