Warnings for investors – T

Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

T. Pederson and Associates
T. Rowe Price International Ltd (Klon)
T.B.S.F. Best Strategy Finance Limited
T.M.R. Trading Escrow and Clearing
T4X Binary
T4X Signals
Taber Scott LLC
Taft MacKenzie Ventures, TMV
Tai Lopez 67 Steps
Taihesheng HK Financial Investment Management Limited
Tailormade Investment Villages Limited
Tain Capital
Taipei Commodity Exchange
Tait Investment Group
Taito Securities Group
Taiwan Commodity Exchange
Taiwan Options and Futures Exchanges
Taiyo Financial
Takahashi Nakamura Associates
Takara Global
Take off Consulting AG
Take Surveys For Cash
Takeda Partners Ltd.
Takeshi Finance
Takeshi Financial
Takeshi Venture Capital
Talbot and Reese, Inc.
Talbot Review Centre Limited
Talisman Finance
Talk Fusion
Talvest International
TAML Trading
Tana Corum Holdings
Tana Corum, S.L.
Tanaka Securities Inc
Tanner and Kaplan PC
Tanner-White PLLC
Tao Feng Associates
TAO Investment Management Company
Tareno (Klon)
Targaryen Holdings Limited
Target International Overseas Limited
Taris Financial Corp.
Tarlin Investment Management
Tarquin Capital Management
Tate and Caver Consultancy Group
Tate Rutherford
Tate, Aron, and Madden LLP
Tatsuno International
Tauro Capital Market Limited
Tauro Pro Trade
Taurus Investments Wealth Management sp. z o.o.
Taurus Private Equity GmbH
Tavistock Capital Markets (TCM)
Tax Strategies LLC
Tax Strategies Ltd.
Taxwise Consultants and Financial Compensation Authority
Taylor & Grant Associates
Taylor and Clark
Taylor and Grant Associates
Taylor Bancroft
Taylor Ferguson
Taylor Hargreaves
Taylor King & Associates
Taylor Maison Capital Group
Taylor Mannis
Taylor Mannis LLC
Taylor Morrisson
Taylor Wilson International
Taylor, Hodgson and Associates
TBS Securities
TC & P Trade trading as High Capital
TC Wealth
TCA Financial
TCGJ International Group Co Limited
TCL Associates
TCM Financial
TCM Investments Ltd.
TCV & Partners
TCV & Partners (Klon)
TD Options Limited
TDB Financial Group
TDB-Options Limited
TDC Property Development
Team Beachbody
Team Four Digital Services Limited
Tech Fortune Investment Limited
Tech Plex Ltd.
Tech SB Ltd
Tech SB Ltd.
Tech Support Services
Techkredit Limited (Klon)
Techno FX UK Ltd
TechnoFX Limited
Techofin Ltd
Teco Finance Ltd
Teikoku Commodities Inc.
Telcom Services Ltd
Telemar Data Management
Telerad Property & Casualty Insurance Corporation
Telford and Bernstein
Templar International
Templar Invest
Templar Settlement Services SL
Temple and Nugent Investments
Temple Bar Associates Ltd
Temple Crown International
Temple Nugent Capital Management
Templegate Asset Management
Templegate Investment Ltd.
Templeton Consultants
Templeton Finance
Templeton Ltd. Surety Company
Ten Fold Finance
Tenecom Ltd
Tenjin & Associates (www.tenjinassoc.com)
Terabit Trader
Terapad Services Ltd
Terence (Terry) Wright
Terra Med Alliance Corporation
Terra Media Corporation
Terran Capitals
Tesco 2 Finance (Klon)
Tesco 4 Finance (Klon)
Tessline Limited
Tessline Ltd
Texas Stock and Bond
Textaproperty Limited
Textaservice Limited
TF Trading Ltd
TF Trading Ltd (turboforex.com)
TFX Global
TFX Traders
TGF Management Services Inc.
