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Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our law firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

U Trade Sp. z o.o.
U.S. Capital II Investments (Hong Kong) Ltd
U.S. Capital Investment II (Hong Kong) Ltd.
U.S. Financial Management Service
U.S. Stock Regulators
U.S.A. ICII International Consultant Limited
UAB Elorona
UAB Rolneta
UB Trading
Ubanka (Klon)
UBHK Securities Company Limited
UBS FInance (Klon)
UBS Financial Services Group (Klon)
UBS Global Investment Management Ltd. (Klon)
UBS Global Wealth Management (Klon)
UBS Investment AG (Klon)
UBS Investment Consulting (Klon)
UBS Investment Group (Klon)
UBS Private Wealth Management (Klon)
UBS Trustco
UBS Wealth Management
UFX Bank
UFX Markets
UFX Trade Limited
UGC Private Banking Services
Uinvest LLC
Uinvest, Inc.
UK Fast Finance (Klon)
UK Fast Loan (Klon)
UK Financial Investment Ltd (Klon)
UK Financial Management Ltd.
UK Financial Services Limited (Klon)
UK Further Trading Co Limited
UK General Insurance Ltd (Klon)
UK Insurance (Klon)
UK Investor Network
UK Loan Deals (clone)
UK Loans
UK Loans (Klon)
UK Loans Ltd
UK Man International Investment Financial Group Co., Ltd
UK Money Lenders (Klon)
UK Options
UK Pension Loans
UK RBB Barclays Business
UK Tech Protect Limited (Klon)
UK Today Loans
UK Trust Loans (Klon)
UK TV Care Limited
UK Unsecured Finance (Klon)
UKFinancial Investments
Ultimarkets Trading Solutions Ltd.
Ultimass Global Holding Inc.
Ultra Secure Group
Ulverston Offshore Bank
Umoru Ali
UN Loans (Klon)
Unaico Holding Ltd
Unaico Ltd
UNAICO Ltd. (Enigro Group)
Underdog Millionaire
Unemployed Loans
U-Nex Global Ltd handelt als Zurich Prime
U-Nex Solutions SRL
Unicon Consulting AG
Unicorn Finance Group
Unicorn Ventures
Unified Investment Group Inc
Uniline International Investment Consultant Limited
Union Acquisition Group
Union Bank E Advantage
Union Bank of China
Union Capital Partners
Union Finances
Union Glory Gold Group
Union Grand Corporation
Union Investment Bank
Union Markets Limited
Union Partners SL
Union Research
Union Standard International Group Pty Ltd
Union Street Partners
Union Transfer Inc.
Union Trust Securities
Union United Bank AG
Union Wealth Management
Unique Asset – Hong Kong
Unique Asset LLC
Unique Car Insurance 17+
Unique Car Insurance Brokers
Unique Cheap Car Insurance Ltd.
Unique Finance
Unique Global Investment GesbR
Unique Solutions Network Limited
Uni-Rich International Investment Limited
Unison Insurance Brokers
Unispar Universal Sparkasse Ekonomisk förening
Unit FX
Unit Trust Managers Limited
United Advisory Partners
United Capital Forex Limited
United Capital Group
United Capital Management Inc
United Consultants Fiduciary Services (UCFS)
United Equity Clearing Limited ICSID
United Europe Business Group (UEBG)
United Exchange International Bank
United FCG
United Finance Association
United Financial Commodity Group
United Global Holdings Limited
United Global Trading
United Investment Federation, S.L.
United Kingdom Commodity Derivatives Association
United Kingdom Managed Futures Association
United Limited
United Markets (Asia) Limited
United Markets Capital
United Opec Banks
United Re-Insurance Group
United Rich Capital Investment Limited
United Securities Group
United States Regulatory Securities Agency
United States Trading Commission
United Success Financial Limited
United Tax Consulting Limited
United Tax Strategies
United Trading Markets (UT Markets)
United Trust Sociedad Limitada
United Trust Training & Coaching
United Trustee Association
United Wealth
United World Capital Ltd (Klon)
UnitedOne Partners, Inc.
Uniteds Investment Global Corp.
Universal Consolidated
Universal Credit Union of Sweden
Universal Energy Corporation
Universal Energy Group
Universal Engine Ltd
Universal Equities Consolidated LLC
Universal Finance Bank
Universal International Finance Ltd
Universal Investments (International) Limited
Universal Liberty Express Bank
Universal Management Services (UMS)
Universal Mercantile Building Society EF (UMBS)
Universal Networks, Inc.
Universal Partners
Universal Partners Mergers & Acquisitions
Universal Strategies Ltd
Universe Citizen Limited
Universe Markets
Universe Markets
Universum Business Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Univest Limited
Uniworld Global Management Limited
Unlimited Profits
Unlock my frozen pension
Unsecured Lends
Unsecured Loan 4 All (Klon)
Unsecured Loan Call Me (Klon)
Unsecured Loan Credit (Klon)
Unsecured Loan For All (Klon)
Unsecured Loan For UK
Unsecured Loans For You (Klon)
Unterstützungskasse für Arbeitnehmerschutz und Vorsorge
UOBBF Department of Certification
UOT Financial Services Limited
Up & Down Marketing Ltd
Up and Down Marketing Limited
Up4X ltd and ACG
Up4x Ltd.
UPCB Prive Banco
Upchina International Ltd
Upgrade Motors UK Limited
UPME Group Ltd.
Upper East Side Trust Management
Urbanix Limited
Uride Car Club
Urs Vogt (Klon)
US Capital Funding II
US Capital FX
US Capital Private Bank
US Petroleum Holdings
US Securities & Equities Bureau
US Securities Investigative Committee
US Stock Regulators
US Stock Transfer Bureau
US Trading Associates Co Ltd
USA Hight Flourishing Group (Hong Kong) Fund Management Investment Limited
USAFX Online
USG Holdings Limited
USI-TECH Limited
USKapital S.C.
USL (Universal Savings & Loan Bank)
Usługi Finansowe Sebastian Kłonowski
Uslugi Handlowe PI Piotr Pisarek
Usługi Konsultingowe Artur Swendrak
UST Financial Services Corp
Usurpation of AMF identity
UTB Finance & Securities Services
UTC International Services
UTC Invest
Utility Bill Solutions
uTrader and Day Dream Investments Ltd.
Uunited Ltd
UWC (Klon)

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