Warnings for investors – M

Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

M & A Global Group
M F Asset Management
M Investimentos
M J Ansen (Klon)
M Success FX
M&A Alliance Group
M&A Securities Group
M&B Capital Advisers
M.R. Securities (SMC Pvt) Limited
M.S. Global
M1NT Cellar Holdings Limited
M6 Bot
MA Capital Partners (Klon)
Mac and Ivan Solicitors
Mac Insurance Limited
MAC´X Corretora de Mercadorias Ltda
Macallaster Pitfield Mackay Inc.
Macao Management
Mace, Parry and Associates
Macellum Capital Management
Macintyre Schaffer
Mackenzie & Brooke
Macmar Investment Corporation
Macmillan Fine International
Macmillan Frasier
MacMillian Escrow Trust
Macro Acquisitions LLC
Macro Trade
Macrocell AS
Madar Partners Ltd.
Madden Group Inc.
Maddisson Jardine Associates
Madison & Silver Asset Management Inc
Madison Advisory Group
Madison and Silver Asset Management Inc
Madison Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions
Madison Private Equity LLC
Madison Securities
Madley Capital Management Limited
Maeda Ventures
MAG Asset
MAG Financial Group
Maganura Mergers & Acquisitions
Magellan Trading Group International
Magic Money Machine
Magna Capital Research
Magna Umbrella Fund PLC (Klon)
Magnetic Profit
Magnis Global
Magnum Options
Magnusson Edward
Magos AI
MAGV Securities Inc
Maia Wealth Ltd
Mailpost Express
Maine Transfers
Maitland Bell & Co
Maitland Bell & Co.
Maji Capital Partners
Major Options Investment
Make Money Robot
Makler Company Sebastian Toczek
Mako Financial Markets Partnership LLP
Mako Fixed Income Partnership LLP
Mako Global Derivatives Partnership LLP
Mako Global Market (Klon)
Mako Investment Managers LLP
Malcolm Consultancy Ltd
Mali Amoh Finance
Mali Amoh Finance and Surin Financing (PBBC)
Mallary & Company
Mallary & Company, LLC
Mallon Capital
Malta Group
Maltese Capital Services AG Ltd
Malvern Mining & Trading Inc.
Man Financial
Man Financial Ltd
MAN Group Foundation Limited
Man International (Hong Kong) Group Limited
Managed Savings Company Limited
Management and Offshore Securities Acquisition Commission
Management International Dublin Ltd.
Manaia and Partners
Manchester Citi Investment Bank
Mancini Associates
Mandolin Resources
Mane Marketing Sp. z o.o.
Mango Krediet
Mangsang Investment Group Ltd
Manhasset Capital Management Group
Manhattan Acquisition Corp
Manhattan Capital Corp.
Manhattan Corporate Transfers
Manhattan Finance Company
Manhattan Fujiwara International
Manhattan Sky LLC
Manley Financial
Manly FX
Mann International
Mann Morkes Inc.
Mannex Global Corp LLC
Manning Capital Inc.
Manniworth Co Ltd
Mannix M&A
Mannix Mergers & Acquisitions
Manor Financial Management
Manor Private Capital
Manrich Limited
Man-Stein Capital Group
Maple Bank GmbH
Maple Leaf Management Ltd
Maple Securities (U.K.) Limited and Maple Securities (Klon)
Mapletree Investments Limited (Klon)
Maplex Alliance Limited
Marantino Capital Ltd.
Marathon Asset Management (Klon)
Marble Art Invest
Marble Land Group Limited
Marblestone Partners
Marc Finance (Klon)
Marc Hermann Wealth Management (Klon)
Marc Nietlispach
Marcela Cunderle (Klon)
Marcela Gerlova (Klon)
Marcelo Belgrano Ledesma Abogados Ltd
Marco Go Up Holding Ltd
Marcus & Company Inc.
Marcus Goodman & Phillips Consultants
Marcus Invest sp. z o.o.
Marcus Jones International
Marcus Korsten (Klon)
Marcus KPO Services LLC
Marek Federak
Margin Bank
Marigold City (Klon)
Mario Frías Marina
Maritime Financial Trust
Mark & Melvin Limited
Mark Bael Risk Management and Legal Services
Market & Business Consulting Advice, S.L.