TGF Management Services Ltd
Thalam Property & Financial Services
Tharapatong Limited
Thatcher & Thatcher Limited
The 100k Club
The 30 Day Challenge
The 50k Mission
The Adam Group
The Alden Group
The Alliance Group
The Alternative Investment Club
The Alternative Investment Group
The Amissio Formula
The Ashton Lewis Group
The Asia Gold Mining Asset Corporation
The Asian Financial Services Authority
The Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange
The Associate & Trading Solution
The Atlantic International Partnership Theia
The Avanti Group
The Bank Street Securities
The Banke Profit System
The Beacon Hill Regulatory Trade Commission
The Bean Group (UK) Ltd.
The Best Investment Guide
The Binary King
The Birchmore Group
The Bitcoin Code
The Blue Empire
The Bond Consultants (UK) Ltd
The Bradford Group
The Brantons Group
The Bridgeway Group International
The Brinton Group
The Britain Loan
The Capital Advisory Group
The Capital Club 1 Limited
The Capital Group
The Captrust Group
The Carbon Exchange Inc
The Castlebrook Properties HMO Properties Bond
The Castleton Group
The Celtic Group LLC
The Clayton Group
The Clearing House Group
The Cohen Group
The Column Capital Partners
The Cooper Research Group
The Corlis Group
The Corliss Group
The Crown Group
The Crowne Registry
The Crypto Genius
The Danier Group Limited
The Dulton Group
The Elliot Private Equity
The Email Syndicate
The Equity Exchange Group Portfolio Management Limited
The Equity Institution
The Ethereum Codes
The Finance Solutions
The Firm Inc.
The First Shield LLC
The Four Elements PCC
The Freedom Fighters Network
The Futures Exchange Securities Regulator
The Georgian Group Ltd
The GrayBurg Group
The Haighton Ruth Group (Klon)
The Haney Group
The Hastings Capital Group
The Home Alliance Plc
The Hong Kong Futures & Options Exchange – The HKFOE
The Huxford Group
The ICON Group
The Illuminated Bottling Company
The Insiders Club
The International Board of Trade Commission
The International Regulatory Panel of Trade
The Kaikatsu Group
The Kensington Group Limited
The Kenzo Group
The Kimble, May and Bains Group
The Kronos Group
The Law Office of John S Martin
The Lawful Bank
The Lightman Associates
The LML Group Richmond & Associates Inc.
The Loan Expert (Klon)
The Loan Lenders
The London Pension Company Ltd
The London SIPP Company
The Lyon Group Inc.
The Madina Capital Group
The Madison Group
The Malta International Art Fund Ltd.
The Manhattan Pacific Group Ltd
The Marvont Group
The Masons Corporation
The Mergers Group
The MillionaireBot
The Millionaires Club
The Millionaires Maker
The Mollins Group
The Money Matrix
The Mortgage Centre 1 Limited
The OSW Partnership
The Ottoman Group
The PacificWest Financial Clearing House, TPWCH
The Palm Gold Group Co., Ltd.
The Pearson Method
The Pembridge Group
The Pension Assessment Agency Ltd
The Pension Help Desk Limited
The Pension House (Klon)
The Pension Information Group
The Pension Review Company
The Pension Reviews Company
The Pension Reviews Company t/a
The Pinnacle Group
The Platinum Capital Group
The Platinum Group
The Prestige Group Ltd
The Prestige Perspective
The Prime Mortgage & Finance Limited
The Prime Time Group
The Private Bank Group
The QROPS Specialist
The Quick Loan Shop (Klon)
The R.A. Roberts Partnership Limited
The Real Dream Maker
The Renewable Corporation
The Research Group
The Reserve Bank of Poland
The Ritland Group Pte, Ltd
The Roiet Trading
The Roth Group GmbH
The Roth Group Limited
The Roth Group Plc/Pte Ltd
The Roth Institute
The Saxon Group
The Secret
The Settlement Group
The Share Centre (Klon)
The Sherwood Corporation
The Southwoud Group
The Sterling Group International
The Stern Group
The Stockton Group
The Stockton Group Limited
The Sweetheart Swindle
The Swiss Intrex Commodity Futures Exchange
The Swiss Method
The Tidal Group
The Tokyo Futures and Options Exchange
The Toros Group
The Total Takeover
The Trading Fund
The Tunstall Group
The Tyler Group
The Vale Group
The Vale Group
The Viral Franchise
The Wallstreet M&A Group
The Wealth Management Services Group (WMS)
The Williams Group
The Woo Group
The Xenon Group
Theory Gamma
Theory of Wealth
Thibault Capital Markets
Think Huge Limited
Thinking Ahead Ltd
Thinking Ahead Ltd.
