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Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

O’Coone, McCormack & Button Ltd.
Oak Capital
Oak Harbour Limited
Oak Tree Finance
Oak Tree Financials
Oakbridge Capital LLC
Oakbrook Finance Limited (Klon)
Oakfair Investment
Oakfair Investment L.L.C.
Oakfair Investment Limited
Oakmere Advisors
Oakmont Financial Mergers Inc
Oakmont International LLC
Oakwaldeen Asset Management Limited
Oakwaldeen Asset Management Plc
Oakwaldeen Unit Trust Managers Limited
Oakwood Advisory
Oakwood Financial Management LLP (Klon)
Oakwood Financial Services Limited Inc
Oasis Capital Inc
Oasis Mergers & Acquisitions
Oasis Resorts International
Oasis Trust Bank
OB Capital Limited
OBinary Corporation
Objective Returns PLC (Klon)
Obrien & Shepard Inc.
OCapital Lp
OCB Corporation (Klon)
Occidental Capital Partners
Occidental Capital Partners S.A.
Occupy Wall St.
Ocean Blue Distribution Ltd
Ocean Bridge Partnerships
Ocean Financial Management
Ocean International Ltd.
Ocean Mergers & Acquisitions
Ocean Oil and Gas Limited
Ocean Star Capitals
Ocean’s Fortune Limited
Oceanic Capital Financial Corporation
Oceanic Equities
Oceanicsky Corporation Inc
OCF Bank
OCF Bank Online
OCFDA- Offshore Commodity Futures Dealers Association
Octa Markets Incorporated
Octagon Consulting
Octagon Financial Group
OF Eastern
Offers to invest in diamonds
Office Administration Services Limited
Office of Financial Affairs
Offshore Capital Conservators (Jersey) Ltd
Offshore Commodity Futures Dealers Association (OCFDA)
Offshore Credit Services Limited
Offshore East Private Wealth Managers
Offshore Equities Regulation Department
Offshore Futures Securities Association
Offshore Investors Protection Association
OffShore Private Bank Plc
OffShore Private Scotland Plc
Offshore Taxation Ltd
Offshore Trading Inc.
Offshore Transfers Limited
OFM Forex
OFS Capital Group
OFS Investment House
Oil & Gas Invest AG
Oil Millionaire app
Oil Trade Asia Ltd
Okamura Asset Management
Ok-Loans Limited
Okuma Group
Old Square Holdings Limited
Old Trader Investment Management
Olin Solutions
Oliver Anton Lintner (Klon)
Oliver Kamann & Partners (Klon)
Olivier and Mann Inc.
OLM Financial
Olsen Acquisitions
Olsson Capital
Olta Capital Management Inc.
Olymp Trade
Olympia Capital Exchange
Olympia Corporate Services
Olympia Finance Ltd.
Olympia King Wealth Group
Olympia Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions
Olympia Markets
Olympic Capital Fund, Inc.
Olympus Markets
OMC Markets
Omega Advisory Group
Omega Capital Management
Omega Equities
Omega Financial Services
Omega Global Trading, Inc
Omega Investment Solutions
Omega Mutual Group
Omega Trading Group
Omega Trading Limited
Omegafx Ltd.
Omni Capital Ltd
Omni Global Solutions SRL
Omnivest Ltd
Onca Treuhand
OndaMarkets Ltd.
One 2 One Loans (Klon)
One Autocash
One Click Profits
One Global Management
One Global Venture Group
One New York Financial Services
One Option Finance Ltd (Klon)
One Step Ahead
One Thousand One Ltd.
One Two Trade
OneCoin Ltd.
OneLife Network Ltd
OneTrade (Klon)
Onex Busan Financial
Online Binary Options Trading Platforms
Online Financial Market Service Ltd
Online Investment Bank
Online Trade Market FX
Online Wealth Markets
Ono Ventures
Ontario Securities Commission
Onyx Acquisitions
Open Trade International, Inc
Openworld Sociedad de Bolsa S.A.
Operation Intercept
Opes Capital Inc.
Opes Ingenium Group
OPM Resources
Oppenheimer Lloyd Consultants
Opportunity Trade
Oproserv Limited
Opstock Ltd (Klon)
OPT Finance
Optibin Robot
Optical Signal Trader
Optimum Standard International Group Limited
Option Bank
Option Figures Calculator
Option Financial Markets
Option One International
Option Orbit
Option Pros
Option Rally
Option Ridge
Option Solution Group Limited
Option Solution Online Limited
Option Stars
Option World
Option888 VIP
OptionRally Financial Services Ltd.
Options and Futures Eastern Trading Ltd.
Options and Futures Trade Commission
Options Area Inc.
Options Extreme
Options International Ltd.
Options Tech Limited
Options XO
Optis Group LLC
Opulentia S.A.
Opus Financial Group
Opus Formula
OPV Advisor Ltd
Opzione Finanza of Antonio Vaccaro
Oracle Equity Management
Oracle Mergers
Oracle Stone Limited
Orange Finance Group UK
Orbatex AG
Orcan Software Investments SA
Orchestra Finance (Klon)
Orient Acquisitions Group Inc.
Orient Consult Business Consultants Ltd.
Orient Int’l Copyright Trading Holdings Limited
Orient Strategies AG
Oriental Consolidators
Oriental Financial Service
Oriental Futures Trading
Oriental International Culture and Art Exchange Platform
Orients Capital
Origin Merchant Bank
Original Fine Mint
Original-Kreditbox AG Ltd.
Orion Advisory Services S.A
Orion Code
Orion Financial Services Ltd
Orion International Trading Inc
Orion Service EOOD
Orion Solution SRL
Orion Solutions SRL
Orion Ventures Limited
Orix Capital Trading (Klon)
Ormond Commodities
Ortner Marcus
Osaka Corp. Global Asset Management
Osaka Financial
Osaka Futures and Options Exchange
Osborn & McKenzie International (O&MI)
Osbourne Mulligan Consulting
OSG Forex
Oshiro Associates
Osler Energy Corporation
Osprey Asset Management SA
Ostermann Finanz Ltd
Österreichische Unterstützungskasse
OTEX World Corporation
Otis KPO
OTM Capital
Otsuka Venture Capital
Otto Investments
Oumal Bank Ltd
Our Mortgage Hub (Klon)
Our Technology OU
Our World Exchange Limited
Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd.
Outsource Your Marketing Now Ltd
Ovannis Capital
Overnight Profits
Overseas Corporate Advisors Inc
Overseas Holding Compensation Commission
Overtone Financial
Ovidiu Maftei, also known as M. Baltar
Ownbrix Client Services Limited
Ownbrix International Ltd
Ox Global Investments Limited Ltd (Klon)
Oxbridge International Limited
Oxburgh & Palmer
Oxford Capital Partners (Klon)
Oxford Finance & Security Services
Oxford Fund Management
Oxford International Credit Union
Oxford Method
Oxford PCG Limited
Oxford Sunergy Ltd.
Oxford Trading (1978) Limited
Oxley Mergers and Acquisitions
Oxred Limited

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