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Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

Property Millionaires and Capitol Solutions
R J Haynes & Associates
R J MacAllistor Ltd
R&G Securities & Transfers Inc
R.A. Lafferty Inc
R.A.D.O. Global Trade Limited
R.A.Lafferty Inc.
Rabo Strategies (Klon)
Radcliffe & Young Asset Management
Radcliffe and Young
Radisson Venture Capital
Raeat Holdings Limited
Raffles Asset Management Inc.
Raimon & Associates
Rainbow Tours SA
Rainmaker Marketing LLC
Raiser Limited
Raisino Holdings
Rakuten Global Ventures, Inc.
Ralph & Susan Limited
Ralston Consultancy Ltd
RAM Solutions Group
Ramsey Investment Partners
Randall & Gibson Partnership Company
Randstad Securities & Vaults
Range Force
Range Legal Assistance
Rantau Simfoni Sdn Bhd
Rapid Cash Loans (Klon)
Rapid Exchange
Rapid Gold Inc.
Rapid Income Method
Rapid Private Bank
Rathbone Brothers (Klon)
Ratherways and Co.
Rattenbury Group
Raven Securities Corp
Ravenstone Corporate Partners
Rayburn Watson and Associates
Raydu Advisory
Raymond Graves
Raymond James Investment Services Ltd
Raymund Servais (Klon)
Razonable Europea, S.L.
RB Secured Processing Ltd
RB Wealth
RBC Group
RBC Wealth Management
RBCP International
RBCT Trading
RBEF Limited
RBG Finance
RBG Finances
Rbinary Limited
RBM International Limited
RBS Bourse
RCH Securities LLC
RDL Management Ltd
RDLynch Trader
RDP Media Ltd Sp. z o.o.
RDS Commodities
RE Group International
Real Estate Facility GmbH In Liquidation
Real Markets Ltd
Real Option Advisors
Real Profit Consult Eood
Real-Bot Capital Management
Reality Millions
Reality National Bank (RNB)
Realprojects24 Co. LTd, Thailand
Reclaim Investment Bank, Gibraltar
Recobolsa, S.A.
Recoletos Servicios de Asesoria, S.L.
Recyclix Sp. z.o.o.
Red Arc Global Investments plc (Klon)
Red Básica
Red Bird
Red Brick Capital Corporation
Red Dragon
Red Dragon Financial
Red Enterprise
Red House Capital Partners, S.L.
Red Level Enterprises
Red Shield Financial
Red Sun M&A
Redactores Ospina Enterprises
Redbridge Associates
Redbrook Financial Management
Redcap Management
Redevelopment Corporation International Ltd
Redfield Markets Ltd.
Redford Option
Redford Securities International
Redington Limited
Redlane Ltd
Redmayne Bentley (Klon)
Redstart Navigator Ltd
Redthorne Markets
Redthorne Realisations Limited
Redtulips Consultants Ltd.
Redwood Associates
Redwood Binary Options
Redwood Capital
Redwood Capital Consultants Ltd.
Redwood Finances S.L.
Redwood Options
Reed Cavendish Wealth Management
Reed Johnson International
Reed Johnson International Inc.
Reef Capital Advisors
REF Capital Markets
Reg Investment Bank
Regal Asset Investment LLC
Regal Capital Group LLC
Regal Group International
Regal International (Klon)
Regal Investment LLC
Regal Wealth
Regency Acquisition Group
Regency Advisory Group (Regency AG)
Regency Asesores de Inversiones
Regency Associates
Regency Equity Consulting
Regency Exchange Board
Regency Group Inc.
Regent & Langley Consulting Group
Regent Bank PLC
Regent Capital Ventures Inc.
Regent Consolidated
Regent Street Finance (Klon)
Regional Regulatory Board
Regions Bank
Regium Asset Management AG
Regium Commodity Trading Advisor Sp. z o.o.
Regular Bank Plc
Regulated Broker
Regulatory Association Of Offshore Investment Managers
Regulatory Compliance and Oversight Department
Regulatory Compliance Commission
Reich Global Ltd
Reichman Advisory SL
Reichwein & Walker
Reid & Stone Ventures
Reinhard Hofer International
Reinhard Hofer Venture Partners (Klon)
Relax Investments Financial Services Ltd.