Thomas & Hyde Consulting
Thomas & Johnson Consultancy
Thomas & Lynch Inc
Thomas and Gareth Consulting Group
Thomas and Johnson Consultancy
Thomas and Stanley
Thomas Anderson Advisory
Thomas Capital
Thomas Capital Partners
Thomas Castle Management
Thomas Cohen
Thomas Greene & Partners
Thomas Loppacher (Klon)
Thomas Markgraf
Thomas Martin Investment Club, TMI Club
Thomas Moore
Thomas Moore Global
Thomas Stockman
Thomas Weisel Group Europe
Thomas, Lloyd, Cohen & Anderson LLP
Thompson & Whitehurst
Thompson Advisors
Thompson Associates
Thompson Brennan Stanley
Thompson Cartwright Group
Thompson Gerrard (Klon)
Thompson Lloyd Baker Capital Specialists
Thompson Miller Group
Thompson Weinberg
Thomson Hill Group
Thomson McKinnon Capital Corp.
Thornton & Tresk
Thornton Graves Associates
Thornton Wilson Group
Thornwood Financial
Thunderlight Entertainment
Thungen Financial
THW Global
Tian Cheng International Finance Holding Limited
Tian Ping
Tian Xi Fu Limited
Tian Yuan (Klon)
Tianxin/Hong Kong Victory LT Investment Co., Limited
Tiburn Corporation Limited
Tiburon Corporation Limited
Tickeo (KLon)
Tide U Over (Klon)
Tifozi Investments Limited
Tiger Asset Management GmbH, Österreich
Tiger Asset Management LLC, Bulgaria
Tiger Brokers
Tiger Consultants (Klon)
Tiger CTA
Tiger Investing
Tiger Investing (Klon)
Tillman Hall Capital
Tillmann Hall Capital
Tilney Asset Management (Klon)
Tilney Fund Managers (Klon)
Timber Hill Limited
Timber Hill Suisse
Timberlake Energy Solutions Inc – TLKE
Timco Ichiban International
Time Binary
Time Rich China
Timimi Corp Ltd
Timmermans Asia Ltd
Timmermans-Grantt Solutions (TGS)
Titan Capital Corporation
Titan Financial Services (Klon)
Titan Invest AG
Titan Invest PLC
Titan Trade
Titan Trade Capital Limited
Titan Trading Group
Titan VC Zurich
Titan Worldwide Recovery
Titanium Tech Solutions Limited
Titanium Wealth Management Inc.
Tix Group Ltd and Jedi Marketing Ltd.
TJB Trading Ltd
TKI Tokyo International
TL Mallen, LLC
TLC Consulting Ltd.
TM Capital Corp
T-Mobile Polska SA
TMRTrust Ltd.
TMS Brokers Europe Limited
TNC International Trading Inc
tnd capital
TNT Options
Togacoin Ltd
Togacoin Ltd.
