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Herfurtner Lawyers regularly publish warnings about companies that may not be entitled to provide financial services in the jurisdiction where the warning was issued.

Some of the warnings refer to unauthorized companies using names similar to those of authorized companies or to unauthorized companies falsely claiming to be affiliated with authorized companies (clone).

Our firm serves clients from all European countries, some of whom have suffered substantial losses due to investments abroad.

V Finance
V.T. Robinsons
Val Consultants Ltd
Valbury Global Financial Limited
Valcourt Investment and Advisory Services
Vale Group Asset Management
Vale Group Investments
Valert Inc.
Valesc Holdings Limited
Valley Marketing
Valoralta S.A.
Value Capital Partners Management Limited
Value International Corp.
Value Management Inc.
Valuewell Assets Ltd.
Van Broeke Consultancy Group
van Buren Investment Inc.
Van De Vries Partners
Van der Halen Equities
Van Der Hout, Parker & Price LLP
Van Gossum Consult (Klon)
Vanderhoff Group
Vanguard Asset Management (Klon)
Vanguard FG International
Vanguard Financial Services
Vanguard Investments (Klon)
Vanguard Wealth Advisory
Vanilla Golden Trade
Vanilla Reload
Vannex Corporation
Vanquish Capital Associates
Vantage Capital International
Vantage Capital Research
Vantage Equity International Ltd
Vantage Holdings Group Limited
Vantage International Management Group Inc.
Vantage Point LLC
Vantage Securities (Klon)
VantagePro Asset Management
Vast Dragon Corporation Limited
Vaughan Equities, LLC.
Vault Acquisitions
Vault Emerging Market Treasuries Ltd
Vaulting Company Limited
VaultOptions Ltd.
Vauntage Trading
VBM Capital Partners
VBM Capital Partners (Klon)
VC Management China Ltd
Vcapital doo Podgorica
VCC International Group Ltd
VCP Analytics GmbH
VCP Asset Management AG
VCP Investment Advisors AG
VectorVest, Inc
Velarda Forex
Velarda Markets
Velasco & Asociados
Velmon Enterprise Ltd
Velmon Enterprise Ltd.
Vencap International Cooperation
Venice Investment Group Ltd.
Venor Associates Limited
Venta KPO Services LLC
Ventura Capital Consultancy Services (Klon)
Ventura Capital Consulting Limited
Ventura Capital Partners Ltd.
Venture FX Pro
Venture Invest PLC
Venture Partner Group
Venture Partners Group & Cooper Green
Venture Pro Trader
Ventures GB
Ventures GP
Verbatim Asset Management PLC (Klon)
Verein Crypto Currency User Freienbach
Verent Capital
Verge Finance Private Lending
Verified Trader
VERIM Management Limited
Verity Transfer Inc.
Verrazzano Capital
Verrazzano UK (Klon)
Versailles Finances
Versata Inc.
Versima Plc.
Versus Wealth Management, SARL
Vertex Commodities
Vertical Analysis
Very Pro Loans (Klon)
Vettrax Energy Inc
VFG International
VGF Wealth Management (Klon)
VGRM Limited
Vhtrade International Financial Group
Viagefi 6 Limited
Vickers Equities & Research
Victordebt Limited
Victorious PLC
Victory Invest Limited
Victory Suisse
Viking Gold Limited
Viking Gold Resources and Mining
Viking Investments Global
Viking Investors Global (Klon)
Viking Mining Resources Limited
Vila Nova Advisory Management LTDA
Vilaron compagnie inc.
Villetorte Asset Management (Klon)
Vincent Clare Limited
Violet Earl Asset Management Ltd.
Vip Binary
VIP Markets
Vip Platform Market
Virgin Gold Mining Corporation
Viridian Ethical Investments
Virtual Income
Virtual Kidnapping
Virtual Trade. Inc
Vision Commodities
Vision Financial Partners LLC
Vision Trading Advisors
Visotrade Management Inc.
Vista Capital Management
Vital Markets Solutions Limited
Viva Loans (Klon)
Vivant Financial S.A.
Vogel and Fine
Vogel Capital
Vogel, Maines & Associates
Volt Inland Capital
Von Bismarck Global Investment Research
Von Veldenstein Group SL
Vortex Asset Management
Vortex Assets Corporation
Vortex Assets Limited
Vortex Capital Ltd.
Vortex Profits Limited
Voth Nixon Group
Voyager Investment Management
VPM Wealth Management
Vpoint LLC aka Vantage Point Investment Advisors
VRS Funding Corp
VRS Law Firm
Vrtech Limited
VTB Trade
VX Markets

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