Market Access Group
Market Alliance
Market Big Bear Group Ltd.
Market Buster
Market City International SRL
Market GBP
Market Punter Pty Ltd
Market Solution AS
Market Traders Institute.
MarketGBP Limited
Marketier Holdings
Marketier Holdings Limited
Marketing Essentials
Marketing Services International
MarketOnUs Ltd
Markets Broker
Markets Capital Limited
Markets Capital Ltd
Markets Central Investment (Klon)
Markets Cube
Markets Cube Global Ltd.
Markets Direct Financial Group Limited
Markets DL (Klon)
Markets Premium
Markets Profit
Markets the World Limited
Markets Trading Ltd
Markets Xchange
Markets XL
MarketsTheWorld Limited
MarketTM Ltd
Marklin Investment Group
Marks & Spencer Bond (Klon)
Marks Capital
Markus Spielmann Inc (Klon)
mar-la Marketing Lab Consulting
Marquet Capital
Marriott & Lloyds
Mars Invest Ltd.
Marsh & Reede Capital
Marshall & Grant Limited
Marshall Advanced Innovation Ltd
Marshall and James Limited
Marshall Browning
Marshall Eastman Advisory
Marshall Lambert Group
Marshall Security & Transfer Inc.
Marshall Software
Marshall Stanwick
Martin Curtis Smith Group Limited Global Law
Martin Donnelly
Martin Howard Associates, SL
Martin Kessler Global Resource Advisors
Martin Pranz (Klon)
Martinez & Mannheim, S.A.
MartinMoss and Garcia
Marvin Management S.L.
Marvin Payments
Marvins Secret
Marvont Group
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Mary Patrick Financial Loan
Masahiro International
Masaru Associates
Mascarene Management (Fi Services)
Mason Baxter
Mason Dunne
Mason Ford
Mason McHale Portfolio Management Ltd
Mason Ross Investments Ltd.
Mason Securities LLC
Massaki, Lane & Associates
Master Class Investments Sp. z o.o.
Master Life Securities (Klon)
Master Polar Limited
Master Sniper Trading
Master Vision Group of Banks
Masterfield Investment Group
Masterinversores Ltd
Mastermind Millionaire
Masters & Bettman
Masters Financial Corporation
Masterseek Corp.
MAT & NET, Consultoria Financeira e Internet, Lda
Matching Blue Consulting SL
Matchpoint Finance PLC (Klon)
Matheson Lloyd
Matheson Wang Group
Mathews Merger Management
Mathews Mergers Management
Mathisen Financial
Matterhorn International
Matthew and Alexis Limited
Matthew Christ
Matthews & Meyer Capital Wealth Management
MAV-Group Ltd.
Max Easy Credit
Max Forex (Klon)
Max Global Bullion Ltd.
Max Options
Max Your Profit
Maxcow Capital Ltd.
Maxi Services Belize Ltd
Maxi Services Ltd
Maxi Trade
Maxim Capital Ltd
Maxim Traders
Maximus Profits
Maxi-Trade Company
Maxon Capital Limited
Maxson & Associates Securities Ltd.
Maxson Financial (H.K.) Co. Ltd
Maxuel Golding Associated Incorporated
Maxwell & Goldstein
Maxwell Consultancy
Maxwell Financial Services
Maxwell Fleming & Associates
Maxwell Mergers & Acquisitions Group Inc.
Maya Company Ltd.
Mayer and Connolly LLP
Mayer Brown
Mayer Kaufman Private Bankers
Mayfair 23st (Klon)
Mayfair Capital Investments (Klon)
Mayfair Equities
Mayfair Funds
Mayfair Trading
Mayfield Pension Services
Mayflower Group, The
Mayford Capital Partners
Maynard & Breen Investment Services
Maynard Maclain Fx, Inc.
Maynard Maclain Ltd.
Maynard Maclain Trading Company Ltd.
Maynes Business Services LLC
Mays Group Limited
MB Transfer
MB Transfert Ltd.
MBA Capital Limited
MBC Finance Group
MBC Financial Group
MBI International
MBQ International Incorporated
MBR Asset Management
MC Expert Consulting
Mc Kenzie King
MC Trading
Mc’Dave Investments & Financial
MCA Advisors
MCA Motor Club of America
McAnthony Investments, “McA”
mCASH Itos d.o.o.