Tokachi Group
Tokai Global Trading
Tokai National Partners
Token Financial
Token Home
Tokinvest Servicos Financeiros BR LTDA
Tokushima Worldwide
Tokyo International Alternative Investment Management
Tolland & Boch Limited
Tom Brookes
Tomas Linz Transfer Agency
Tomas Tisler Financial Management
Tomason Henry Law Offices
TomCom Limited
Tommy and Bobby Limited
Tomorrow Investment Limited
Tompkins, Price & Walker
Tony Oliver
Top Binary Signals
Top Forex
Top Media Ltd
Top Sky Consultants Limited
Top Trade
Top Volume Solutions Limited
TOPINVEST Renata Kaczmarek
Toptrade Pro
Toronto Sumitomo Trading International (TST International)
TorOption (Smart Choice Zone LP)
Toros Group, The
Tortola Capital
Toshihiro and Partners Futures Trading
Toshikatsu Group
Total Asset Management
Total Finance (UK) Ltd
Total Financial Limited
Total Global Equity
Total International C.P.A. Ltd
Total International CPA LTD
Total Investments Sp. z o.o.
Total Life Changes
Total Research Group, Inc.
Totally Money (Klon)
TotallyMoney (Klon)
Toth Vermögensverwaltung AG
Touch Financial (Klon)
Touch Trades Limited
Touchwood Ltd
Towog Group GmbH
Toyo Securities (Klon)
TPF Trading
TPG Securities
TR Binary Options
TRA (Klon)
Tradaxa Venture Ltd.
Trade & Clear Limited
Trade 12
Trade 24
Trade 24 Global Ltd.
Trade Association
Trade Capital
Trade Capital Group Limited
Trade Capital Investments LLC
Trade Capital Investments Ltd.
Trade Com Limited
Trade Fusion
Trade GF
Trade Invest
Trade Invest 90
Trade Invest Group
Trade Korea (Klon)
Trade Loyal Investment Limited
Trade Market Options , S.L.
Trade Markets Global Corp
Trade Sniper
Trade Tracker Pro
Trade Up Ltd
Trade V
Trade WFX
Trade Winners
Trade World Forex International Limited
Trade X Confidential
Trade24 Global Ltd
Trade4 Profit
TradeFXA Limited
TradeFxi Forex, Inc.
TradeGL Ltd
Tradeline Group
Tradelinx Investments Ltd
Tradelinx Securities Group
Tradelux Group Ltd
Trademarker Cyprus Ltd
Tradeplus Solutions Ltd
TradePro Capitals Ltd
trader 369
Trader APP
Trader Bank
Trader Forex LTDA
Trader Pier Day trading
Trader Platinum
Trader X Profit
Traders Charge Ltd.
Traders Financial Insurance
Traders International Return Network, TIRN Inc
Traders Revenge
Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd. (Klon)
Tradersgroup 2020 Ltd.
TraderXP Ltd.
Trades Capital
Trades FX
Trades Prime
Tradesfx Limited
Tradesfx Limited
TradeTech Fin Ltd
Tradev LTD
Tradeview Ltd.
Tradex Corporation
Tradignition (Klon)
Trading Banks
Trading Bolsa, S.L.
Trading Company
Trading Corporation
Trading De Ganadores
Trading Expertise
Trading Ganador
Trading Investments Group
Trading Knowledge Limited
Trading London Investment
Trading Professionals
Trading Profit
Trading Resources Capital Management
Trading Technologies Ltd.
Trading Trinity
Trading Waves Fusion
Tradition Cheptal
Tradition Cheptal (Klon)
Tradition London Clearing
Traditional Funds Plc (Klon)
Tradospot OU
Trafalgar International
Traffic Monsoon
Tralian Trade Ltd.
Tramita Funds
Trans Intercontinental Finance
Trans Reliance Inc
Trans World Security Investment (TWSI)
transactions in diamonds
Transatlantic Alliance
Trans-Atlantic Direct
Transatlantic Group Mergers and Acquisitions
Trans-Atlantic Investment and Private Bank
Trans-Atlantic Private Bank
Transfer Exchange Corporation
Transfer Securities
Transfer Securities Inc.
Transfer Services Ltd.
Transglobal Consultants Limited
Transglobal Financial Ltd.
