XTB FXM Crypto Investments – The company http://xtbfcm.com/ advertised itself as an online broker. The website is currently no longer accessible. Smart investments were possible here.

If you have invested money with the investment service provider XTB FXM Crypto Investments and now have problems with repayment, the Herfurtner law firm will help you reliably and comprehensively.

XTB FXM Crypto Investments – Reviews

Currently, there is an extraordinarily high number of investment service providers such as XTB FXM Crypto Investments. As a result, investing in the unpredictable financial markets has never been easier, but also riskier.

Especially because there are countless options, choosing an online broker can be time-consuming and daunting. Especially if it is to suit your particular investment needs.

Are you considering investing with XTB FXM Crypto Investments? In this case, the following points are weighty for you as an investor.

  • Access to the global stock markets is becoming easier and more versatile for capital investors through online investments.
  • A very good address for capital investors who want to learn about stocks, futures, binary options and cryptocurrencies is a homepage like this one.
  • State-regulated online brokers, secure platforms, costs and bonuses, product options and customer reviews are just some of the features you should consider when making your irrevocable choice.
  • When trading online, you can use a number of order types.

The following are basic recommendations for investors – regardless of the platform you invest in.

Risks of loss in online trading – also with XTB FXM Crypto Investments?

Just as the stock exchange and other financial markets are exposed to certain risks, online trading is also vulnerable.

As an investor, you should therefore monitor XTB FXM Crypto Investments with regard to the following issues:

  • Incomplete knowledge of the offer
  • Financial service providers who are not trustworthy
  • The dangers of online security
  • Risks associated with the offer, e.g. potential losses
  • Disadvantages arising from incorrect or incompetent trading

Minimise the risk by looking at a proven track record when choosing an investment service provider. In this context, it is equally important that you are assured of safe money management. This is the only way you can comfortably navigate the internet trading arena.

Traders who have a deft touch can definitely benefit and their earnings may be above average.

Provided they have the right tactics. One thing should be clear to anyone who starts trading: the risk of losing more money than was deposited into the bank account of the online broker XTB FXM Crypto Investments when trading on the stock exchange exists at all times.

Does XTB FXM Crypto Investments offer entry-level trading with trial investments?

Does XTB FXM Crypto Investments persuade you to try out investments with a smaller amount? You can’t find any data about the financial service provider because it is supposedly a new company with exciting business ideas?

The probability is high that the “insider” advice is a scam. After a very short time, the online broker will tell you that your investment was a huge success and ask you to increase your investment.

The success of your trial investment may lead you to make further investments.

Here are some examples of dubious investment tips:

  1. “Would you like to convert €1000 into €250,00.00?”
  2. “With the fully automatic share profit method you will make 3500.00 EUR per month!”
  3. “5-star share with a dividend of 47.88%”

Anyone who guarantees too much, and that too unsolicited, is rarely trustworthy! But also examine which offers and guarantees are made to you by the investment company XTB FXM Crypto Investments.

Pump & Dump: How does the scam work?

The term pump & dump is used to describe a procedure in which the price of a share is artificially inflated by insiders. The same share is then sold again at a loss to other investors.

Accordingly, it is a fraud. A deception that profits from the inexperience of small investors and stock market novices.

For this reason, this strategy is inadmissible on a controlled stock market and for providers such as XTB FXM Crypto Investments. The crypto market, on the other hand, is still largely “Wild West” as far as these very tactics are concerned. That is why special caution is required!

Pump-and-dump scams are increasingly found there in the context of the so-called altcoins. The pump-and-dump scam is used by criminals to inflate the value of an unknown or possibly self-created currency. They do this by spreading disinformation online or on social media, or by recruiting co-investors with unreasonable profit expectations.

Therefore, make sure that the provider XTB FXM Crypto Investments provides you with all essential information on the topic.

Do you suspect investment fraud? How to recognise the fraud

You want to invest capital with XTB FXM Crypto Investments? In this case, you should find out all relevant information about the company.

Investment fraud is a special form of fraud. The criminal guarantees or pretends a profitable investment in the capital market to a larger circle of people.

Capital investment fraud is sanctioned according to § 264a StGB with a prison sentence of up to three years or with a fine.

The following services and tactics may be considered as capital investment fraud:

  • Fraudsters use the brand name of the service provider XTB FXM Crypto Investments and clone the company
  • Participations in companies
  • Participations in shares, funds and certificates
  • Unsolicited telephone advertising calls, so-called cold calling

Those who have fallen for investment scams have usually invested a lot of money. What can you do in case of investment fraud?

  1. Asserting claims for damages: Clients who have not been properly informed can assert claims for damages against the investment advisor.
  2. Involve police authorities and supervisory authorities via a legal expert: Police collective proceedings exist against some fraudulent companies in the FRG and also abroad.
  3. The criminal police are authorised to have the accounts of the rip-off artists blocked and the money secured. Furthermore, the public prosecutor’s office becomes active.
  4. Revoke or contest contracts: Affected persons who have concluded a contract can revoke or contest it in the case of investment fraud.
  5. Retrieve funds: If payments have been made via credit card, this can be retrieved in various cases by ordering a law firm to do so. In the case of bank transfers from the current account, this can often be recovered by bank order.

Unsolicited bids to retrieve funds?

Anyone who has ever lost capital to a fraudulent investment platform knows how disastrous that can be. That alone is terrible enough. But in addition, the fraudsters behind the bogus model contact you within a short time by email or phone call.

This time, however, they do not pretend to be financial advisors from XTB FXM Crypto Investments. Rather, they guarantee to provide assistance in recovering the lost money for a fee. Many rip-off artists even appear to have been hired or instructed by trusted companies such as a financial authority.

After stealing your personal data, it is not uncommon for the perpetrators to pose as good Samaritans. They promise to help you recover the stolen money. Even if you have invested money with a provider like XTB FXM Crypto Investments, your data may be stolen.

Anyone who has lost a considerable amount of money is usually desperate. The criminals take advantage of people’s concern by posing as service providers for the retrieval of funds. They offer their services under the bogus pretext of helping them recover their funds. This means they securitise in a dubious manner that they will get back the lost money.

How to behave in case of losses with XTB FXM Crypto Investments?

You have invested capital with XTB FXM Crypto Investments or another provider? Now there are complications with the repayment?

Then it is advisable to stop additional payments immediately. This is especially true if the online broker advises additional payments to compensate for losses.

In addition, one should attempt to recover the lost capital. In this context, aggrieved parties can seek investor protection and turn to the lawyers of our law firm. Our law firm examines both civil and criminal law options and possible claims for damages against the service provider and against involved payment service providers such as financial institutions.

“A private investor who loses his capital in online trading is truly not an isolated case. Numerous private investors are blinded by the professional appearance of the companies and only realise too late that they are not responsible for their losses.”

Our advice is therefore not to bury your head in the sand, but to react quickly and actively. Because the chance of recovering the lost capital is often greater than the aggrieved investors assume.

Would you like to talk to one of our lawyers about XTB FXM Crypto Investments? Then you can go straight to our contact page here.