WNC Equity Advisors – The alleged financial service provider WNC Equity Advisors presents itself as an online broker on its online presence https://wncequityadvisors.com/.

If you have invested with WNC Equity Advisors and there are problems with the payout, the lawyers of the Herfurtner law firm are there to help you.

WNC Equity Advisors – What is known about the online broker?

Currently, there is a very high number of investment service providers such as WNC Equity Advisors. As a result, investing in the volatile financial markets has never been as easy but also as risky as it is today.

Precisely because there are countless opportunities, choosing a financial service provider can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially if it is to meet your particular investment needs.

Are you considering investing with WNC Equity Advisors? If so, the following points are relevant to you as an investor.

  • State-licensed online brokers, secure websites, fees and bonuses, offering options and customer feedbacks are just exemplary points that you would need to consider when making your final decision.
  • In online trading, you can use a large number of order types.
  • An ideal place for capital investors to inquire about securities, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a website like this one.
  • Access to the global financial markets becomes more convenient and interesting for money investors through online investing.

The following are basic suggestions for equity investors – regardless of the platform you invest money in.

Checklist WNC Equity Advisors: Check Online Trading Providers in Advance

The following list serves to protect you from online trading platforms with fraudulent intentions.

  • Do not use any remote access software that gains access to your terminal equipment.
  • In which location is the official company headquarters of the provider?
  • Do not accept unsolicited investment recommendations from strangers via advertisements on the phone or e-mails.
  • Identity theft is a problem: Please do not provide a photocopy of your identity card. Rip-off artists often ask you to do this.
  • Ask yourself: What is the name of the contact person you want me to get in touch with?
  • Is there a complete imprint on the website?
  • Do not be deceived by stories about enormous profits without the risk of losing capital.
  • Is a company like WNC Equity Advisors listed in the company database of the respective EU supervisory authority?
  • Is the trading service provider WNC Equity Advisors a company licensed by BaFin or in another country of the European Union?

Realistic investment tips with WNC Equity Advisors?

Does WNC Equity Advisors tempt you to try out investments with a smaller amount? Can’t find information about the company because it is supposedly a recently founded company with exciting business ideas?

There is a good chance that the investment tip is a pure rip-off. After a very short time, the investment service provider will tell you that your investment was a huge success and appeal to you to increase your investment.

The success of your trial investment may lead you to make further investments.

Here are some examples of dubious investment tips:

“With the automatic share profit method you will earn 3500.00 euros per calendar month!” , “5-star share with a profit share of 47.88 %” , “Would you like to turn 1000 EUR into 250.00,00 €?”

Anyone who promises too much, and that too unsolicited, is rarely trustworthy! But also check what offers and promises are made to you by the service provider WNC Equity Advisors.

Susceptible to losing trades – the grey capital market

Only a small number of financial market participants such as WNC Equity Advisors are subject to official regulation and supervision. Service providers operate in the grey capital market who do not need a licence from BaFin and do not have to fulfil anything more than some regulatory requirements.

Only invest in the grey capital market if you are sure of the company’s creditworthiness and it is known to you as a company. As said, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority has no control over these service providers.

The grey capital market holds a variety of possibilities. There are:

  • Direct investments such as in timber, precious metals or other commodities
  • Profit participation rights and other hybrid forms of bonds
  • Corporate investments
  • Crowdfunding offers
  • Ordinary bonds

One thing is certain: it is uncertain what the end result will be for the investor.

Do you find it difficult to see through the advertised offer? Then you should find out as much information as you can before making a choice.

Don’t invest in anything you don’t fully understand! When it comes to investing, the more experience you need, the more sophisticated the financial instrument.

It is also not advisable to concentrate all your money on one product. Spread your risk beyond WNC Equity Advisors.

To avoid being influenced incorrectly, it is wise to always focus on the product itself and not on the name or presentation of the financial service.

Scheme of investment fraud: Protect yourself

Do you want to invest with WNC Equity Advisors? If so, you should find out all the facts you need about the company.

Equity investment fraud is a specific form of fraud. The criminal promises or deceives a large group of people about a profitable investment in the capital market.

True to § 264a StGB, capital investment fraud is sanctioned with a prison sentence of up to three years or a fine.

The following services and measures may be considered as capital investment fraud:

  • Boiler Room Scam, a cold-calling scheme in which investors are sought by telephone call
  • Criminals use the brand name of the provider WNC Equity Advisors and clone the company
  • Equity investments in companies
  • Unsolicited telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling

Those who have fallen for investment scams have usually invested a lot of capital. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Make a claim for damages: People who have been advised incorrectly can assert claims for damages against the investment advisor.
  2. Withdraw or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can withdraw or contest it in the case of investment fraud.
  3. Involve the police and the financial supervisory authority via a legal advisor: There are collective police proceedings against particular fraudulent companies in the FRG and also in other countries. The criminal investigation department is authorised to have the criminals’ bank accounts blocked and the money confiscated. The public prosecutor’s office also becomes active.
  4. Retrieve funds: If payments have been made via credit card, this can in many cases be retrieved by instructing a law firm. In the case of bank transfers from the current account, this can often be recovered by bank order.

Detect Recovery Scam: The rip-off after investment fraud – protect yourself

Anyone who has ever lost assets to a fraudulent investment platform knows how devastating it can be. That alone is horrible enough. But on top of that, the rip-off artists behind the bogus scheme will contact you by email or phone call within a short period of time.

This time, however, they are not posing as financial advisors from WNC Equity Advisors. Rather, they promise to help recover the stolen assets for a fee. Many rip-off artists even appear to have been hired or entrusted by trusted institutions such as a financial authority.

After stealing your personal information, the perpetrators usually pose as good Samaritans. They guarantee to assist you in recovering the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a service provider like WNC Equity Advisors, your contact details may be stolen.

Those who have lost a large amount of money are in the majority desperate. The criminals take advantage of the desperation of the individuals by posing as money recovery companies. They offer their services under the pretext of helping them recover their capital. That is, they securitise in a dubious manner that they will get back the lost assets.

Repayment from WNC Equity Advisors not happening? Get a law firm involved quickly

Assuming you have already made investments with WNC Equity Advisors and now want to reclaim them, there are several approaches.

  1. If payments have been made to accounts abroad, the authorities and financial institutions based abroad should be notified. They will then often initiate their own investigations. This also has the aim of seizing funds in the accounts and then returning them to our clients.
  2. Assuming that no solution to the problem with the operator of the investment platform is conceivable, a complaint can be filed with the competent supervisory authority. The supervisory authority will examine the facts and may order the provider to pay compensation. Our client will then receive this amount back from the provider. Addresses for complaints can be, among others, financial supervisory authorities or the Financial Ombudsman.
  3. Often, a solution to the problem can be agreed with the provider itself. In many cases, we manage to reach out-of-court sett lements with the platforms. Our clients then recover all or part of their investment amount.
  4. If the operators were to be arrested, claims by the investors who have suffered losses can be asserted in court proceedings. For this purpose, we accompany our clients through the so-called adhesion procedure. In this way, we are able to obtain court titles for our clients against the providers. As a rule, these can then be immediately enforced against the confiscated money of the fraudsters.
  5. If an evaluation by our lawyers would show that the provider may have acted unfairly, we file criminal charges with the competent authorities on behalf of our clients. The Herfurtner law firm is in constant contact with public prosecutors’ offices, which conduct investigations throughout Germany. In most cases, there are many hundreds or even thousands of victims in these criminal proceedings. The investigations regularly extend to other countries as well. In the past, the public prosecutor’s offices have had several significant successes in their investigations.