World Capital Group seems to be (have been) an investment company. It offers its clients services in the areas of investment advice, investments and returns. The website at the URL was offline at the time of writing on 11 March 2020. Information could only be obtained via individual pages cached by Google.

Warnings on the subject of World Capital Group have been issued by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

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World Capital Group Experience

Private investors who intend to entrust their capital to a trading platform should prepare well. Firstly they should take the trouble to gather as much information as possible about the provider. The Internet can be used for this purpose. For example one could trigger a search query for “World Capital Group Portugal” or “World Capital Group Zurich”.

Investors often exchange their experiences in special blogs and forums. There you can also find reviews of the different trading platforms. If you look for the broker World Capital Group, the opinion is not consistently positive.

As a rule, it is a good idea to question the source of the articles that deal with a specific trading platform. After all, the texts are not always written from an impartial point of view. Those who have the appropriate online marketing knowledge can consciously influence the opinion.

Online trading platforms themselves or their advertising partners will express themselves positively about their own or the advertised offer. At the same time, it is possible that contributions may be placed whose tenor is intended to deter investors from becoming involved with a competitor.

World Capital Group Bafin

In a notice dated 29.11.19, BaFin published a warning in connection with the World Capital Group. This group is allegedly based in Lisbon and Zurich and falsely claims to have a BaFin licence. The company is not licensed to conduct banking business or to provide financial services. It is not subject to supervision by BaFin.

In addition, FINMA, the financial supervisory authority of Switzerland, placed the Zurich-based company World Capital Group SA on its warning list on 4 March 2020.

Registered office and regulatory status

A company’s own online presence also contains useful information for the interested investor. Here it is important to pay attention to the data on the company’s registered office and the status of the regulation.

The World Capital Group website was no longer available at the time of writing. Accordingly, it is no longer possible to view an imprint to find details about the company, its registered office and management.

On the World Capital Group cached contact page you can read that the company’s headquarters are located in Lisbon, Portugal. There is also a branch office in Zurich, Switzerland.

Whether the provider World Capital Group is supervised by any European supervisory authority cannot be answered without scepticism. After all, such indications cannot be found in the context of an Internet search.

It is therefore not possible to make an unambiguous statement about permissible business operations in Europe that require possession of the mandatory authorizations.

World Capital Group Website

From the pages cached by Google, it appears that World Capital Group may have indicated to its clients investments in time deposits and tangible assets. These two topics can be found as separate menu items. The “About us” text indicates that the company is seeking the best conditions for its clients throughout Europe and is cooperating with various investment partners.

As a client, you will be provided with a personal financial advisor. In addition, World Capital Group measures its own success by the satisfaction of its own clients. For them, the service of the provider is free of charge, as there are no fees or commissions.

With regard to an investment in tangible assets (divided into financial investments and capital investments), the company advertised these features, among others:

  • Investments already possible from 10.000 Euro,
  • Products that are not available on the open market,
  • direct contact with the supplier,
  • Opportunities for returns from 10 % p.a. onwards,
  • international and national providers.

World Capital Group has an exclusive network to which it provides access for its clients. This allows them to benefit from investment opportunities that are unique and exclusive.

Trading via service providers – inform yourself thoroughly

Anyone interested in investing money via an Internet provider should bear in mind that this form of investment differs in many points from the conventional route via a credit institution or investment advisor.

Globalization has unmistakable effects on the financial sector. International markets are easily accessible; incidentally, digitisation makes access easier. As a result, more and more companies – including those from abroad – are entering the market to win customers for their products.

However, involvement on online platforms is not recommended for everyone and not without restrictions. On the one hand, the companies often do reside abroad. Apart from the possible language barrier, it is not always clear without doubt whether the companies are also licensed to do business in Europe.

Without in-depth and comprehensive advice, there is a growing danger that risks are not identified or incorrectly assessed, which can have unpleasant consequences for the investor. Not only that in many cases the desired goals are not achieved; often the invested money is lost.

Risk of loss on investments

Have you had bad experiences with an investment? If you had to accept losses, you should refrain from making additional deposits in the first step and ask the provider for the reasons.

If you are not getting anywhere with your request, you can seek investor protection in exchange with a legal advisor. The law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwälte will review the process and determine to what extent the investor can assert claims.

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