McBain Baxter Holding Ltd
McBain Baxter Holdings Pte Ltd
McBride Corporate Partners
MCC Group
McCarthy & Bennett
McCarthy & Bennett M&A
McCulloh & Townsend
MCF Consultants
McGarry Corporate Partners
MCH Investment Strategies
MCI Zurich
McIntyre Capital Group
McKenzie Goldstein & Associates
McKenzie King Ltd
Mckenzie Rosenthal & Associates
McKinley & Co., Ltd
McKinley Thomas & Associates
McKinney Capital Partners
Mclandish Offshore Bank
McLeod Walker Capital Ltd.
Mclintock Greer & Co
McMillan Consulting Group
McMillen Capital Management
McPherson Gordon Ltd.
McQueen and Bond
MCT International Investments
MD Costa Rica Invest (Ireland)
MDF Capital Limited
MDF Trading Limited
MDM Group AG
Meacock Capital (Klon)
Meadows Financial
Med Realty Consulting
Medal Group
Medallion App
Medellin Inversiones
Media Client Service S.L.
Media GC Limited
Media Group Ltd
Media Group Ltd.
Media Soft Limited
MediaCred AG
MediSys Corporation
Mediterranean Consulting Company S.A.
Mefco Oil
Mega Profix
Mega Trust Financial Services
Megatrade FX
Meissner Goodison Lee & Associates
Meister VI – Meister Ventures Inc.
MEL International Ltd.
Melanterit S.L.
Melbinger Leopold and Partners (Klon)
Mélice Stock Market
Melnic Group Ltd.
Melqu Invest HB
Melqu Investments
Melrose & Greystone
Mendel Meir & Safwat
Mendelson & Associates
Menden Hall Law Office
Mendes Prior Europe
Mentor Investing Group, Inc.
Menzies & Co
Menzies Overseas Limited
Mera Finanz
Mera Finanz (Klon)
Merc Management Limited
Mercadia Asesores, S.A.
Mercadivisas Internacional, S.A.
Mercados Trading
Mercantile Capital Management Ltd
Mercantile Sterling Management
Mercantilebanc Securities Inc
Mercator Amalgamated
Mercator Associates
Mercatrading Inversiones
Mercer and Associates Limited
Merchant Finance
Merchant Finance Society
Merchant Lerner & Associates
Merchant Marx aka Merchant Capital Markets S.A.
Merchants International Investment Corporation (U.K.) Ltd
Mercier and Clark Partners
Mercier asset Management Inc.
Mercier International Group
Mercuria Technologies LTD
Mercury Connect
Mercury Global Acquisitions
Mercury Global Ltd.
Mercxyz One Limited
Merger Law Ltd
Mergers & Acquisitions Financial Administration
Mergers & Acquisitions Law Group
Mergers & Acquisitions Supervision & Administration Commission (MASAC)
Mergers and Acquisitions Financial Administration
Meridian Banc Ltd.
Meridian Bond Limited (Klon)
Meridian Capital Enterprises Ltd.
Meridian Equity Group
Meridian Financial Group
Meridian Interstate Europe SL
Meridian Marketing (UK) Limited
Meridien Trust Finance
Merit Capital Group
Merit Capital Management, Inc
Merit Corporate Finance
Merit Financial Services
Merit International
Merit Loans (Klon)
Merit Prime Capital
Meritalis (Schweiz) GmbH
Merkater Business Company
Merkater International
Merkel Financial Incorporated
Merkury Finanse Maciej Szczepaniak
Merrill Lynch International (HK) Limited
Merryl Morgan
Mesirow Financial
Mesirow Financial or Mesirow Financial International UK (Klon)
Messrs Leroy and Grecy
Mestoz Ltd
Meta Capital Partners Ltd
Meta Investing
Meta Trade Forex & Finance Group Inc.
Metacapital option
Metal Roi
Metcap Securities
Metis Etrade LLC
Metro Credit Service
Metro Group
Metro Incorporated Bank
Metro Loans UK Ltd
Metro Wide Investments
Metropol Invest Group
Metropol Invest Group Limited
Metropolitan Credit Corp
MeVideoCy Ltd.
MEX Group Worldwide Limited
MEXBANK Financiera, S.A. de C.V
MexForex S.A. de C.V.
