Yesss Capital appears to have been an investment provider in the capital market. At least, that is the information we have received from several clients. The company’s website at the URL could no longer be accessed at the time of writing on 18 May 2020.

According to our client, Yesss Capital probably offered its services via the Telegram communication channel. Profits in the upper 7-digit Euro range were possible. It was probably not explicitly explained in which form the revenues should be generated.

It seems that the products offered by Yesss Capital may not have been tested. Various potentially affected investors have currently contacted the lawyers of the law firm Herfurtner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH to obtain advice on their options for action.

Transactions with Yesss Capital may involve high losses, and investor protectors are alarmed. Investors should reconsider deposits or at least have an exact evaluation carried out.

Yesss Capital – Lawyers can help

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Yesss Capital – Available Information

Our law firm has the following data on the provider of Yesss Capital:

Company: Yesss Capital Ltd.
Website: (offline)

State Regulation and Licensing of Yesss Capital

Even extensive Internet research does not provide any information on approval and monitoring by a European state financial market supervisory authority. It should therefore not be assumed beyond doubt that the company has the obligatory licences required for doing business in Europe.

What Providers like Yesss Capital aim to achieve

Interest rates have been at a low level for some time now. This increasingly confronts investors with the task of researching investment opportunities with higher margins.

Many providers are therefore trying to bait customers with fabulously high profit opportunities. In practice, however, such “opportunities” usually stand on shaky ground. One should not be deceived by offers that are all too promising.

Yesss Capital is a foreign Trader – what does that mean for the Investor?

Anyone who wants to use the services of a broker should always inform themselves about his or her reputation and image. As a result of digitalization, globalization has also arrived in the financial and investment sector and has expanded the opportunities.

Even if foreign companies advertise with supposedly interesting yield prospects, one should be careful. Because if problems should arise, it is – in contrast to your house bank – noticeably more demanding to discuss the circumstances in a personal conversation.

Where potential Risks lie and how Investors can protect themselves

The homepages of the brokers offering the financial investment provide additional information on the company’s offers. Here, interested parties could, due to a qualified and competent appearance, get the factual impression that this is a blameless provider.

Solid companies usually have the necessary licences for financial services. Warnings from supervisory authorities do not mean that the offer is certainly based on rip-offs. This could only be established after a court decision.

Nevertheless, investors should always take such indications seriously and carefully consider whether they still want to invest in such companies – and how they classify Yesss Capital, for example.

In many individual cases, financial products and investment opportunities are offered that do not exist in reality at all. Here, brokers plan their actions long in advance. Although prohibited by law, various companies often establish initial customer contacts by calling. It is not uncommon for customers to be urged to conclude contracts quickly.

What Investors should pay attention to

If you take these instructions from our lawyers to heart, you will noticeably limit your risk. Private investors should be aware of a relevant basic rule – promises of high returns are normally also associated with high risks. Prudence is also recommended if the provider is located in an “exotic” country.

A telephone call is often the starting point for establishing contact. In these cases you should be cautious:

  • Extremely high payouts are promised or even guaranteed.
  • The companies are based abroad and do not have a licence.
  • There is no branch office in Great Britain or in the EU.
  • There is no direct meeting on site.

Sometimes the immediate conclusion of the investment should be made palatable to you by certain advantages. Pretended preferential conditions or the securing of tax advantages are a common argument. In this way one wants to deprive investors of the opportunity to reconsider their investment.

Also, a comparison with competing offers or even research on the investment opportunity should be prevented in this way. Private investors should transfer their capital as quickly as possible. Often the providers have already reached their goal.

Trouble with Yesss Capital? What affected Investors can do

Have you had bad experiences with a capital investment? If you have suffered losses, you should primarily refrain from making further payments and find out the causes from the contractual partner.

If you are unable to make any progress in approaching your contractual partner directly, you can seek legal assistance and speak to a lawyer.

Support in disputes with Yesss Capital

The lawyers of our law firm serve clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries, some of whom have suffered massive losses due to investments abroad. Would you like to find out about your legal options in connection with Yesss Capital? Then you can access our contact area here.