Release My Pension
Reliance Asset Management Ltd
Reliance Capital
ReLoan UK (Klon)
Remedium – Doradcy Finansowi Sp. z o.o.
Rementon & Fitzgerald
Remi Boiffard
Remington FTSE Index Funds
Remington Gold Ltd.
Remington Index Funds
Remington Mining
Remington York Ltd.
Renato Garcia
Rendimientos & Plusvalias
Renko & Associates
Renminbi Yuan Holdings China
Renta 60 (Rentabilidad 60%)
Rentefix A/S
Repayment Management Services
Repayment Management UK Ltd
Research Capital
Reserve Bank Plc
Reserver Bank Plc
Resol A/S
Resolution Fund International (Klon)
Resolution Funds International (Klon)
Resolution Investments Plc (Klon)
Resona Corporate Partners
Resona Dai-Ichi Group
Resona International Management
Resonance Capital
RetailFX Limited
Revendor Management Inc.
Revera Associates
Revive Capital Group
RevoFinanz AG
Revolution Markets LP
Revolutions Markets LP
Reyker Securities (Klon)
Reymount Investments Limited
Reynold Brown Associates
Reynolds Consultancy Ltd
Reynolds Group Limited
Reynolds Merger Solutions
RG Associates (Klon)
RG-Client (Klon)
RGV Holdings Ltd
RGV Media Ltd
Rhaines LLC
Rhine Associates
Rhinehart Global Ltd.
Rhino Asia
Rhodium Forex
Rhombus Commercial Brokerage
Rich Dad Education
Rich Futures (HK) Limited
Rich Gold Group Limited
Rich Ventures Ltd.
Richard – Blendmonde
Richard Blendmonde
Richard Davies Investors Limited
Richard Grant Birch
Richard James Prudence
Richard Ramsden (Klon)
Richard Watson Associates
Richards and Company Future Commission Merchant (RCFCM)
Richardson & Foster Partners
Richardson & Russell Holdings
Richardson Capital Group
Richardson Consultancy
Richardson Resources
Richman Law Group
Richmond & Co Associates Limited
Richmond Analysis
Richmond Berks
Richmond Capital Management
Richmond Grant Security & Transfer Inc.
Richmond Grant Security Transfer Inc
Richmond International
Richmond Investing (Klon)
Richmond Lloyds International
Richmond Royce Advisory Services S.L.U.
Richmond Stock Bi Spain, S.L.
Ridge Capital Markets
Ridgestone Financial
Ridgewell Capital Markets
Ridgewood Securities
Ridley Steed & Cabot
Riel Investment (Klon)
Rifkin Weiss
RIG Capital Rainbow Market Group
RIG Securities Limited
Right Capital Partners Limited
Right Capital Services
Right Choice Insurance Brokers (Klon)
Riley Cohen LLC
Riley Securities and Trading Management
Rimas Risk Management Service (Klon)
Rising International Management Company Limited
Rising Speed International Ltd
Risk & Portfolio Management Limited
Risk Capital International
Risolvo Srl
Ritter Group
Ritzcoin Technologies Inc.
Riva Holdings
Rive Financial
Rive Financial SA
Riverbrook Capital
Riverside Escrow Ltd (Klon)
Riverside MG
Riverton Financial Group
RJL International Limited
RK Capital Management (Klon)
RK Trading
RMN (Cyprus) Ltd
RNK Global
RNP Banking
Road Town (Tortola, British Virgin Islands)
Robbins, McCaully, Appleby LLC
Robert Brooks Ltd (Klon)
Robert Finance Corporation
Robert Gess R.P. Invest
Robert Gold IFA Associates (Klon)
Robertson Ellis
Robinson and Schroder
Robinson Asset Management
Robinson Capital Partners
Robinson Franklin
Robinson Hurst
Robinson Hurst M&A
Robinson Securities LLC
Robinson Waid and Partners AG
Robinsons Group Consultants
Roche Capital Partners LP
Rochelle Finances
Rock Smith Options Limited
Rocket Consultant Group
Rocket Consultant Group Ltd.