MF Financial Ltd
MF Wealth
MFA International Holdings Limited
MFC Club
MFG Investments (Klon)
Mfi Broker
MG Finance Consulting
MG Wealth Advisors
MHGG Tech Solutions Limited
MHH Associates
MIA 29 Ltd.
MIA Sp. z o.o.
Miami International Bank Limited
Mianchang Financial Holdings Hong Kong Limited
MIB 700
Michael & Carlos Holdings
Michael Airey
Michael Carter
Michael E Cowell
Michael J Marrin
Michael John Hammond (Klon)
Michael Ullrich Hartmann (Klon)
Michael Ulrich Hartmann
Michał Kowalik
Micro Associates
Micro Global Management Inc.
Micron Associates
Mid America Fulfillment
Midal Consulting Co.
Midana Capital Inc.
Midas Capital Group
Midas Consulting Group
Midas Futures.co.uk
Midas Globe
Midas International
Midas Method
Midas Private Fund
Midas Touch APP
Midas Worldwide
Midland Bank of Scotland
Midnight Money Machine
Midpoint Exchange (Klon)
Midway Financial Investment Group
Midway Management
Mijave Inversiones, SL
Mika Holdings Inc.
Mil Xtra Ltd
Milano Trade
Milburn Equity Research
Miles Corporate Services
Milestone AMG
Milestone Management EU Ltd
Milestone Management Limited
Militanis Capital sp. z o.o.
Military Millionaire
Millard Equity SA
MilleCapitaux – Private & Investment Bankers
Millenia Strategies
Millenium Acquisition Partners LLC
Millenium Business Services S.L.
Millenium Financial Group
Millenium FX Ltd
Millennium Capital Management Ltd (Klon)
Millennium Capital Partners (Klon)
Millennium Equity Management
Millennium Financial Ltd
Millennium FX Limited
Millennium Options
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Miller & Parker Consulting Group
Miller & Ross
Miller and Cohen
Miller and Osbourne Limited
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Miller Consulting Group
Miller Davis & Partners
Miller Davis And Partners
Miller Options
Miller Reid
Miller Winston – Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions
Million Dollar Duplicator
Million Dollar Months
Millionaire Blue Print
Millionaire in 27days
Millionaire Reborn
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Milstone Management Limited
Milton Dewar Asset Management
Milton Financials (Klon)
Milton Group Ltd
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Milton Keynes Capital Partners LLP
Milton Park Capital
Milton White Advisors
Milton Willard Financials
Mindreframing Ltd.
Minemora Investment Group
Minerva Management
Ming Fu (HK) Industrial Limited
Minor Group Incorporated
Minsheng Corporation
Minsura (Klon)
Mintan Sp. z o.o.
Mira Capital Markets Ltd
Mirabaud Asset Management
Mirabaud Group (Klon)
Miracle Asset Ltd
Mirror Trader
Mission Finance Limited
Mission Mining Company
Missold Investments
MIT Associates Incorporated
Mitchell Berry Consultancy
Mitchell Bloch Law Firm
Mitchell Finch International
Mitchell Group EOOD
Miton Asset Management
Miton Commodities (Klon)
Mitschka Alternative Advisory
Mitsubishi Finance (Klon)
Mitsubishi Global
Mitsubishi Group
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. Ltd (Klon)
Mitsui Credit Global (Mitsui Credits) (Klon)
Mitsui Financial (Klon)
Mitsui Holdings
Mitsui Holdings (Klon)
Miyake Gould Mergers and Acquisitions
Miyako Mergers & Acquisitions
Mizar Profit Polska
Mize Network
Mizuho Corporate Global
Mizuho DKB Brokerage
Mizuho Holdings
Mizuho International Financial Investment Company Limited
MJ Inversiones
MJM Investments
MKL Business Services
MKP Capital Europe
MKP Europe
MKP Europe (Klon)
MKR Global Services LLC
MLI Limited
MM Institutional
MMA Capital Markets Limited
MMA Forex
MMCIS Investments
MMIP International Portfolios Limited
MMM Global
MN Financial Services Ltd (Klon)
Mn99 Credit Union
MNB Holdings
Mobile Binary Code
Mobile Cash
Mobile Data Corp
Mobile Money Millionaire
Mockingbird Method
Modern Money Club
Modern Profit Professor
Moe Securities
Mofino sp. z o.o.