Transglobal Oil Corp
Transglobe Express Co
Transglobe Group
Transmeridian Exploration, Inc.
Trans-National Securities
Transpacific Global Equities Ltd.
Transpact.com (Klon)
Transunion Financial
Trapezitai Credit & Savings Ekonomisk förening
Travaled Enterprises Limited
Travel Rule, S.L.
TRD Brokers Limited
TRD Futures Group
Treadstone Private Equity
Treasury Advisory Group
Treasury Asset Group
Treasury Consulting Group
Treasury Standard Bank
Trebol Trading LLC
Tree Value Forestry GmbH
Treetop Business Management Consultancy
Treld Invest GB
Trendex Research UK
Trendtino Ltd
Trent Advisors
Trent Consultants
Trent Offshore Int. Immobiles Inv. Management&Tourism Informations Technology ltd.
Trenton Hassel Investment Limited
Trenton Hassel Investment Ltd
Tresaderns & Partners SL
Tri Capital Management
Tri Guard Holdings Limited
Triana Soft
Trias Ltd.
Tribu International Invest, S.L.
Tribune Assets Management
Tribune Assets Management Ltd.
Tricom Securities Limited
Tricontinental Capital Corporation
Tricorp Limited
Trident Capital Management, LLC
Trident Fund Inc.
Trident Group Limited
Trident Market Advisors
Trident Transfer Services Ltd.
Trillion Venture HK
Trillion Venture Pte Ltd
Trilliongold International Resources
Trilliongold Resources Sdn Bhd
Trillium Advisory Firm
Trillium Drake
Trilogy Investment Funds plc (Klon)
Trimark World Capital Corp.
Trine Markets Group Ltd
Trinity Finance International
Trinity Finance Offshore Banking
Trinity Finance Online Inc
Trinity Finance Online PLC
Trinity Financial Ltd
Trinity Investments Limited
Trinity Management
Trinity Options and Futures Group
Trinity Ventures
Trinity Wealth Management (Klon)
Triple A Consulting
Triple Threat Trade
Trisca Investments
Tri-Sun Management
Triumph Capital Management
Triumph Financial Advisors Inc.
Triumph Global (Asia) Limited
Triumph Option
Trix Finance & Trust Co
TRM Group
Trowbridge Capital
Troy Lansdowne
Troy McDonald
TRSystem Ltd
TRU Investment
True Blue Loans (Klon)
True Loans (Klon)
Truevalue Investment International Limited
Truimph Capital Management
Trust & Bond Clearing House
Trust Finance Fidelity Bank (Fidelity Bank)
Trust Fund.pl
Trust Group International
Trust Real Estate Investment Group LLC
Trust SA
Trust Solutions Ltd.
Trustcorp Services Limited
Trusted Binary Bot
Trusted Deposit
Trusted Home Loans (Klon)
Trustee Credit Savings Bank (Klon)
Trustnet International
Trustnet Ltd
Tsaifu Elysium Global
TSB Wealth
TSB Wealth Advisory (Klon)
TSI System
Tsuen Wan International
TT Financial (Klon)
TTN Marketing Ltd.
Tu Casa Express
Tucan Claims
Tucan Claims Limited
Tucker and Ross
Tucker and Ross Advisors LLC
Tudor Asset Management
Tudor Capital Global Financial Consultancy Firm
Tudor Capital Group
Tudor Client Associates
Tudor Commodities
Tudor Hamilton
Tudor Invest Limited
Tullett Prebon (Klon)
Tunner Grant & Associates
Turner Financial Inc.
Turner Greene Corporation
Turner, Liebermann & Cohen
Turner, Silverman and Cohen LLC
Turquoise Development Company
Turtle Finance
Turtle Futures Limited
TVC Zurich
TVT Investment Management
TVT Investment management limited (Klon)
TVT Partners (Klon)
Twin Royale International
Twynham Corp.
Ty Long $250 No Website System
Tyler group
Typ Capital
Tyson Asset Management Inc.

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