Rocketrade & SignBinary
Rockwell & Bond S A
Rockwell Escrow Services
Rockwell Partners S.A.
Rockwood M & A
Rodeler Limited
Rodeo Finanz & Treuhand Corp.
Rodeo Privatkredit Cooperation
Rodeo Treuhand Gesellschaft, Finanzsanierung, Absicherung
Rodeo Treuhand Gesellschaft, Risikofinanzierung, Finanz-Sanierungen
Rodeo Treuhand Gesellschaft, Vermögensverwaltung, Entschuldung, Absicherung
Roiet Trading
Roland Kemeny (Klon)
Roland Puchta (Klon)
Rolf Muller (Klon)
Rolls-Royce Bond (Klon)
Rong Aviva Limited
Ronger Properties Bond (Klon)
Rooney Gallagher Private Equity Partners
Rooney Gallagher Private Equity Partners LLC
Rosan World Investment
Rose & Cranfield
Rosen and Associates
Rosenberg Corporate Law
Rosenstock Capital
Rosenthal & Goldberg Associates
Rosenthal Collins Foreign Exchange (UK) Limited
Rosenthal International
Roseville Trading
Rosewell Consulting Group
Rosh Inversores Argentina S.A.
Rosinet S.A.
Rossford Mergers & Acquisitions
Rosslin & Wilson Ltd
Roth Group GmbH (The)
Rothenburger Emissionshaus
Rothman Capital
Rothman Global
Rothman Goldstein
Rothman Securities
Rothman Securities Inc.
Rothmann & Ginst
Rothridge Consulting Group
Rothschild Asset Management (Klon)
Rothschild Financial (Klon)
Rothschild Private Wealth (Klon)
Rothstein, Mandl & Partner AG
Routar Bank
Router Bank
Rowe Allan Mergers and Acquisitions
Rowe Corporate Serives
Rowe Corporate Services
Rowlands Advisors LLC
Roxboro Capital Investment Strategies
Royal Alliance (U.K.) Group
Royal Alliance Capital
Royal Asia Stock Transfer Services
Royal Asset Management of Canada
Royal Assets and Research
Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management (Klon)
Royal Broker
Royal Canary Trust Bank
Royal CFDs
Royal Cripto
Royal de Bank
Royal Downing Investments
Royal Finance Group
Royal Forex Trading Ltd.
Royal London Asset Management
Royal London Investment Group
Royal Offshore Bank
Royal Oxford, The
Royal Pacific Bank
Royal Pacific International
Royal Pacific Investment (Labuan) Ltd
Royal Private Bank of Luxembourg
Royal Savings & Loan Ekonomisk förening
Royal Security Services
Royal State Global Financial Solutions
Royal Swiss Finance
Royalton Capital Group
Royce Equity Management
Royce Stanford Management Inc
Royston Carr Asset Management
Royston Hobbs
RPDP Robert Paszkowski
RSI Bank Plc
RSM & RB Finance AL
RSW Investment Group Ltd
RT Owens & Associates, LLC
RT Trading
RTC Finance
RTS Advisory Group
Ruben Katz Company Ltd
Rubens Gold & Myer
Rubin Dunn
Rubin Price Securities
Rui Long International
Ruluso Holdings Ltd
Ruppel Alexander (Klon)
Rusein International Investment Limited
Rushmoor Associates
Russell Acquisition Group
Russell and Partners Trust Financial Management
Russell Investment
Russell Merger Group
Russellville Limited
Ruston Bank Limited
Ruston Banking Group
Ruston Global Funds Limited
Ruston Mutual Limited
Ruston Securities Limited
Rusty Flower Ltd.
Rutherford Franklin Ltd.
Rutherford Ross Limited
RV Corporate, or RV Corporate Finance
RVC Markets
RWC Partners (Klon)
RWM Holdings
Ryan & Mahar, LLC
Ryan & Roger Holdings
Ryan Robert Burnside
Ryer Limited
Ryffel Beratung
Ryhat Establishment Investment Trust
RYM Capital Corporation
RYM Capital LLC

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