Mohmed’s Housing Group
Mohoon International Investment Ltd
Molgar Brokers, S.L.
Molineaux Investment
Molly Raam
Momentum Consultants Ltd
Momentum FX
Momentum Investment Limited
Momentum Management Limited
Momentum Markets
Momentum Securities (Klon)
Monaco Millionaire
Monarch Wealth Consultant
Mondiaen Banker
Mondrian Investment Partners Limited (Klon)
Moneda Management LLC
Monetary and Investment Authority
Monetary Authority of China
Monex BMO Securities
Monex Financial
Money Code
Money Forex Financial Lts.
Money FX Financial Services
Money Helpers
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Moneyworld (Klon)
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Montalvo Asset Management Sarl
Montana Leon LP
Monte Carlo Method
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Monterry Finance
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Montgomery Glover Associates
Montgomery Roth International Ltd
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Montgomery Tate & Associates
Montgomery, Blake & Associates
Montrose Group
Moore Capital Group (Klon)
Moores Capital
Moorgate Capital Advisors (Klon)
Morel & Wendel SA
Moreno Rey And Partners
Moretti & Associates
Moretti Associates
Morgan and Berkeley Associates
Morgan Capital Partners
Morgan Consultancy Group
Morgan Cowen Capital Markets
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Morgan Finch International
Morgan Franklin Consultants, SL
Morgan Franklin Investment Inc.
Morgan Hurst
Morgan Investment Management Group
Morgan Lansky Inc.
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Morgan Pacific
Morgan Paris & Company
Morgan Philips Advisory
Morgan Philips Consulting
Morgan Premier Group
Morgan Singleton Associates
Morgan Soloman Inc
Morgan Stanley & Co Ltd (Klon)
Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc (Klon)
Morgan Stanley (Klon)
Morgan Stanley/Morgan Stanley & Co Ltd (Klon)
Morgan Stern Group
Morgan Wealth Advisory
Morgan Young Financial Consultants
Morisson & Associates
Morisson & Associates Law Firm & Consultancy
Morisson Ventures Inc.
Moritzclear Research S.A.
Morley Thompson Inc.
Morris & Dazz Asset Evaluators Ltd.
Morris & Kent
Morris and Hill Acquisitions
Morris and Kent Mergers and Acquisitions
Morris Capital Partners
Morris Commodities
Morrison Capital Group
Morrison Cross Financial Investments Ltd
Morrison Douglas
Morrison, Kirkland, Long
Mortgage Carriers
Mortgage Centre 1 Limited
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Mr Guy Declerck, DC BVBA & DCMi-U BVBA and Ermis
Mr Instant Cash (Klon)
Mr Insurance
Mr M M Bregman of FIBI Bank United Kingdom (Klon)
MRB – Multi Risk Benefits Limited (Klon)
MRC Russia
MT Capital Partners
MT Carbon Ltd
MT4 Imvest
Mt4-Trades Tradings
MTA Trade Limited
MTA Trade UK (Klon)
MTC Global Financial Services Group Ltd
MTC Global Group
MTC Land
MTR Global
Mullen and Cheecks Consulting Group
Muller & Sons Securities Mgt., Inc
Muller Lacroix Consultancy
Muller Schmidt Associates
Multi Month Loans (Klon)
Multi Strategy Investments Limited
MultiBank Exchange Group
MultiWeb Media Corporation
Mulvey & Hanson LLP
Mundial Securities
Munroe Securities Limited (Klon)
Münzberg & Partner
Murdoch Consulting Group
Murdoch Finch Associates
Murray & Vincent Law Group
Murray Merger Group
Murray Miller & Jacobson
Murrayfield Investment Management S.L.
Mutual Finance and Securities
Mutual Fund Ltd
Mutual Hope Limited
Mutuals Kredit
Mututal Benefits Coropration
Muzzle Trading
MWI Consultants
MWM Markets
MXBK Group S.A. de C.V.
My Advertising Pays
My Finance (Klon)
My First Online Payday
My Height sp. z o.o.
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Myfair 23
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MYO Fund
MyPaid Sp. z o.o.
Mypal International Co Limited
mySafety Sp. z o.o.

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